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  Niederdeutsch / Plattdeutsch in Westfalen - Eine Einführung in das Westfälische
Olaf Bordasch's extremely through analysis of the Westfalian dialects is the best place to start. It offers historical backround, a breakdown of the subdivisions of the dialects spoken in the region and a number of texts in dialect form.

  Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas - Westfälisch  Includes sound files!
As part of its online dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has produced a series of articles on the Westfälisch dialect. Some of them, such as the article Fragen an die Mundart, can be downloaded as MP3 files.

  Unbeugsam, mundfaul und direkt
An article on the history and current status of Westfälisch from the Westfälische Rundschau.

A brief overview in English of the Westphalian variant of Low German.

  Westfälisch - Literaturhinweise
A guide to secondary material on Westfälisch dialects.

Wörterbucher (Dictionaries)

  Westfälisches Platt: Dialekt-Glossar  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Westfalian dialect with sound files to help you pronounce them from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Institutionen (Institutions)

  Die Kommission für Mundart- und Namenforschung Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe
The task of the commission for research into dialects and names in Westfalia is to promote linguistic and literary research in Westfalia by means of publications and studies.


  Heinrich Schürmann - Clarholz (Gütersloh)
An analysis of the poet Heinrich Schürmann from Clarholz in the Gütersloh region who writes in Münsterländisches Platt.

  Witwe Bolte aus Dortmund
Wilhelm Busch's tale of the tricks played on Witwe Bolte by Max und Moritz is here related in Dortmund dialect.

  Mundart in NRW: Gütersloh
In 2002, the Westdeutscher Rundfunk travelled to various places in Nordrhein-Westfalen to sample the dialects spoken there. Here they analyse the Westfalian language that can be heard in Gütersloh.

  TackoPedia - Masematte-Deutsch
A thorough alphabetically listed collection of terms used in Masematte, together with an explanation of the character and history of the language since the 19th Century.

  Masematte - Wikipedia
Masematte is a regional Westfalian dialect of Rotwelsch, a thieves' argot that was spoken in covert groups in Münster.

A thorough bilingual Masematte-German dictionary compiled by Niels Meese.

  Masematte - Michael Treber
An introduction to the "secret language" of Masematte that was spoken in Münster from Michael Treber.

  Mundart in NRW: Masematte
In 2002, the Westdeutscher Rundfunk travelled to various places in Nordrhein-Westfalen to sample the dialects spoken there. Here they analyse the Masematte secret language spoken in Münster.

  Waxmann Verlag GmbH - Masematte
A list of books on the Masematte language that have been published by the Waxmann Verlag.

  Münsterländer Platt
Klaus-Werner Kahl's introduction to Munsterland Low Saxon contains information about a Munsterland Low Saxon dictionary and an orthographical system for transcribing the dialect.

  Ut Abschlau - Münsterländer Platt
Ut Abschlau is a column that appears once or twice a month in the Westfälische Nachrichten periodical. It is written by Hermann Liesner in the dialect of Albersloh which is situated south of Münster in Westfalia.

  Mönsterländsk - Bocholt
Münsterland Low Saxon is transitional between North Saxon, Eastphalian and Westphalian. This text in the Bocholt variety of Mönsterländsk was translated by Egon Reiche.

  Plattdeutsch - Isselhorst
An archive of articles written in the Plattdeutsch spoken in Isselhorst by Wilfried Hanneforth.

  Plattdeutsche Seiten der Familie Klävers, Marienfeld
The homepage of the Klevers family in Marienfeld has both a Plattdeutsch and a standard German version.

  Ravensberger Platt
Olaf Bordasch presents a glossary of Ravensberger dialect terms.

The homepage of a Plattdeutsch band from Rheine in Münsterland.

  Sauerländer Platt  Includes sound files!
As part of its programme of supporting local dialects, the Sauerländer Heimatbund has put a number of mp3 sound clips of poems, songs on the web as well as the texts themselves.

  Stürmeder Platt - wie et lutt, düt un dat  Includes sound files!
Franz Kemper's excellent website on the Low German dialect spoken in Störmede bei Lippstadt is based around the information published in his book on the subject. The online version contains sections on pronunciation, vocabulary and a number of sound files.

  Viärlsch Platt
This introduction by the Heimatverein Verl to the Plattdeutsch spoken in Verl contains information about a Verl dialect dictionary and a ballad in dialect form about the region Olaf Bordasch presents a glossary of Ravensberger dialect terms.

  Westniederdeutsch in Waldeck vs. Niederländisch
A short story recounted by Alfred Emde in the Westfalian dialect spoken in Mengeringhausen/Waldeck, is compared with a standard German and Dutch version of the same text.

Literatur (Literature)

  Westfälische MundART  Includes sound files!
Klaus Erdmann has compiled a number of mp3 files contains speakers and authors talking in Westfalian dialect.

  Westföelsch - Däi Niätelküanig
This text in Westfalian Low Saxon was translated by Olaf Bordasch.

  Westfälisch - Uni Marburg
A collection of Westfälisch texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  Hannes Demming - Dicke Miälke
This poem by the dialect author Hannes Demming also has a standard German version with which it can be compared.

  Reinhard Niemann
Since 1988, Reinhard Niemann has written approximately 600 Low German columns and short stories for the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" newspaper. His writing shows the influence of the dialect spoken in the Osnabrück and northern Münsterland regions.

  Plattfoss - Plattdeutscher Förderverein im Osnabrücker Land
"Plattfoss" is a support circle for Low German in and around Osnabrück Region. It has its own library with works by regional authors, its own writers' workshop and it also conducts an annual writing contest.

  Gedichte - Augustin Wibbelt
A collection of Platt dialect poetry from the Münsterland poet Augustin Wibbelt.

Theater (Theatre)

  Westfälische Ein- und Mehrakter
An overview of plays written in the Westfalian dialect from the publishers Karl Mahnke Theaterverlag.

  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Plattdeutsches Theater e.V.: Landkreis Emsland - Grafschaft Bentheim
This association is a central communications point for all lovers of Plattdeutsch theatre in the region.

  Die Plattdeutsche Bühne Haltern
The Plattdeutsche Bühne Haltern, based in Haltern am See near Recklinghausen, aims to promote the usage of Low German by performing plays and songs and through lectures.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Münster
The aim of the Niederdeutsche Bühne in Münster is to maintain Low German and to support its usage by means of the theatre. They stage all manner of plays from comedies and tragedies to musicals and science fiction.

  Plattdeutsche Laienspielschar Nottuln
The homepage of a Plattdeutsch theatre company based in Nottuln near Münster.

  Freilichtbühne Kahle Wart in Oberbauerschaft
This open air stage situated in Oberbauerschaft between Minden and Lübbecke has seen performances of plays and folk music since 1948.

  Laienspielschar Ostbevern
The homepage of a Plattdeutsch theatre company based in Ostbevern in Münsterland.

Musik (Music)

  Die Landeier  Includes sound files!
The homepage of this dialect band from Harsewinkel contains information aboutht egroup's history and their latest performances.

Weiter!See also: Niedersächsisch

Weiter!See also: Ostfälisch

Weiter!See also: Niedersächsisch (Niederlande)

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