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  Niedersächsischen in den Niederlanden
This excellent introductions to the Low Saxon dialects has versions in four different languages - German, English, Dutch and Low Saxon. It was written by Henk Bloemhoff and translated by R.F. Hahn.

  Taal in Nederland - Language in the Netherlands
Mathieu van Woerkom's impressive website on the languages used in the Netherlands has English, Danish, Dutch, Frisian and Limburgish versions.

  Oostnederlandse Dialecten
A map of the dialects spoken in the east of the Netherlands and their sub-divisions.

  Niederländische Mundarten - vom Deutschen aus gesehen
A map showing how the dialects in the Netherlands are related to German dialects.

  Map by Goossens, highlighting the North-South isoglosses in the dialect landscape of the Netherlands and the North of Belgium
A map showing the isoglosses found either side of the political border between Germany and the Netherlands and which indicates in particular the fact that the Benrather and Uerdinger Lines do not "come to a halt" on the border.

  Dutch language maps
An excellent selection of maps indicating the different languages and dialects spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium and the north of Germany.

  De tegenwoordige Nederlandsche dialecten (1898)
Dr. J. te Winkel's map shows the dialects spoken in Belgium and the Netherlands in 1898.

  Stichting Streektaolorganisaoties in het Nedersaksisch Taolgebied in veraandering
An association devoted to the promotion of the Low Saxon dialects in the Netherlands in the regions of Groningen, Drenthe, Stellingwerven, Overijssel, Achterhoek and Veluwe.

  Wikpedia - Nedersaksisch
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has its own version written in Low Saxon for its dialect readers.

  Dutch-German Contact in and around Bentheim
Up to the middle of the 20th century, for people on both sides of the Dutch-German border, the border was no impediment for understanding each other. The Low Saxon dialects on both sides of the border formed a smooth continuum. The significance of the political border as dialect border is now however increasing. This paper by Wilbert Heeringa and John Nerbonne examines the contemporary situation in order to find out whether the border continues to drive the dialects apart and to examine the effect of the standard languages.

  De gelijkenis van de verloren zoon
In 1874 the Algemeen Nederduitsch en Friesch dialecticon was published by Martinus Nijhoff, a book in two parts, compiled by Johan Winkler (Winkler, 1874). It contains 186 translations of the parable of the `prodigal son' (Luke 15:11-32 of the Bible) into dialects of the Netherlands, northern Belgium and western Germany. The recordings were not made by phoneticians, but by clergyman, schoolteachers, notaries, etc. The texts are given in different spellings: German, Dutch, official Frisian (Colmjon, 1863) and a Frisian spelling made by Winkler himself. In 1996 Harrie Scholtmeijer repeated the work of Winkler. He collected 81 translations of the parable of the 'prodigal son' of dialects in the Netherlands. 74 variants are the same as in the Winkler source. The recordings are made by teachers, employees, housewives, civil servants, farmers, etc. The texts are given in spellings of dialect dictionaries or in a spelling which is based on the Dutch spelling. These dialect texts can be accessed online from this website.

  Atlas voor de Nederlandse taal in Literatuur
This extensive online atlas of the Dutch language in literature allows you to find information and secondary material on dialects in specific regions.
A very comprehensive linklist of Low Saxon minority language pages.

  Taal in stad en land
An overview of a series of books published on the many and varied dialects spoken in the Netherlands.

  Streektaalmuziek in Nederland
Information about the dialect music being written and performed throughout the Netherlands.

  Algemeen Nederduitsch en Friesch Dialecticon (1874)
Johan Winkler's dialecticon of the Low German and Frisian dialects was published in 1874 and has now been put online in its entirety.

  Zesde hoofdstuk. Het Saksisch.
An overview of the Saxon dialect family published in 1917 by H.J. Endepols and Jac. van Geeneken.

  Derde hoofdstuk. Het West-Nedersaksisch.
An introduction to the West Low Saxon dialects by Jac. van Geeneken.

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