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This information portal about the Gottschee community contains two articles about the language as well as information about Gottschee folk songs.

This site is devoted to the former county Gottschee in the Habsburg empire, now the municipality of Ko?evje in Slovenia. Their language was a dialect of Südbairisch called Gottscheerish or Granish, and the pages on it here also include an online dictionary.

  Sprachinselverein - Gottschee
A 12-page PDF file about Gottschee and the other German dialects spoken in Slovenia from a site devoted to language islands.

  The Language of Gottschee: Göttscheabarisch
A brief introduction to the language and current status of the Gottschee language.

  Gottscheerisch for English Speakers
A series of online lessons and drawings aimed at helping English speakers to learn Gottscheerisch. The lessons were designed by Martha Hutter of the Gottscheer Relief Association in New York.

  What To Do About Our Old Language
Martha Hutter poses the questions of how göttscheabarisch can be preserved in the modern world.

  Gottschee songs  Includes sound files!
An excellent collection of Gottschee songs captured in streamed ausio files by E. Eppich. The site also contains audio files of Gottschee tales, prayers and even a dictionary.

  Gottscheer Heritage Preservation Collection
The collection has grown to approximately 7 linear feet of primarily published material, in addition to audiocassettes, photographs, and other documents. Subjects covered include the language, literature, music, history, and culture of Gottschee. Newsletters and newspapers such as the Gottscheer Zeitung are also part of the collection.

  Gottscheer Altsiedler Verein
The web site of the Gottscheer Altsiedler Verein contains information about the German linguistic island as well as a bilingual magazine on the region and its people.

  Sprachen und Sprachinseln im südalpinen Raum - ein Überblick
An examination of the linguistic islands in the southern Alpine region, including Gottschee.

  Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association
The Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association aims to preserve the history, culture, and genealogical records of Gottscheers and to collect oral histories of Gottscheers in print, videotape, or audio cassette.

  Images of Gottschee
John B. Gladitsch's visual representation of Gottschee life and culture also includes authentic audio files.

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