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  The Classification of the Groningen Dialects
A presentation on the subdivisions of the Groningen dialects by Wilbert Heeringa.

  Gronings - Wikipedia NL
An introduction in Dutch to the dialects spoken in the Groningen dialect region.

  Grunneger Bladzieden
The website of Aaldrik Sillius provides a host of information about Groningen language and culture.

  Gronings voor beginners  Includes sound files!
An introduction to the Gronings dialect for non-speakers from Aaldrik Sillius. The site contains MP3 files of the dialect.

  Kennismaking met een dialect: het Gronings
Information about a course on the Gronings dialect from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

  Endogeen en exogeen taalgebruik
A. Sassen's 1964 article discusses the usage of the Gronings dialect.

  De Stad Groningen (1874)
Johan Winkler's article published in 1874 deals with the language of the Groningen area.

Verbände (Associations)

  Stichting Grunneger Toal
The homepage of the organisation Grunneger Toal, which seeks to further the usage of language and culture in the Groningen region.

  Stichting t Grunneger Bouk
This foundation was established in December 1974 as a means of supporting writing in Gronings and other Low Saxon dialects. It also awards literary prizes.

  Stichting Kostverloren
The homepage of an organisation supporting Groningen language and culture.

  Grunneger Genootschop
This association of local Groningen association has been in existence since 1917 and publishes the dialect magazine "Toal en Taiken" in association with the "Stichting t Grunneger Bouk" (see above).

  Stichting Kunstgaang Kaampke
Local culture and a chance to learn the Grunnegers dialects of Hogeland.

  Huis van de Groninger Cultuur
The House of Groningen Culture was established in February 2003 to protect and nurture the local culture and language.

Literatur und Theater
(Literature and theatre)

  Secundaire literatuur in verband met Groningen (algemeen) - taalkunde
Secondary material on language-related issues in Groningen.

  Krödde - Grunneger Tiedschrift
The literary periodical Krödde has been published in Groningen since 1982.

  Theatergroep WAARK
Founded in 1973, theis theatre company stages Gronings dialect theatre. After concentrating heavily on the works of Bertolt Brecht in the group's early years, their repertoire now covers a variety of styles.

Writing, poetry, limericks in the Groningen dialect - and much more besides.

The Bible translated into Groningen dialect along with a songbook of psalms.

  Groningen Low Saxon (t Grunnegers) - t Keudeldoemke
Groningen Low Saxon is one of the varieties of the Low Saxon language, spoken in the Dutch province of Groningen. It is one of the dialect groups with Frisian substrates (like Low Saxon of Stellingwerf and Eastern Friesland). This story, translated by Eltje Doddema, is written in the Veendam variant of this dialect.

Musik (Music)

  Stichting Nij
An association for new music in the Groningen dialect.

  Streektaalmuziek in Groningen
Information about dialect music in Groningen and the people who perform it.

  Eltje Doddema  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the Eltje Doddema who has recorded six CDs in Groningen dialect. The website contains downloadable mp3s of his songs.

  Eddy Koekkoek  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the Groningen musician Eddy Koekkoek contains song lyrics and downloadable mp3s of some of his tunes.

  Harry Niehof  Includes sound files!
Harry Niehof is a Groningen singer-songwriter whose repertoire includes folk, blues, rhythm and blues and soul.

  Jacob Spoelstra  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the folk rocker Jacob Spoelstra who sings in Groningen Low Saxon, as well as Frisian and Dutch. Contains downloadable mp3s of his songs.

  Ede Staal
Ede Staal is a Groningen dialect musician who made his Phonogram recording debut in 1974.

  Alex Vissering
The singer and musician Alex Vissering has made a number of CDs with texts in Groningen dialect.

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