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  Berlin-Brandenburgische Dialekte - Wikipedia
A brief introduction to the dialects that comprise Berlin-Brandenburgisch from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Die märkischen Dialekte
An overview of the dialects in Brandenburg and also Berlinisch.

An overview of the Brandenburgisch dialects from Potsdam University.

  Sprachgeschichte der Dialekte im brandenburgischen Raum
A history of the development of the language in the Brandenburg area.

  Kurze Sprachgeschichte Brandenburgs
A brief history of the language spoken in Brandenburg from Potsdam University.

  Umgangssprache in Brandenburg  Includes sound files!
A survey of colloquial speech and dialect in Brandenburg. Includes sound files.

  Wo wird nach Ansicht der Brandenburger Dialekt gesprochen?
Where do the inhabitants of Brandenburg believe that dialect is spoken?

  Berlinerisch / Brandenburgisch
An examination of Berlinisch and Brandenburgisch with a number of good links.

  Brandenburg Dialect
A brief overview in English of each of the Brandenburgisch variant of Low German.

  Eberswalder Kanaldeutsch
An introduction to the language spoken in Eberswalde that has been strongly influenced by Berlinisch.

Weiter!See also: Berlinisch

Weiter!See also: Märkisch-Brandenburgisch

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