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  South Tyrol: German and Italian in a changing world
With the opening towards Europe and with general trends in society like globalisation and individualisation, Ludwig Eichinger sees a new model of a bilingual identity developing in South Tyrol which takes into consideration its usefulness in modern transcultural interaction as well as its value for regional self-identification. This development also leads to a higher degree of linguistic variation in the society of South Tyrol.

  The German language in education in South Tyrol (Italy)
A 40-page dossier on the status of German in education in Alto Adige published by Mercator Education.

  The diversity of languages in the Alpine-Adriatic region I: Linguistic minorities and enclaves in northern Italy
This article by Herta Maurer-Lausegger looks at Germanic, Romance and Slavonic ethnic groups in the Alpine-Adriatic region, concentrating on those which are found in northern Italy.

  Hochsprache und Dialekt im Unterricht
A project on the usage of dialect and standard German in North and South Tyrol.

  Oschpele - das Südtiroler Dialekt-Wörterbuch
An bilingual German-South Tyrol dictionary that aims to capture the local dialect. - Blog aus Südtirol
This regularly-updated blog written in South Tyrol dialect has a number of entries about linguistic matters.

  Rechtliche Stellung der deutschen Sprache in Südtirol
Wikipedia outlines the legal position of the German language in South Tyrol.

  Sprachgruppen in Südtirol
Mediatour describes the complex linguistic situation that exists in South Tyrol.

  Die Rolle der Familien beim Erlernen der Sprachen in einer mehrsprachigen Umgebung: der Fall Südtirol.
The role played by parents in helping children to learn languages in the multilingual environment of South Tyrol.

  Gleichstellung der deutschen, italienischen und zum Teil auch ladinischen Sprache in Südtirol: Sprachausbildung und Festlegung der Kenntnisse
A paper given by Karl Reiner on the linguistic situation in South Tyrol.

  Zur Situation des Deutschen in Südtirol: Sprachwissenschaftliche Beiträge zu den Fragen von Sprachnorm und Sprachkontakt
A review of a collection of essays on the status of German in South Tyrol which was edited by Hans Moser.

  Südtirol zwischen zwei Sprachen
An overview of a WDR on the relationship between the German and Italian language communities in South Tyrol.

  Projekt zur Erfassung des dialektalen Sprachguts in Südtirol
A project that has been undertaken to analyse the origin of names in the South Tyrol region.

  Sprache in Südtirol
Links to web pages dealing with the complex language situation in South Tyrol.

The web presence of the German-language newspaper published in South Tyrol.

  Sprachen und Sprachinseln im südalpinen Raum - ein Überblick
An examination of the linguistic islands in the southern Alpine region, including the German spoken in South Tyrol.

  German minorities in the Alps
Scroll down the page for more information on the type of German spoken in South Tyrol.

  Deutsch in Italien
A linklist compiled by Alfredo Colucci relating to the German language in Italy.

Weiter!See also: Bairisch

Weiter!See also: Südbairisch

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