Deutsche Dialekte - Linkverzeichnis
(German Dialects Link Catalogue - Paul Joyce)

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  Wie der Schlesier spricht
An introduction to the Silesian dialect region written by Wilhelm Menzel.

  Schlesien als Sprachregion
An overview of the dialect region of Schlesisch from Marburg University.

  Schlesisch - Uni Marburg  Includes sound files!
A collection of Schlesisch texts and sound files collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  Schlesisch - Bibliographie
A bibliography of texts examining the Silesian dialect.

  Die Mundart der Grafschaft Glatz
An introduction into the dialect spoken in Glatz in Silesia.

  Schlesisches Allerlei
Stories and poems in Silesian dialect gathered together by Reinhard Koperlik.


  Hochpreußisch - Wikipedia
A brief introduction to the High Prussian dialects of Middle German origin from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Preußisches Wörterbuch  Includes sound files!
The Prussian Dictionary located in Kiel documents the dialects spoken in the former German provinces of East and West Prussia. Its website contains a number of sound files, extracts from the dictionary and a bibliography.

  Hochpreußisch - Uni Marburg
A collection of Hochpreußisch texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

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