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  Saterfriesisch - Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas  Includes sound files!
Deutsche Welle's very thorough collection of reports on the dialect of Saterland forms part of their online dialect atlas. It provides a good insight into the history and extent of Europe's smallest linguistic island.

  Saterfriesisch - Deutsche Welle Alltagsdeutsch  Includes sound files!
This page provides the transcript of Deutsche Welle's radio programme on Saterfriesisch broadcast in March 2004. The programme can also be listened to as an mp3 sound file.

  Niederdeutsch und Friesisch zwischen Lauwerzee und Weser
Marron C. Fort's article analyses the history, status and nature of the Saterfriesisch dialect i.e. the old east Friesian dialect spoken by approximately 1,000 to 2,500 people in the Cloppenburg region of Lower Saxony. This dialect is compared and contrasted with the East Friesian of today spoken in Oldenburg and Emden, which is a version of Low German.

  Näie Seelter Siede fon Pyt Kramer
Pyt Kramer's website for everything to do with the Saterfriesisch dialect.

  Saterfriesisch - Internet-Kurs
Pyt Kramer's online course on Saterfriesisch has texts, exercises and a guide to the vowel system.

  Kurze Grammatik des Saterfriesischen
A thorough online Saterfriesisch grammar compiled by Pyt Kramer with text samples and advice for further reading.

  Wörterverzeichnis Deutsch-Saterfriesisch
A comprehensive German-Saterfriesian vocabulary list compiled by Pyt Kramer.

  Neues Saterfriesisches Wörterbuch
This insight into the work of the New Saterfriesisch Dictionary contains a sample page and a progress report.

  Gruß aus dem Saterland
Astrid Imig's introduction to the speech community of Saterland contains useful information on language and history.

  Die friesischen Sprachen (Nordfriesisch und Saterfriesisch)
An explanation of the status of North Frisian and Saterfriesisch as minority languages within Germany.

  Sprachlage des Saterfriesischen
A brief insight into the status of Saterfriesisch.

  Saterfriesische Sprache
An introduction to the Saterfriesisch dialect from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Zur Tonprobe des Saterfriesischen in Ramsloh
A transcription made by Pyt Kramer of a conversation between four people speaking in the Saterfriesisch dialect of Ramsloh.

  Saterfriesisch - Bibliographie
A bibliography of secondary material on the Saterfriesisch dialect.

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Weiter!See also: Ostfriesisch

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