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A brief introduction to Südbairisch from the Institute of Lexicography of Austrian Dialects and Names.

  Die Kärtner Mundarten
An article on the dialects spoken in Carinthia by Heinz Dieter Pohl.

  Kärtner Mundart
An overview of the language spoken in Carinthia by the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Kärtnerisches Wörterbuch
This expanding online dictionary of Carinthian already contains over 5000 entries.

  Kärtner Wörterbuch
An online dictionary of Carinthian vocabulary.

  Der Lungauer Dialekt
A online dictionary of the language spoken in Lungau in the administrative region of Salzburg. This is a transitional dialect which shows the influence of both Südbairisch and Mittelbairisch.

A second online dictionary of the Lungau dialect.

  Steiermark und ihre Mundarten  Includes sound files!
A guide to the different dialects spoken in Styria. Contains sound files.

  Südsteirisches Wörterbuch
A dictionary of the dialect spoken in southern Styria in Austria.

  Dialekte in Tirol
A guide to which dialects are spoken in the province of Tyrol in Austria, which although predominantly Southern Bavarian also contains some Central Bavarian dialects.

  Osttirol als Heimat von Sprachinseln
Maria Hornung examines the dialects spoken in the east of the Austrian province of Tyrol.

Musik (Music)

  Aniada a Noar
The West Styrian group Aniada a Noar produce a new form of folk music that is far removed from its traditional rustic image.

Songs sung in the Lechtal dialect by the "Tyrolean Simon and Garfunkel".

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