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  Referat: Dialekt - Beate Schneider
Beate Schneider's paper on German dialectology can be found on the webpages of Frankfurt University.

  Zeittafel der deutschen Dialektologie
A brief history of Germany dialectology from Marburg University.

  Dialektologie - Zeittafel
A chronological table of German dialectology from the Deutsche Dialekte website.

  Die Internationale Gesellschaft für Dialektologie des Deutschen e.V. (IGDD)
The homepage of the Internationale Gesellschaft für Dialektologie des Deutschen e.V. (IGDD) informs visitors apout the activities of the society as well offering information on dialectology.

  Die Wenkerschen Testsätze zur Mundartfoschung  Includes sound files!
Click on the map to listen to the 28 variations on the Wenker stations drawn from all corners of the German-speaking world.

  Die 40 Sätze Georg Wenkers
The forty questions originally sent out by Georg Wenker along with a sample response.

  Der Deutsche Sprachatlas als sprachgeschichtliches Dokument
Dialects in 1880 as indicated by a sample of responses taken from Georg Wenker's forty sentences.

  Georg Wenker - Das Rheinische Platt
What the Düsseldorf native Georg Wenker had to say about Rheinisch in 1877.

  How to map difference between geographic areas
A guide to the different approaches for mapping dialect areas from the University of Groningen.

  How to determine the best clustering of an area
The University of Groningen explains how to cluster a dialect area, and examines which clustering methods can be used to find the borders between the different German dialects..

  Measuring Dialect Pronunciation Differences using Levenshtein Distance
Wilbert Heeringa's thesis on the methodology behind the measurement of pronunciation differences can be downloaded from this website.

  Glossary of linguistic terms
A comprehensive glossary of linguistic terms from the SIL International.

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