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  Limburgish - Lowlands-L
Limburgish is spoken in the two provinces of Limburg (Netherlands & Belgium), and in a few border villages in a small neighbouring part of Germany (the Selfkant area).

  Specifieke kenmerken van het Limburgs
An exaimination of the major characteristics of the Limburgish dialects from a lingustic perspective.

  Lingual map of Limburg
A map indicating the dialects spoken in the Limburg area and the isoglosses that separate them.

  Lingual map of North Limburg
This second map indicates the dialects spoken in the north of Limburg and the isoglosses that separate them.

  Lingual map of North Limburg
A third map indicating the dialects spoken in the Limburg region and where the boundaries between them lie.

  Der Rheinische Fächer - Niederländisch / Niederdeutsch (Venlo)  Includes sound files!
This excellent selection of maps, texts and sound files allows you to listen to the sounds made in the Low Franconian dialect family (here, in Venlo) and places them within the context of the Rhenish fan.

  Limburgisch-Bergisch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Limburgish-Bergish dialects spoken in the east of the Netherlands and Belgium as well in as in parts of the Rhineland region of Germany. This page is also available in an English version.

  Wikipedia - Limburgs
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is also available in Limburgish. The site uses the Maastricht dialect and spelling.

  De Limburgse Dialecten
An excellent site written in both Limburgish and Dutch that provides full information on the dialects spoken in the Limburg region.

  De Chinezen van Nederland
An introduction to the phonology of the Limburg region.

  Limburgse en Brabantse dialectdatabanken op internet
An article by Joep Kruijsen and Jos Swanenberg indicating which online dialect databases are available for the Limburgs and Brabants dialects.

  Ich kal ooch Limburgs
The website of the dialect campaign in the Belgian province of Limburg whose aim is to promote the usage of the language.

  Erkenning Limburgse dialecten bijna rond
An article from the Belgian newspaper "Het Belang van Limburg" of Saturday January 11, 1997, stating the Dutch government accepted the demand from the provincial council of the Dutch province of Limburg to get Limburgian recognized by the European commission as a minority language.

News and sport from Limburg from this regional broadcaster, including dialect music.

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

  Woordenboek van de Limburgse Dialecten
Information about the dictionary of the Limburg dialects that is produced by the Nijmeegse Centrale voor Dialect- en Naamkunde (NCDN) in Nijmegen.

  Limburgian Children's Dictionary
A dictionary for children in which basic vocabulary can be translated from Limburgian into a number of other languages.

Verbände (Associations)

  Limburghuis - Algemeen Geschreven Limburgs (AGL)
The homepage of an organisation whose aim is to further the usage of Limburgish has a number of articles and texts on the status of the dialects.

  Vereniging voor Limburgse Dialect- en Naamkunde
This association devotes itself to the study of names and dialects in Limburg.

  Veldeke Bels(j)
An association whose aim is promote the usage of Limburg dialects in Belgium.

Zeitschriften (Periodicals)

  Veldeke Limburg
Veldeke is a magazine that has covered Limburg culture for over eighty years.

The homepage of an online magazine for Limburg.

Regionen (Regions)

  Algemein Limburgs - ít Winterkuningske
Limburgish is a language spoken (alongside Dutch) in the provinces of Limburg, in Belgium and the Netherlands. The dialects on the German side of the border in that area are closely related to Limburgish. This short story has been translated into a generalised form of Limburgish by Math Smits.

  Bilzen Limburgish - Het Wènterkiêninkske
This short story is in the dialect of Bilzen in Belgian Limburg and was translated by Patrick Slechten.

  Brunssum Limburgish - ít Wintjerkuuëningske
The dialect in this short story is from the city of Brunssum, located in the southeastern part of Netherlands Limburg, close to the German border. It was translated by Caro Gooijen.

  Dan doe ik nu even wat over het han zeggen w`: Taalverandering in Heerlen
A thorough analysis by Ludo Blok on how the language spoken in Heerlen has changed.

  Maaslands Waordebook
Information about the vocabulary used in the Maaslands region.

  Het neirewings dialect  Includes sound files!
A website that allows you to hear how the dialect spoken in the Belgian town of Neerwinden sounds.

  Rons Remunj-peetsj
This site is written in Roermond dialect and offers information about the language as well as links to other Roermond sites.

  Tiens dialect  Includes sound files!
The website of the Belgian towns of Tiens has a plethora of information on the dialect spoken in their location on the border between the Limburgs and Brabants dialect areas. Includes sounds files.

  Veldeke Valkeberg
Information about dialect music, literature, culture and even flower names in Valkeberg.

  Venloos Waordebook
The homepage of the digital online dictionary of the Venloos dialect.

  Venlo Limburgish - ít Winterkeuningske
The dialect in this short story is from the city of Venlo, located in the northern part of the Limburgish language area. It was translated by Frens Bakker.

  Vliermaal Limburgs - Het wénterkeuninkske  Includes sound files!
Limburgish is a language spoken (alongside Dutch) in the provinces of Limburg, in Belgium and the Netherlands. The dialect in this short story was translated and narrated on an mp3 file by Roger Thijs.

  Nederlands in Voeren: een Limburgs dialect
An essay which seeks to answer whether the language spoken in Voeren is actually Dutch.

  Het Voerens dialect
A brief overview of the dialect spoken in the Voeren area.

Literatur (Literature)

  Uitgeverij TIC
The publishing house TIC specialises in books on the Limburg region. - Limburgs
A collection of love poems written in the Limburg dialect.

Musik (Music)

  Streektaalmuziek in Limburg
Information about Limburgish dialect music and the people who write and perform it.

  Limburg zingt - liedjes uit Limburg (NL)
An exhaustive database of songs in the Limburgs dialects.

  Gé Reinders
The homepage of the Limburg dialect musician Gé Reinders has information in Dutch, Limburgs and English.

  Rowwen Hèze  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the dialect band Rowwen Hèze from America (!) in Limburg provides information about the biography, discography and current activities. You can also download mp3 files of their music.

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