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  Wienerisch - Wikipedia
An overview of the language spoken in Vienna by the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Meidlinger L
An explanation of the lateral consonant sound that is heard principally in the Viennese district of Meidling.

  Wienerisch - Lernen im Internet
An online course on the Viennese dialect from the VHS-Alsergrund.

  Sprechen Sie Wienerisch? Eine kulinarische Sprachreise in Wien
A brief examination of the Viennese dialect by Katinka Gutai concentrating on how it affects vocabulary for food and drink.

  Wienerisch im Bayerischen Wald  Includes sound files!
As part of their series on the dialects spoken in Bavaria, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports from Rattenberg in the district of Straubing-Bogen, where Wienerisch can be heard - despite the fact that the area lies in the middle of the Bayerischer Wald! Their report contains audio files of the local dialect.

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

  Sprechen Sie Wienerisch?
An excellent collection of Viennese words and idioms compiled by Angela and Otto Janko. There is also a list of Viennese words for food and drink.

  Wienerisch Wörterbuch - Vienna24
An online dictionary of Viennese vocabulary from the website Vienna24.

  Lexikon der Wiener Sprache
This alphabetically organised list of Viennese vocabulary also has a special section on Viennese idioms.

  Wienerische Vokabeln
A comprehensive list of Viennese vocabulary compiled by Herbert Neumann.

  Wienerisch von A bis Z
A selection of Viennese vocabulary listed alphabetically over three pages.

  Viennese for Americans - A Phrase Book
This is a phrase book which will help you become acquainted with some of the more important things you should learn to say in Viennese, such as "What are you doing tonight?" and "Your place or mine?"

  Wienerisch: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hochschulpressestellen in Deutschland.
An alphabetically listed compendium of words that you may expect to hear in Vienna.

An A-Z lexicon of Viennese vocabulary with pronunciation tips.

  Wienerisch für Anfänger
An acoustic collection of Viennese dialect expressions trnaslated into standard German.

  Eine kleine Wiener Dialektkunde
A selection of Viennese vocabulary followed by a Viennese text by Toni Krutisch.

  Ein echt Wiener geht nicht unter
An online glossary of Viennese vocabulary from Edmund "Mundl" Sackbauer.

  Wörterliste des Wiener Fussballerjargons
A collection of vocabulary that you would hear at Viennese football grounds compiled by wolfgang Zeidl.

  Wienerisch: Wiener Schmä in Wien
Viennese vocabulary translated into both standard German and English.

  Das ABC der Wiener Küche
An A-Z list of Viennese vocabulary for all matters relating to food and drink.

  Wienerisch Redewendungen, Schimpfwörter, Wörterbuch
A brief sample of Viennese vocabulary from the Reise Know-How Verlag that concentrates on vocabulary for food and drink.

Literatur und Kultur
(Literature and culture)

  Literatur in wiener Mundart - gratis, frank und frei zum Lesen
A selection of poems and songs in Viennese dialect.

  D.A. Modige! Prolet-Poet
Original earthy Viennese dialect poetry from Dieter Anton Modige. Also amusing caricatures, art and political satire.

  Anton Krutisch
This retrospective of the life and work of the Viennese writer Anton Krutisch includes one of his Viennese texts.

  Da Jesus & seine Hawara  Includes sound files!
A short audio sample of Wolfgang Teuschl's 1971 translation of the New Testament into Viennese.

  Asterix redt Wienerisch  Includes sound files!
Asterix translated into Viennese dialect. Contains sound files.

  Rapunzel auf Wienerisch
What happens to a modern-day Rapunzel trapped in the 21st district of Vienna.

Musik (Music)
A website concentrating on the Wienerlied, folk songs sung in Viennese dialect.

  Wienerlied 2003. Eine Betrachtung zweier Ausübender
Thomas Hojsa and Helmut Emersberger provide a detailed analysis of the status of the Wienerlied in 2003.

  Das Wienerlied - Wiener Volksliedwerk
An introduction to the different forms taken by the Wienerlied throughout history.

  Kleine Chronik des Wienerlieds
A brief chronology of the Wienerlied, followed by the text of the song A schräge Wiesín am Donaukanal.

  Das Wienerlied
The homepage of Christa Mössmer and Michael Mössmer is devoted to the Wienerlied, folk songs sung in Viennese dialect.

The texts of Viennese songs such as Alexander von Biczo's Das Glück is a Vogerl are translated into English and analysed by Walter A. Aue.

  Ja, wenn Wienerisch amal a Weltsprach is
A song about the Viennese dialect from Plaidia Claumeier.

The Viennese rock band Alkbottle sing their songs of alcohol consumption in Viennese dialect.

  Wolfgang Ambros
The homepage of the musician Wolfgang Ambros, one of whose many records was a translation of twelve Tom Waits songs into Viennese.

  Peter Cornelius
The Austrian singer and composer Peter Cornelius has written a number of his lyrics in Viennese dialect.

  Roland Neuwirth & Extremschrammeln
The homepage of Roland Neuwirth and his band who have made a major contribution to the resurrection of the Wienerlied.

  Kurt Ostbahn
The website of 'Ostbahn Kurti' contains the lyrics of his Viennese dialect albums.

  Erich Zib - ein Leben für die Wiener Musik
The homepage of the accordeon playerErich Zib, who offers Viennese music for every occasion.

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