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  Friesisch - Frisian
A history of the Frisian dialects and in particular their relationship with the Dutch language. The site is also available in English.

Pyt Kramer's thorough introduction to the Frisian dialects provides information on the subdivisions and the status of the language.

  Friesisch - Lowlands-L
This introduction to various types of Frisian spoken in Germany and the Netherlands is also available in an English version.

  The Position of Frisian in the Germanic Language Area
A paper on the position of Frisian in the Germanic language area by Charlotte Gooskens and Wilbert Heeringa. This paper is also available in presentation form.

  Change, Convergence and Divergence among Dutch and Frisian
A paper on the measuring of Frisian with respect to the Dutch language by John Nerbonne and Wilbert Heeringa. This paper is also available in presentation form.

  Measuring Frisian Convergence and Divergence
A presentation on how the convergence and divergence of Frisian can be measured by John Nerbonne and Wilbert Heeringa.

  Frisian -
A full overview of the nature and status of Frisian including information on Frisian language media.

  Frisian Sample Texts - Lowlands-L
A number of texts representing the variety of Frisian languages and their historical development. Examples are taken from Germany and the Netherlands.

  Frisian and Low German
An overview in English of each of the Frisian variants of Low German.

  Das Friesische
Gereon Janzing examines the Frisian dialects from an ethnological perspective to see how they compare with other languages.

  Friesische Sprache
An introduction to Frisian from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Fryske Wikipedy
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia also has a Friesian version.

  Google Frysk
The search engine has a Frisian language version for its users.

  History of the Frisian folk
A history of the Frisian peoples up to 1498 with a number of useful maps.

  Frysk - Kus Friesisch
An online course in Frisian for learners of many languages.

  Skriuwsels van Henk
Vocabulary and linguistic articles on the Frisian language in Frisian, North Friesian, Dutch and German from Henk Wolf.

  Opinie: dialect - Ronald Plasterk
An article on the status of Frisian from Ronald Plasterk.

  Algemeen Nederduitsch en Friesch Dialecticon (1874)
Johan Winkler's dialecticon of the Low German and Frisian dialects was published in 1874 and has now been put online in its entirety.
A collection of links based around the Frisian dialect.

Weiter!See also: Nordfriesisch

Weiter!See also: Saterfriesisch

Weiter!See also: Stadtfriesisch

Weiter!See also: Westfriesisch

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