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(Transylvanian Saxon)

  Die Mundart der Siebenbürger Sachsen - SibiWeb
SibiWeb, an online forum for Transylvanian Saxon, offers a thorough introduction to their dialect which has its roots in the Moselle region of Germany.

  Die Sprache des siebenbürgisch-sächsischen Volkes
Adolf Schullerus outlines the nature and development of the language spoken by the Transylvanian Saxon people.

  Die Mundart der Siebenbürger Sachsen - Waltraut Schuller
Waltraut Schuller explains the nature of the Transylvanian Saxon dialect and explains its sociological status both within and outside Transylvania. There is also a full bibliography of secondary material.

  Hilfen zu Rechtschreibung und Aussprache
Advice on how the Transylvanian Saxon language should be written and pronounced from Udo-Jürgen Weber forum.

  Sprache - Mundart - Anekdoten
A selection of pages on Transylvanian Saxon etymology, phrases and expressions from HOG Schäßburg, an association for Transylvanian Saxons who live outside Sighisoara.

  Die Vielfalt siebenbürgisch-sächsischer Dialekte  Includes sound files!
The Transylvanian Saxon dialect contains many different subdialects which vary from village to village in the way that they are both written and spoken. This text by Adolf Schullerus allows you to read and hear the various ways in which the Saxon word for "bread" is spoken in different places.

Wortschatz (Vocabulary)

  Siebenbürgisch-Sächsisches Wörterbuch
The Siebenbürgisch-Sächsisches Wörterbuch aims to capture the phonetic, grammatical and lexical idiosyncrasies of the approximately 250 Transylvanian Saxon dialects in accordance with academic principles.

  Wortschatz auf 850.000 Zetteln gesammelt
An article on Friedrich Krauß, a priest who documented the Transylvanian Saxon dialect using over 850,000 pieces of paper..

  Benutzerfreundlich gestaltet
Further information on the progress of the Transylvanian Saxon dictionary in an article from the Hermannstädter Zeitung..

  Wörterbuch Siebenbürgisch/Reichsdeutsch
A alphabetical list of lexical items collected by Herbert Schönauer aimed at showing the differences in vocabulary between Transylvanian Saxon and standard German.

  Roder Idiome: seltene Begriffe und andere sächische Wörter
Over two thousand Saxon idioms and words collated by Martin der Ijel.

  Wörterbuch Zeidner Dialekt - deutsche Sprache
A vocabulary list of the Transylvanian Saxon dialect spoken in Zeiden (Codlea) presented by Gert-Werner Liess.

  In Zeiden gebräuchliche Redewendungen
Gert-Werner Liess lists a series of expressions used in the Zeiden dialect along with a standard German translation and an explanation of their meaning.

  Liste von Ortschaften in Siebenbürgen
A list of Transylvanian placenames in German, Saxon, Hungarian and Romanian.

Medien (Media)

  Siebenbürgische Zeitung
The online presence of the Siebenbürgenische Zeitung provides headlines and short summaries of stories in the print version of the newspaper.

  Saksesch Wält
A forum for Transylvanian Saxon speakers hosted by the Landsmannschaft der Siebenbürger Sachsen in Deutschland e.V..

Kultur und Geschichte
(Culture and History)

The Siebenbürgen-Institut supports research into Transylvanian culture and language and publishes a number of books and periodicals on the subject.
The website of Landsmannschaft der Siebenbürger Sachsen in Deutschland e.V. provides copious information about the history and culture of Transylvanian Saxons as well as a newspaper for the community.

  Siebenbürger Sachsen in Baden-Württemberg
A trimedial project - internet, book, CD-ROM - celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Baden-Württemberg section of the Landsmannschaft der Siebenbürger Sachsen in Deutschland e.V. provides copious information about the history and culture of Transylvanian Saxons as well as a newspaper for the community.

  The History of Transylvania and the Transylvanian Saxons
Dr. Konrad Gündisch provides a history of the Transylvanian Saxons from the prehistoric era to the present day.

  Siebenbürger Sachsen / Translyvania Saxons
An article on the history of the Transylvanian Saxons from, the German genealogy Internet portal.

Literatur und Theater
(Literature and theatre)

  Dichtung in der ersten Muttersprache
Horst Schuller Anger provides a history of the various types of literature written in the Transylvanian Saxon dialect and offers a comprehensive bibliography of further reading.

  Rodevandox - Mundartliteratur
Dialect literature from Martin der Ijel features on the Rodevandox website which also provides an insight into the history and culture of the Transylvanian Saxon community.

  Oswald Otto Kessler
Oswald Otto Kessler was born in 1948 in Kerz. This page contains a number of his poems in both Transylvanian Saxon and standard German.

  Grete Lienert-Zultner
The poet, songwriter and actress Grete Lienert-Zultner died in 1989. This website presents some of her Transylvanian Saxon and standard German poems.

  Äm Ihr uch Gläck (Ehre und Glück)  Includes sound files!
A selection of audio extracts from a performance of the play "Äm Ihr uch Gläck" by Grete Lienert-Zultner can be found on the homepage of the Siebenbürger Sachsen in Baden-Württemberg.

Musik (Music)

  Musik in Siebenbürgen. Wechselwirkungen mit Deutschland und den Nachbarn.
Karl Teutsch explains the musical cross-pollination that has taken place between Transylvania and German, and also explores Transylvanian Saxon music made in Baden-Württemberg.

  Siebenbürgisch-Sächsische Lieder und Gedichte  Includes sound files!
SibiWeb presents a number of Transylvanian Saxon poems and songs, many of which can be heard on audio files.

  Volkslieder mit Noten sowie Audiodaten und Tonmitschnitte  Includes sound files!
A collection of Transylvanian Saxon folk songs with audio files and musical scores.

  Siebenbürgen, Land des Segens - Siebenbürgen-Hymne  Includes sound files!
The Transylvanian Saxon hymn Siebenbürgen, Land des Segens can be heard and read on this webpage.

  Sächsische Volksmärchen aus Siebenbürgen
Saxon fairy-tales and anecdotes from Transylvania collated by Josef Haltrich in the 19th Century.


  Landlerische Mundart
A Word document about the Landler dialects spoken in Transylvania by the descendants of Lutheran Protestants who were deported from Austria in the 19th Century.

Weiter!See also: Rumänien

Weiter!See also: Lëtzebuergesch

(Many thanks to James Koranyi for his generous help in supplying information on Transylvanian Saxon and Landlerisch.)

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