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  Zum Walliser- und Walserdeutschen
The dialects of Valais and the Walser connect the Valais with its colonies that emerged in the 13th and 14th century. Linguistically, they belong to the high Alemannic language group, belonging to the highest of the southern alpine borders of the Alemannic (Zinsli). This document is also available in English. It forms part of the project Walser Alpen - Moderne und Tradition im Herzen Europas.

  Gemeinsames Wort- oder Spracherbe
A look at some of the words and features that feature in the language of the Valais.

  Walliserdeutsch und Walserdeutsch - Wörterbuch
A dictionary indicating how a selection of standard German words would appear in dialect in various parts of the Valais German and Walser German dialect regions.

  Walliserdeutsch und Walserdeutsch - Mundartproben
A collection of poems and texts written in Wallis German.


  Einige Gedanken zum Walliserdeutschen
This thorough introduction to the German spoken in the Swiss canton of Valais explains the lexis of the region and the boundaries that divide it from other dialect areas.

  Walliserdeutsch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Alemannic dialect spoken in the Swiss canton of Valais from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Die Staaten und Territorien der Erde und ihre sprachliche Situation - Wallis (Schweiz)
Johannes Reese summarises the different types of language that you can expect to hear in the Swiss canton of Valais.

  L'aménagement linguistique dans le monde - Valais/Wallis
Jacques Leclerc's French-language site on language distribution worldwide examines how the different languages spoken in the Swiss canton are represented in the spheres of education, justice and elsewhere.

  Dialektloyalität und Dialektwechsel in der deutschen Schweiz am Beispiel von oberwalliser Binnenmigranten in Bern ("Projekt Üsserschwyz")
The results of a project conducted at the University of Berne which analysed the dialect loyalty of migrants from the Upper Valais in Berne.

  Zwischen "Grüessech" und "Tagwoll". Das Sprachverhalten und die Lebenssituation der Oberwalliser und Oberwalliserinnen in Bern
A 40-page PDF file containing a full analysis of the speech behaviour of migrants from the Upper Valais in Berne.

  Two Patterns of Dialect Accommodation of Valais German Speakers in Berne
Marc Matter and Johanna Ziberi provide an English-language article summarising the changes in dialect of Valais German speakers in Berne.

  Tonbeispiele aus dem deutschsprachigen Teil des Wallis  Includes sound files!
A selection of mp3 sound files of dialect speakers from the Valais region.

  Pius Holzer
The Valais German singer Pius Holzer has recorded a number of albums containing Walliserdeutsch versions of gospels.

  Gospel auf «Wallisertytsch»
The text of one of Pius Holzer's Valais German gospel songs - "An tolle Sieges-Chranz (Palms of Victory)" is included in this article about the singer.


  Walser German - Wikipedia
A brief introduction to the history and development of the Walser German dialects from the online encyclopaedia.

  Ethnologue - Walser German
The Ethnologue website explains the current extent and status of Walser German.

  Sprachinsel-Bibliographie - Walser
A comprehensive bibliography on texts published on Walser German compiled by Beat Siebenhaar.

  Die Sprache - Ein altes Walsererbe
An introduction to the language and culture of the Walser Germans from the Internationale Vereinigung für Walsertum.

  L'aménagement linguistique dans le monde - le walser
Jacques Leclerc's French-language site on language distribution worldwide analyses the history and status of Walser German.

  Walser German Travel Phrases
Four travel phrases in Walser German that no tourist should be without.

  Die Mundart von Bosco Gurin
Charles V.J. Russ analyses the Swiss German dialect spoken in Bosco Gurin, the highest village in the Ticino region of Switzerland. His article is also available as a PDF file.

  Höchstalemannisch - Bosco Gurin  Includes sound files!
A collection of Höchstalemannisch texts from Bosco Gurin collated by W. Näser of Marburg University. Contains sound files.

  Das Walserdeutsch in Bosco Gurin  Includes sound files!
The Walserhaus museum in Bosco Gurin provides an overview of the German spoken in the region which includes a sound file of a native speaker.

  Wo sich Fuchs und Hase auf «Tittschu» gute Nacht sagen
Maria Concetta Di Paolo examines the Walser German "Tittschu" spoken in Rimella and in other Alpine villages in the Piedmont region.

  Interviews mit den Walsern aus Gressoney und Issime
As part of a project on the Walser Germans, class 3c of the Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus conducted a number of interviews with young people, adults and experts in Gressonet and Issime about Walser German culture and language in the modern world.

  IG Pomatterfreunde
The website of the IG Pomatterfreunde, an association that seeks to promote Pomatt (Val Formozza) and its inhabitants, contains a number of Walser German poems as well as a history of the Walser migration.

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