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  Languages in Luxembourg
An explanation in English of the different languages spoken in Luxembourg.

  Luxembourg and its Languages
Another article on the linguistic situation in Luxembourg from SHAPE.

  Lëtzebuergesch léieren
An English-language introduction to the language situation in Luxembourg from the European Parliament. Contains versions of the document in Lëtzebuergesch and French.

  Digitaler Luxemburgischer Sprachatlas (LSA)
Robert Bruch's Luxembourg Language Atlas - originally published in 1963 under the editorship of Ludwig Erich Schmitt - has been digitised and put on the web by Claudine Moulin of the University of Trier along with copious additional material.

  Eis Sprooch
An excellent website about all things relating to the Lëtzebuergesch language.

  Mir léiere Lëtzebuergesch schreiwen
An interactive course enabling you to read and write Lëtzebuergesch.

  Lëtzebuergesch und Englisch
Nico Weber compares English and Lëtzebuergesch as languages (PDF file).

  Luxembourgish - UniLang-Wiki
A thorough guide in English to the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of Lëtzebuergesch.

  Der Rheinische Fächer - Moselfränkisch (Luxemburg)  Includes sound files!
This excellent selection of maps, texts and sound files allows you to listen to the Moselfränkisch sounds made in Luxembourg and places them within the context of the Rhenish fan.

  D'lëtzebuergesch-fränkesch Grammatik - Deklination
An explanation in six chapters by Pascal Curin of the declination of articles and pronouns in Lëtzebuergesch.

  D'lëtzebuergesch-fränkesch Konjugatioun
An explanation in four chapters by Pascal Curin of the conjugation of verbs in Lëtzebuergesch.

  Conseil Permanent de la Langue Luxembourgeoise (CPLL)
An excellent website about the orthography of the Lëtzebuergesch language with material written by François Schanen and Jérôme Lulling.

  EU Minorities - Belgium
The Mercator website examines the German and Luxembourgish spoken in Belgium.

  Projet CORTINA
The Projet Cortina homepage offers a downloadable Lëtzebuergesch spellchecker for PC and Mac users.

  Eng kleng Hëllef fir Lëtzebuergesch ze schreiwen
The January 2001 special edition of Courrier de l'Éducation Nationale is a guide to how to write Lëtzebuergesch correctly (PDF file).

  Réforme du système officiel d'orthographe luxembourgeoise (1999)
An information page announcing changes to the official orthography of Lëtzebuergesch in 1999 (PDF file).

An online French-Lëtzebuergesch translation engine.

  Freelang - dictionnaire luxembourgeois-françois
An online French-Lëtzebuergesch dictionary from Freelang.

  Luxemburgensia - Sproochepolitik
The periodical d'Lëtzebuerger Land provides a dossier of articles pertaining to the status of the Lëtzebuergesch language.

The same periodical d'Lëtzebuerger Land also provides a dossier of Luxembourgish books available on the web and many other useful language links.

  Projet MOIEN
The Projet MOIEN concerns itself with all aspects of the teaching of the Luxembourgish language.

  Arelerland a Sprooch -
There is a "Lëtzebuergesch Community" in the Pays d'Arlon (Arelerland) in the south of Belgium. This thorough website tells you more about this community and the language that they speak.

  Lëtzebuergesch - eis Sprooch  Includes sound files!
A website containing texts written in Lëtzebuergesch and with some sound files.

  RTL News - Lëtzebuergesch  Includes sound files!
News in Lëtzebuergesch from the broadcaster RTL.

  Textes en francique luxembourgeois
A number of texts in Luxembourg dialect collated by Pascal Curin.

  Contes en francique luxembourgeois
A tale in Luxembourg dialect collated by Pascal Curin.

Weiter!See also: Moselfränkisch

Weiter!See also: Belgien

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