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  Österreichisches Deutsch
This thorough website by Rudolf Muhr of the University of Graz showcases the research projects that are being carried out on the German language in Austria.

  Österreichisches Deutsch. Linguistische, sozialpsychologische und sprachpolitische Aspekte einer nationalen Variante des Deutschen
A collection of essays edited by Rudolf Muhr, Richard Schrodt and Peter Wiesinger about whether Austrian German should be classified a national variant of Germanjects that are being carried out on the German language in Austria.

  Institut für Österreichische Dialekt- und Namenlexika
The Institute of Lexicography of Austrian Dialects and Names is based in Vienna and has two research areas, lexicography of dialects and onomastics. The major publications written by seven linguists are the „Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects in Austria" ("Wörterbuch der bairischen Mundarten in Österreich" or "WBÖ") and the "Old-German Names Dictionary" ("Altdeutsches Namenbuch" or "ANB").

  Die Dialektgebiete Österreichs
An overview of the dialect areas of Austria with diagrams from the Institute of Lexicography of Austrian Dialects and Names.

  Das Österreichische Deutsch
This is a report by the Centre for Intercultural Studies on the status of Austrian German (ÖDt.) based on the views of academics who have published on the subject.

  Das Österreichische Deutsch
A website based on a book by Robert Sedlaczek that offers an insight into the grammar and vocabulary of Austrian German.
Roland Russwurm's site on the Austrian language contains a dictonary and a number of dialect texts.

  Sprachgebrauch in Österreich
An overview of the language spoken in Austria by the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  "Österreichisches Deutsch" als Fremdsprache? Kritische Überlegungen
A detailed essay written by Michael Putz examining how Austrian German should be viewed in language teaching.

  "Österreichisch" als eigene Sprache!
There is a growing movement to have Austrian German recognised as an separate language. Here are a list of proposals and a petition to support these demands.

  Österreichisches Deutsch - Eine kleine Einführung
By way of an introduction to the German spoken in Austria, this inventive online quiz tests your knowledge of Austrian vocabulary in a variety of contexts.

  Österreichisches Deutsch
An introductory article on Austrian German from Heinz Dieter Pohl.

  Österreichische Identität und österreichisches Deutsch
Heinz Dieter Pohl follows up the article above with an interesting analysis on the links between Austrian language and identity.

  Zum österreichischen Deutsch im Lichte der Sprachkontaktforschung
Heinz Dieter Pohl's third article examines Austrian German from the perspective of language contact analysis.

  Kein "Zwutschkerl": Bairische Mundarten in Österreich
An article by Hubert Bergmann on the different varieties of Bairisch spoken in Austria.

An association dedicated to research into the linguistic islands in and around Austria.

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

  Österreichisches Wörterbüch
An Austrian dictionary compiled by Gregor Retti.

  Österreichisches Wörterbüch
An Austrian dictionary consisting of words originally gathered on

  Vokabel-Download: Österreichisch - Alltag
Download a vocabulary list of everyday Austrian vocabulary.

  Datenbank zur deutschen Sprache in Österreich
A database on the current status of the German language in Austria put together by Gregor Retti on the basis of over 18,000 completed questionnaires.

  Austriazismen in Wörterbüchern
Gregor Retti's PhD thesis on Austrian words and phrases and how they appear in dictionaries.

  Wörterbuch der Austriazismen
An Austrian-German dictionary that focuses upon the differences in vocabulary between Germany as it is spoken in Austria and in Germany.

  Österreich-deutsches Wörterbuch
An interactive Austrian-German dictionary aimed at users in Germany.

  Zum Wortschatz der Küche
An article on how Austrian German differs from Standard German in the kitchen. Click here for a complete dictionary of Austrian culinary terms.

  Österreichisch-Deutsches Küchenwörterbuch
A second Austrian-German dictionary aimed at resolving translation problems in the kitchen.

  The Alternative Austrian German Dictionary
A dictionary of Austrian slang for broad-minded people!

  Mundart der Österreicher (1811)
The very rare 1811 collection of Austrian dialect vocabulary now exists in electronic form.

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