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  Berlinisch - Peter Schlobinski
Peter Schlobinski's website on the Berlinisch dialect contains a Berlinisch dictionary and a collection of his articles. Most of these are in PDF format.

  Berlinerisch - Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas
As part of its dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has provided a series of articles on the dialect spoken in Germany's capital city.

  Alltagsdeutsch: Berlinisch - Deutsche Welle  Includes sound files!
Here you can listen to a programme broadcast by the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle on the Berlin dialect in January 2004 and also read the transcript of the programme.

  Berlinisch - Wikipedia
An overview of the Berlin dialect from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Berlinisch Lexikon
Peter Schlobinski's dictionary of words and phrases used in the Berlinisch dialect.

  Berliner Wörterbuch
Mike Folger's A-Z collection of Berlinisch words and phrases.

  Berliner Wörterbuch - Deutsche Welle  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Berlin dialect with sound files to help you pronounce them.

  Kleines Berliner Sprachlexikon
A compact dictionary of Berlin vocabulary from Monika Griefahn.

  Berliner Wörter und Wendungen  Includes sound files!
A broadcast on Berlin words and phrases made by Peter Schlobinski in 1995. Read the text and listen!

  Berlinische Grammatik - Wikipedia
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia provides a detailed introduction to the grammar of Berlinisch.

  Berlinerisch / Brandenburgisch
An examination of Berlinisch and Brandenburgisch with a number of good links.

  Uns kann keener. Wie redet der Berliner?
Monika Griefahn shares her thoughts about the Berlin dialect.

  Schrippe, Stulle und Molle
Ruth Reiher's article asks whether the Berlin dialect is on its way back.

  Berliner Wörterbuch
Words and phrases from the Berlinisch dialect from A to Z.

  Änglisch-Deutsches Wörtabuch
An English-German dictionary for the Berlin dialect speaker.

  Berlinisch - Uni Marburg
A collection of Berlinisch texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  Extreme Berlinering
A collection of Berliner words and phrases compiled by Detlef Winkelewski.

  Französisch im Berliner Jargon
A collection of French words and phrases that have entered the Berlin dialect. Taken from Ewald Harndt's work of the same name.

  Berliner Spitzname - Wikipedia
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia explains hoe the Berlin dialect provides humorous nicknames for people and places.

  Berliner Sprachgebrauch
A few peculiarities in the German language gathered together by Burkhard Kirste.

  Berliner Mundart - Arbeitsblatt
A work sheet to help you come to terms with the Berlin dialect.

  Berlin und seine Sprache
An introduction to the language spoken in Berlin - its character and its anecdotes.

A brief overview of the Berlinisch dialect from Potsdam University.

  Berliner Chansons - "Nach meine Beene is ja janz Berlin verrückt"  Includes sound files!
Listen to a typical Berlin chanson sung in the local dialect. The text of the song is given both in the dialect version and in standard German.

  Wahrnehmungsexperiment Berlin  Includes sound files!
An online test to see how successfully you believe an actress is imitating the Berlin dialect. Contains sound files.

  Language attitudes in the Berlin speech community after the fall of the wall in 1989
Irena Schmidt-Regener investigates which differences exist in the speech behaviour and language attitudes of speakers in east and west Berlin. Furthermore, she was interested in the way in which changes of behaviour and attitude were and still are initiated by the political events in 1989.

  Sprachverhalten und Spracheinstellungen in der Berliner Sprachgemeinschaft der 90er Jahre
Irene Regener examines linguistic variety in post-1989 Berlin.

  Spracheinstellungen in den 90er Jahren in Berlin
Irene Regener examines once more how has the linguistic situation in East and West Berlin changed after reunification (PDF file).

Weiter!See also: Berlin-Brandenburgisch

Weiter!See also: Märkisch-Brandenburgisch

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