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  Lausitzische Dialekte - Wikipedia
A brief introduction to the dialects that comprise Lausitzisch from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Oberlausitz Sprache
Orlando expins the central characteristics of the Oberlausitz dialect.

  Oberlausitzer Mundart
An explanation of the dialect spoken in the region and a collection of dialect poems.

  Oberlausitzer Dialekt
Where is Oberlausitz dialect spoken and of what does it consist?

  Äberlausitzer Mundart
What vocabulary do people in the Oberlausitz use for different parts of the body and what sounds will you find in the dialect?

  Oberlausitzer Mundart
A collection of stories and poems written in the Oberlausitz dialect.

  Gedicht - Oberlausitzer Mundart
A poem about the Lausitz written in the Oberlausitz dialect.

Weiter!See also: Sorbisch

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