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  Saarländisch für Anfänger
Christof Müller introduces the types of dialect spoken in the Saar region and provides a 13-part vocabulary list.

  Mundart in Saarland
A homepage devoted to dialect spoken in the Saar region.

  Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas - Saarländisch schwätze  Includes sound files!
As part of its online dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has produced a series of articles on the range of dialects spoken in Saarland. Some of them, such as the article So schwätze mir im Saarland, can be downloaded as MP3 files.

  Saarländischer Dialekt - Wikipedia
The online encyclopaedia provides an overview of the different dialects spoken in the Saar region and examines the influence of French on Saar German lexis.

  Mundart schreiben
A debate between Otto Jastrow and Alfred Gulden about the problems and possibilities of writing in dialect in Saarland.

Wörterbucher (Dictionaries)

  Saarländisches Wörterbuch
Although rightly pointing out that there is no such linguistic entity as 'Saarländisch', webmaster Stefan nevertheless compiles some useful words and phrases that you would hear in these Moselfränkisch and Rheinfränkisch dialect areas.

  Saarländisch - Deutsch: ein akustisches Wörterbuch  Includes sound files!
Nils Kammenhuber's Saarländisch-German dictionary consists of WAV files which allow you to hear how the various Saar dialects differ from standard German.

  Saarländischer Vokabeltrainer: Mundartliches Glossar  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Saarland dialect region with sound files to help you pronounce them from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.


  Ensamma Pladd - Die Ensheimer Mundart
A comprehensive and instructive analysis of the variety of the dialect spoken in Ensheim in Saarland. Contains an online dictionary.

  Eschringen - Mundart
A lecture on the Eschringen dialect given by Dr. Rudolf Post.

  Gedichte und Geschichten in Eschringer Mundart
A collection of stories and poems written in Eschringen dialect.

  Irsch/Saar - Mundart und Dichtung
An introduction to the dialect spoken in Irsch in the Saar and a collection of dialect poems.

  Irscher Dialekt - Wörterbuch
An online dictionary of the dialect spoken in Irsch in the Saar.

  Saarland dialekt - Saarlouis  Includes sound files!
Watch and listen to children from Saarlouis speaking their local dialect.

Literatur (Literature)

  Die Bosener Gruppe  Includes sound files!
The Bosener Gruppe are a group of writers from Alsace, Lorraine and the Saarland who produce texts in Moselle Franconian and Rhine Franconian dialects. Their website contains poems that can be both read and listened to.

  Alfred Gulden
Information about the life and work of Alfred Gulden, who was born in Saarlouis-Roden in 1944.

  Märchionkel  Includes sound files!
The Myspace page of the Saarland storyteller Märchionkel allows you to listen to very different versions of tales such as Snow White.

Information about the dialects spoken in Saarland and a poem written in dialect.

  Saarländisch Platt - De Zaunkeenich
Two types of dialects are used in Saarland. Moselle-Franconian dialects, akin to dialects used in Luxembourg and France, are spoken in the northwestern part, while West Palatine Rhine-Franconian dialects are used in the southeastern parts. The variety used here is a Rhine-Franconian one and the text was translated by Larry Granberg.

  Herrn Spings Seiten der saarländischen Mundart
A selection of poems on contemporary topics in Saar dialect.

  Manfred Spoo
The homepage of the Saar cabaret performer Manfred Spoo.

Musik (Music)

  De Jongen
The homepage of a Moselle Franconian dialect band from the Saar region.

  Roger Wack
The homepage of the dialect musician Roger Wack from Neunkirchen.

Weiter!See also: Rheinfränkisch

Weiter!See also: Moselfränkisch

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