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  Hamburg ruft Moin Moin - Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas
As part of its dialect atlas, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has provided a series of articles on the dialect spoken in Hamburg.

  Mehr als nur Missingsch: Der Hamburger und seine Sprache
An article from Deutschlandradio Kultur on the sounds and status of the language spoken in Hamburg.

  Hamburger Lexikon: Nokieksel  Includes sound files!
Some key Hamburg dialect terms explained in standard German by Deutsche Welle with sound files.

  Hamburger Dialekt
An overview of the language spoken in and around Hamburg.

  Plattdeutsch bei NDR 90,3
Information about news and other programmes broadcast in Low German by the Hamburg radio station NDR 90,3.

Based in Hamburg, Gebhard Kraft has created an excellent website devoted to the Plattdeutsch dialect with a dictionary and a grammar.

Missingsch is the mixture of Low German and Standard German spoken in and around Hamburg and Bremen.

  Hamburger Missingsch - Der Zaunkönig  Includes sound files!
A text in a Hamburg version of Missingsch translated by Reinhard F. Hahn. This webpage also contains a sound file.

Kedelkloppersprook is a special language that developed in the middle of the 19th Century and was used primarily by workers at the docks in Hamburg.

Verbände und Vereine

  Quickborn - Vereinigung für niederdeutsche Sprache und Literatur
The aim of the Quickborn foundation based in Hamburg is to support the usage of Low German language and literature in all its many forms.

  Carl Toepfer Stiftung
The Carl Toepfer Stiftung in Hamburg promotes the maintenance of local culture and monuments in Hamburg. It supports Low German by funding prizes, organising readings and by running the Niederdeutsche Bibliothek, a library that contains over 13,000 items of Plattdeutsch literature and research.

  Plattdüüdtsch leevt
Founded in 1975, this association promotes the usage of Low German dialects in Hamburg.


  ...plattdüütsch Gedichten - nu!
Poems written in Low German by a number of poets based in and around Hamburg.

  In de still
Poetry in Low Saxon (Low German) and English by Franz Brookmann who was born and grew up in Hamburg. There are also translations of his work into Afrikaans, Dutch and German.

  Hartmut Cyriacks und Peter Nissen
The homepage of the Hamburg writers Hartmut Cyriacks and Peter Nissen contains a bibliography of their Low German plays as well as information about their numerous publications about Low German.

  Joachim Grabbe
The Hamburg author Joachim Grabbe has written a number of plays, comedies and other Low German books, extracts from which can be found on his homepage.

  Johann Ingwer Johannsen
A collection of poems written in Low German by Johann Ingwer Johannsen. He was born in Langenhorn in Nordfriesland but spent much of his creative career in Hamburg.

  Plattdütsch ande Elv
Short stories in dialect form from Marta und Henry Seeland.

  Wolfgang Sieg
Born in Hamburg in 1936, Wolfgang Sieg has written a number of satirical and humorous texts as well as working on Low German programmes for the broadcaster NDR.


  Das Loreleylied - Heinrich Heine auf Plattdeutsch  Includes sound files!
Henning Voscherau reads a version of Heinrich Heine's famous poem that has been transcribed into Hamburg dialect.

  Hamborger Platt - De Tuunkrüper
A text in a Hamburg North Saxon form translated by Reinhard F. Hahn.

  Billers ut Ool Hamborg
Pictures from old Hamburg with texts written for comparative purposes in dialect, standard German and English.

  Lütt beten Platt mit't Abendblatt
Günter Harte's Plattdeutsch columns in the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper.


  Das Ohnsorg-Theater
Hamburg's famous Ohnsorg theatre stages a large number of Plattdeutsch plays, often premiering new dialect works.

  Die Eichtalbühne
This amateur dramatics company affiliated to a church community in Hamburg-Wandsbek stages two performances per year, one in Low German and one in standard German.

  Henneberg Bühne Poppenbüttel
In existence since 1981, the theatre group Henneberg Bühne Poppenbüttel performs two Low German plays per year and a fairy tale at Christmas. Since autumn 2003, they also offer children and young adults the opportunity to learn Low German and to perform on stage.

  Lohbrügger Bürgerbühne
This small theatre in Hamburg-Bergedorf stages Low German plays as well works in standard German.

  Volksspielbühne Rissen
Based in the west of Hamburg, this theatre has been staging plays in Low German and standard German since 1955.


  Finkwarder Speeldeel
The folklore group Finkwarder Speeldeel perform Low German songs, music and dances in and around Hamburg.

  Folk Consortium  Includes sound files!
The group Folk Consortium love playing Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, England and Brittany, as well as folk songs from Germany, USA, Canada and Australia.

  Gnadenlos Platt  Includes sound files!
The homepage of a Platt-Rock band. Contains texts and MP3 sound files.

  Lars & Dixi - Blues op Platt  Includes sound files!
Lars-Luis Linek and Claus "Dixi" Dierks perform Plattdeutsch blues music in the Hamburg area.

  Leederkroom  Includes sound files!
Situated in Buxtehude and the Hamburg area, the dialect group Leederkroom have recorded CDs and appeared on regional television.

  Willie Stemwede
Willie Stemwede is a singer, guitarist and mandoline player who particularly enjoys playing Plattdeutsch and Scottish music. He is also the author of countless Low German stories.

  Jochen Wiegandt
Jochen Wiegandt regards himself as a descendant of the traditional Hamburg folk singers. As a musician, song collector and author, he presents traditional material on CDs, on television and radio, on stage and in books.

Weiter!See also: Niedersächsisch

Weiter!See also: Nordniedersächsisch

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