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A brief introduction to Mittelbairisch from the Institute of Lexicography of Austrian Dialects and Names.

  History of the Middle Bavarian Vocalism
A 1957 article on the development of Middle Bavarian vowels written by Herbert L. Kufner.

  Mittelbairisch - Uni Marburg
A collection of Mittelbairisch texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  Mittelbairisch und die Tegernseer Zeitung / Münchner Merkur
How is the Mittelbairisch dialect represented in a local newspaper?

  Dialekte in Bayern - Ober- und Niederbayern  Includes sound files!
The educational broadcaster BR-Alpha introduces the Mittelbairisch dialects spoken in Oberbayern and Niederbayern. Contains sound files.

  Kostproben aus Ober- und Niederbayern - BR-Alpha
A selection of vocabulary from Oberbayern and Niederbayern from the educational broadcaster BR-Alpha.

  Sprachatlas von Bayerisch-Schwaben
A 13-volume atlas chronicling the dialects of Bayerisch-Schwaben.

  Fülle der Wohllaute - der Bayerische Wald  Includes sound files!
As part of their series on the dialects spoken in Bavaria, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on the many varieties of Nordbairisch and Mittelbairisch dialects that are spoken in the Bayerischer Wald. The report contains audio files of the local "Waidlersprache".

  Wienerisch im Bayerischen Wald  Includes sound files!
The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports from Rattenberg in the district of Straubing-Bogen, where sounds akin to Wienerisch be heard - despite the fact that the area lies in the middle of the Bayerischer Wald! Their report contains audio files of the local dialect.

  Dialekt aus der neuen Welt - Reute Reusn aus Breitenberg  Includes sound files!
Not only in Breitenberg, but also in the neighbour localities of Neureichenau, Thalberg, Germannsdorf, Untergriesbach and Wegscheid, dialects are spoken that have little in common with others that can be heard in Bavaria. This report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung contains audio files.

  Burgenland - die ui-Mundart
Scroll down to page 10 of the June 2006 edition of the magazine Der fröhliche Kreis and you will find an article by Ursula Hornik on the ui-Mundart that is prevalent in Burgenland and parts of Upper Austria.

  Vertraute Töne in den Karpaten  Includes sound files!
As part of their series on the dialects spoken in Bavaria, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports from Ukraine on the Bavarian dialects spoken by descendants of German families who migrated there from the Bohemian Forest at the start of the 19th Century. The report contains audio files.

  Kopfing - Das Dialektwörterbuch
Stefan Leidinger's dialect dictionary for Kopfing is available on his website in PDF format. Click here for the same document in Word format.

  Blueberry Hill im Oberland - Miesbach  Includes sound files!
This report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung examines the dialect spoken in Miesbach in Oberbayern, some of whose consonants sound curiously American.

  Dialektwandel in der Sprachregion München
A project chronicling the changes in the dialect spoken in Munich.

  "Auf Giasing ume": der Großraum München  Includes sound files!
The growth of Munich and its influx of new inhabitants has led to a sharp decrease in the number of speakers of the city dialect. This report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung examines the current status of Münchnerisch and contains audio files.

  Mundart - Oberösterreich
The dialect of Oberösterreich and a presentation of some authors who use it.

  Der Sprachatlas von Oberösterreich – ein Sprachatlas für Oberösterreich
An article by Hermann Scheuringer on a language atlas for Upper Austria.

  Passau - Da Zaunkini  Includes sound files!
This tale from Passau is translated and narrated by Martin Grimme and can be heard on an mp3 file.

  Die Mundart im oberen Pielachtal
This Austrian website gives an insight to the language spoken in the Upper Pielachtal and along the Mariazellerbahn railway.

  Das Rottal - eine Oase für altes Bairisch  Includes sound files!
The inhabitants of Rottal in Niederbayern speak a classical Central Bavarian dialect which is nevertheless being modified by the influx of tourists. This report on the dialect from the Süddeutsche Zeitung contains audio files.

  Sprechen Sie Salzburgerisch?
The Salzburger Land website gives a brief overview of the typoes of words and phrases that you can expect to hear in and around Salzburg.

  Die Südmährische Volkskunde - Mundart
This analysis of the South Moravian dialect which is now in the modern Czech Republic shows its connections to the ui-Mundart of Burgenland.

  Waunn er wieda aufstangert! (Sulz im Wienerwald)
This dialect poem, written in the Austrian Wienerwald dialect by Johanna Weigl, tells the story of a knight who is allowed to spend a few hours in the modern world.

  Dialekte in Tirol
A guide to which dialects are spoken in the province of Tyrol in Austria, which although predominantly Southern Bavarian also contains some Central Bavarian dialects.

  Sammlung von "Sainihånser" Mundartausdrücken
A collection of dialect words and phrases used in and around St. Johann in Tirol.

Literature (Literature)

  Emerenz Meier
A website devoted to the writings of Emerenz Meier, born in Schiefweg in Niederbayern in 1874. Alongside Lena Christ, Meier is possibly the most famous Bavarian Volksdichterin.

  Das Mensch und die Öchsl - Emerenz Meier  Includes sound files!
As part of their series on the dialects spoken in Bavaria, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on the life and work of Emerenz Meier, placing particular emphasis on her dialect ballad Wödaschwüln. The report contains audio files of readings from this text.

  Franz Stelzhamer
The Upper Austrian dialect poet Franz Stelzhamer was born on 29th November 1802 in Großpiesenham, a village near Pramet bei Ried im Innkreis. The website devoted to his legacy contains a forum on dialect usage as well as information about new dialect publications and a sample of works by a number of dialect writers.

  Karin Zick: Münchner Mundart
The Munich poet Karin Zick present a sample of her poems as well as an online Bavarian dictionary.

  Helmut Zenz: Gedichte-Ecke
A number of poems in Bavarian dialect (and often about being Bavarian!) collated by Helmut Zenz.

  Bayrische Gedichte
Bavarian dialect poems and vocabulary.

  Eine Adventsgeschichte in Bayrisch
An advent story in Bavarian dialect supplied by Hannelore Meyer.

  Asterix in Münchnerisch
A selection of cartoons and texts showing how Asterix was translated into Munich dialect.

Musik (Music)

  Alpenrock  Includes sound files!
The Alpenrock phenomenon revitalised traditional folk music in the 1970s and fitted in with the contemporary revival in dialect usage. An extensive series on Alpine rock from its roots to the present day was broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk and has been accompanied by this web site, which also includes sound files.

The homepage of the Upper Austrian musical duo Attwenger from Linz. Of the group, the noted BBC DJ John Peel (1939-2004) said, "I have no idea what it's all about, but I like the general noise a great deal."

  Ausseer Hardbradler
This crossover group from Bad Aussee produced a number of albums before splitting up in August 2004.

  Biermösl Blosn
Biermösl Blosn is a Bavarian music and cabaret group formed in 1976 by the brothers Hans, Christoph and Michael Well.

  Hubert von Goisern
Born Hubert Achleitner in Bad Goisern in Upper Austria, Hubert von Goisern creates rock music with elements of folk.

The group Haindling come from Geiselhöring in Niederbayern and make pop music that is heavily influenced by jazz and folk music.

  Da Huawa, da Meier und I
This musical cabaret trio perform their music in Niederbayern dialect.

  Georg Ringsgwandl
A former cardiologist, Georg Ringsgwandl from Bad Reichenhall is a Bavarian cabaret artist and songwriter who is well-known for his scurillous and parodistic lyrics.

  Die Wellküren
Die Wellküren are a Bavarian folk music and cabaret trio from Oberschweinbach founded by the sisters Moni, Vroni and Burgi Well. They come from the same muscial family as the Biermösl Blosn.

Formerly a member of Hubert von Goisern's Alpinekatzen, Sabine Kapfinger from Kufstein in Tirol creates a heady crossover mix of dancefloor, world music, pop, dialect vocals - and yodelling.

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