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  Plautdietsch-Freunde e.V.
A society aimed at encouraging the usage of the Mennonite language spoken in the linguistic island of Plautdietsch. Click here for an explanation of who speaks the language.

A website in Plautdietsch that also offers information about the language for outsiders.

  PlautCast - Wie seakje waut plaut ess  Includes sound files!
This downloadable Plattdeutsch podcast concerns itself exclusively with Plautdietsch. The accompanying website contains a number of Plautdietsch links, song lyrics and a guide to Plautdietsch literature.

  Opp Plautdietsch
Viktor Sawatzki's website is written in Plautdietsch and has information about language, culture and history.

  Plautdietsch - Ethnologue
Information about the countries in which Plautdietsch is spoken and the number of people who speak it.

  Plautdietsch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Plautdietsch dialect from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Mennonite Platt
An explanation in English of Mennonite Plautdietsch.

  Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch?
This Low German dictionary is offered as an encouragement towards the preservation of a much-loved Mennonite language. The majority of words in this version have been in basic use for over two and a half centuries. The word stock of this dictionary was compiled by Herman Rempel from oral and written information obtained from a host of sources.

  Standarddeutsch Plautdietsch Woliniendeitsch
A comprehensive vocabulary list of items in standard German, Plautdietsch and Wolhyniendeutsch.

An e-mail and discussion forum with a comprehensive archive.

This is the homepage of a Plautdietsch chat forum.

  The New Testament in Plautdietsch
A translation of the New Testament designed specifically for the Low German speaking people anywhere who have difficulty reading the Scriptures in any other language. Adhering strictly to the original, yet seeking to use simple words and phrases, so that the translation would be as easy to understand as possible.

  Die Bibel auf Plautdietsch
An article about the translation of the Bible into Plautdietsch from Andreas Holzhausen.

  Bibeltexte auf Plautdietsch
Extracts from the Bible translated into Plautdietsch by J.J. Neufeld.

  Radio HCJB - Die Stimme der Anden  Includes sound files!
The radio station HCJB in Ecudaor broadcast Plautdietsch programmes every day and its website also a lot of information about the language.

  Radio ZP-30
Information about the Plautdietsch world in Paraguay available in German, English and Spanish.

  Janz Team  Includes sound files!
The Janz Team website offers downloadable sermons in Plautdietsch.

  Neu Samara
Dietrich Tissen and Nikolaj Tissen's website about Neu Samara, a Mennonite settlement in Russia, has Plautdietsch, German and English versions.

  Mekelnborgsch - De Nettelkönig
A text in Mecklenburg Low Saxon written and narrated by Hannelore Hinz.

  Mennonite Low Saxon - Khortiza Colony
Mennonite Low Saxon ("Plautdietsch") originated at the Vistula Delta in Northern Poland as a local dialect adopted by Mennonite immigrants from the Netherlands and Northern Germany. It was later exported to the Molochna and Khortitza regions of Ukraine where it developed further under Ukrainian, Russian and Turkic influences, with constant influences from German as a "high" and liturgical language. Here is a text from the Khortiza colony translated by Jack Driedger.

  Mennonite Low Saxon of the Molochna Colony: De Tuunkjeenig (I)
Here is a text from the Molochna colony in Ukraine translated by Reuben Epp.

  Mennonite Low Saxon of the Molochna Colony: De Tuunkjeenig (II)
The same text translated into the Plautdietsch of the Molochna colony by Eldo Neufeld.

  Russlända Plaut: Dee Tun-Tjeenich
This particular variety of Plautdietsch is that of most speakers that remained in Eastern Europe and Inner Asia and of those that emigrated from those parts in more recent times. It predominates among Plautdietsch speakers in Germany. It is believed to have descended from “Cottage Pomeranian” (Hüttenpommersch) dialects. This text was translated by Peter Wiens.

  Russlända Plaut: Dee Tüntjeenich (Dee Tünkrüpa)
The same text translated into Russlända Plaut by Heinrich Dück.

  Chihuahua, Mexico Low German Dialects in Kansas  Includes sound files!
Since the early 1990s, Low German-speaking immigrants have been moving to southwest Kansas from the State of Chihuahua in Mexico. These immigrants are Old Colony Mennonites who came to Mexico from Manitoba early in the 20th century. Researchers at the University of Kansas have begun to gather Low German dialect samples from these immigrants as part of the Linguistic Atlas of Kansas German project. These sound samples are selected translations from the Atlas of Kansas German Questionnaire. They are in mp3 format. The informant is a female Mennonite Low German speaker.

  Low German Lyrics
A compilation of material by Clarence Hiebert and Walter Unger.

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