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Kathleen Hubbard, assistant professor of linguistics at the University of California in San Diego, answers the question "How do we know what we know about Proto-Indo-European and other languages that died out before they were written down?"

  Indo-European Languages
What is that constitutes the Indo-European languages?

  Indo-European Cognates
Examples of some of the cognates that appear in the Indo-European languages.

  Germanic Languages
This very full introduction to the Germanic languages contains a tree of the individual languages, language descriptions and a useful bibliography.

  Characterisation of the Germanic language family
Matthias Hüning offers a concise overview of the linguistic characteristics of the Germanic language family.

  Germanic Linguistics
A thorough introduction to the Germanic family of languages and its various sub-families.

  Verbix: Germanic Languages
A brief overview of the Germanic languages from Verbix.

  Ethnologue: High German
A language tree for the Germanic languages that places them within their linguistic context.

  Überblick über die Geschichte der deutschen Sprache
Jan Wohlgemuth traces the development of the German language in this useful online analysis.

  A Short History Of The German Language
Helmut Richter offers a brief but comprehensive overview of the development of the German language.

  Die deutsche Sprache
This article by Hans Eggers chronicles the development of the German language from past to present.

  Lautwandel  Includes sound files!
An online explanation of the sound shifts and other linguistic processes that have shaped the German language.

A depiction of the different epochs in the history of the German language and the changes that took place within them.

An explanation of the sound shifts that shaped the Germanic languages.

  Grimm's Law and Verner's Law
An explanation in English of Grimm's Law on the sound shifts that shaped the Germanic languages.

  Animated Grimm's Law
Grimm's Law explained in an animated form by John Lawler of the University of Michigan.

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