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  Pennsylvania German
An introduction to the Pennsylvania German dialect plus a comprehensive list of secondary material on the Pennsylvania German dialect compiled by Kersti Börjars of the University of Manchester.

  Modelling syntactic change: a case study in Pennsylvania German
An analysis of synytactic changes in the Pennsylvania German spoken in Waterloo County, Canada. The change is particularly fascinating since no other variety of Continental West Germanic appears to have undergone a similar change, but at the same time, there is no obvious way in which the change can be shown to have resulted from contact with English. One dimension of the change involves the spread of a purposive construction, the fer...zu construction, from its original, adverbial, function to complement clauses. At the same time, there has been a loss of the infinitival marker, zu, so that many non-finite clauses now contain only one overt functional element associated with (the extended projection of) the clause.

  Learning Pennsylvania German
A short three-lesson course for learners of Pennsylvania German dialect.

  Pennsylvania Dutch - Wikipedia
An overview of the Pennsylvania Dutch language from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Pennsilfaanisch-deitsche Wikipedelche
And here is Wikipedia itself translated into Pennsylvania German!

  Voah mei daett sei deitsh
A study of developments in the vowel system of Pennsylvania German by David Bowie.

  Deitsch: A dying language?
An article about the fight to keep Pennsylvania German from dying out.

  Was mir wisse
A review of the literature on the languages of the Pennsylvania Germans by David Bowie. Contains a detailed bibliography.

  Keeping Track of Pennyslvania German
A discussion of evidences found in A linguistic atlas of Pennsylvania German by David Bowie.

  Pensilfaanisch Deitsch - De Guckkaschde
An introduction to the language and also to literature written in the dialect.
A site about Pennsylvania German culture in Pennsylvania German dialect.

  Pennsylvania Deitsch
An article about Pennsylvania Deitsch in English and Swiss German.

  Dialect Literature and Speech: Pennsylvania German
An introduction to the Pennsylvania German dialect from the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada.

  Pennsylvania Dutch or Pennsylvania German?
What do we mean by Pennsylvania German and who are we talking about?

Institutionen (Institutions)

  The Pennsylvania German Society
Founded in 1891, the Pennsylvania German Society is a nonprofit, educational organization devoted to the study of the Pennsylvania German people and their 300-year history in America. The Pennsylvania German Society promotes scholarly research, publishes, and offers meetings and educational programmes to its members and to the general public.

  Deutsch-Pennsylvanischer Arbeitskreis
The website of the German-Pennsylvanian Association aims at continually providing all interested in the Pennsylvania Germans (Pennsylvania Dutch) with up-to-date information from the various initiatives, institutions and groups in Germany, the USA and Canada. The association also hope to be able to enhance cooperation within the various areas of interest, thereby creating a German-Pennsylvanian network which will aid in reminding Germans and Americans of their common heritage. - Forum
An online forum for Pennsylvania German speakers.

Medien (Media)

  PA German dialect
Earl Haag's Pennsylvania German dialect column is reproduced on the web pages of the Pennsylvania German Society. Click here for an archive of this column.

  Hiwwe wie Driwwe - die pennsylvaanisch-deitsch Zeiding
The homepage of the Pennsylvania German newspaper.

  Pennsylvania German Newsletters
Newsletters on Pennsylvania German distributed by the Verlag PfalzMundArt.

Literatur und Texte
(Literature and texts)

  Verlag PfalzMundArt
A publishing house that distributes texts about (or written in) Pfälzisch and Pennsylvania German.

  Hiwwe wie Driwwe
A private archive of Pennsylvania German literature.

  Pennsylvania German - Uni Marburg
A collection of Pennsylvania German texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

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