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  Kurpfälzisch  Includes sound files!
An introduction to Kurpfälzisch with a number of sound files.

  Kurpfälzische Dialekte - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Kurpfälzisch dialect group from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Kurpfalznotizen - Dialekt
Links to a number of articles and websites relating to the dialects spoken in the Kurpfalz region.

  Kurpfälzisch - Homo Heidelbergensis
A poem in Heidelberg dialect and a brief inroduction to the dialect from Michael Treber.

  Der Mannheimer Dialekt - So werd bei uns geredd
The homepage of the city of Mannheim explains the basics of the Mannheim dialect.

  Mannheim und sein Dialekt - So werd bei uns gebabbelt
A list of phrases and an extensive alphabetical lexicon of the dialect spoken in Mannheim.

  Mannemerisch für Ausländer
The Wasserskiclub Mannheim explains the history of the development of the Mannheim dialect and provides a list of words and phrases for "foreigners".

  Mannemerisch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Kurpfälzisch dialect spoken in the city of Mannheim.

  Kleines Mannheimer Lexikon
A short lexicon of the vocabulary that can be heard in Mannheim.

  Mannem - Chronik und Geschichte
Thomas Stadler gives a chronology of the history of Mannheim in both dialect and standard German versions.

  Mannheimer Geschichten
Some brief texts written in Mannheim dialect.

  Bülent Ceylan
The homepage of the Mannheim comedian Bülent Ceylan, who has a Turkish father and a German mother.

  Joy Fleming
The career of the Mannheim singer Joy Fleming was kickstarted in 1971 by her dialect song Mannemer Neggabriggebluus (Mannheimer Neckarbrückenblues).

  Hans-Peter Schwöbel  Includes sound files!
Professor Hans-Peter Schwöbel is famous in Mannheim not only for his academic publications but also his dialect poems and cabaret performances, some of which can be heard on his homepage.

  Viernheim - Dialekt
David Beyer introduces the vocabulary of 'Vernemarisch', the Kurpfälzisch dialect spoken in Viernheim.

  Uhne Ferz  Includes sound files!
"Feinste vännema MundArt" is promised by this Viernheim group of dialect performers. Some of their works can be heard on their website in MP3 format.

  Vännema Lyrik
A collection of poems written in Viernheim dialect by Michael Bauer.

  Der Kurpfälzer
The homepage of Charly Weibel, a singer of Kurpfalz dialect music.

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