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  The development of Afrikaans
An analysis of the historical development of Afrikaans from the Department of Nederlandistik at the University of Vienna.

  Very brief intro to Afrikaans gives English speakers background information about the Afrikaans language.

  Afrikaans - provides a statistical overview of the countries in which Afrikaans is spoken.

  History of Afrikaans - Wikipedia
An explanation of how this language originated from the Dutch spoken by the first settlers. It was later evolved by people such as the Khoikoi and the slaves from other countries.

  Afrikaans - Wikipedia
A guide to the development and nature of Afrikaans from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  South African Languages - Afrikaans
An overview of Afrikaans as a South African language by Jako Olivier.

  Afrikaans hoort by Nederlands
In his Afrikaans language corner, Petrus van Eeden looks at the relationship between Afrikaans and Dutch.

  Afrikaans, die Grondwet en jy
An explanation of who speaks Afrikaans in multi-lingual South Africa.

  UND Linguistics Archive
The UND Linguistics Archive at the University of Natal is intended to provide convenient access to working papers and conference papers, some of which concern themselves with Afrikaans.

  AMOK se argief
A collection of articles on Afrikaans and its relationships with other languages.

  Taal in Tyd
Information about the usage and development of Afrikaans from the past to the present day.

A website for anyone interested in the Afrikaans language.

The Afrikaans newspaper Die Burger has a special section in which articles on the Afrikaans language are published.
A website for translators in and out of Afrikaans created by Samuel Murray-Smit.

  Verbix - Afrikaans
Learn how to conjugate Afrikaans verbs with Verbix.

  Afrikaans and Dutch modal particles compared
Jac. Conradie compares and contracts the usage of modal particles in Dutch and Afrikaans.

A collection of linguistic games based around Afrikaans idioms and lexis.


  LitNet: Taaldebat
A huge collection of articles and press releases on the status of Afrikaans in modern South Africa from the LitNet website.

  De Roepstem / Die Roepstem
The website of Marcel Bas seeks to promote language and culture in the Low Countries and the Afrikaans-speaking community. It contains a number of articles in Afrikaans, Dutch and English and useful links.

  An introduction to Afrikaans (and the discrimination it faces)
An opinion piece on the current status of Afrikaans in South Africa by Marcel Bas.

  Afrikaans, die Sondebok
A second polemical article in Afrikaans attacking the perceived discrimination against Afrikaans speakers in South Africa.

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

An interactive website for everything to do with Afrikaans dictionaries and language, with wordlists for specific language fields and articles on language.

  Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT)
The homepage of the WAT, the dictionary of the Afrikaans language.

  Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT)
The online version of the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT) can be accessed on this page.

  Afrikaanse woordelys en spelreëls (AWS)
The Afrikaans Vocabulary List and Spelling Rules is put together by the language commission of the South African Academy for Science and Arts (Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns).

  Afrikaans vir Reisigers
Travlang offers a selection of words and phrases in Afrikaans for English-speaking travellers.

  Travlang - Afrikaans-English On-line Dictionary
Travlang's Afrikaans-English online dictionary contains 4,000 lexical items. There is also an English-Afrikaans dictionary available on the site.

  Travlang - Afrikaans-German On-line Dictionary
Travlang's Afrikaans-German online dictionary contains 5,500 lexical items. There is also an German-Afrikaans dictionary available on the site.

  Afrikaans/Deutsches Wörterbuch
An online Afrikaans / German dictionary.

  Online English to African to English Dictionary
Freedict's Afrikaans-English online dictionary allows you to translate lexical items in both directions.

  Alfabetische Woordenlijst (Zuid-)Afrikaans - Nederlands
An alphabetical (South) Afrikaans-Dutch wordlist compiled by Marcel Bas.

  IT-terme - Skryfafrikaans
An exhaustive A-Z wordlist of IT terms from Skryfafrikaans.

  Woordelys - die 8174 mees gebruikte woorde in Afrikaans
Die Knoop has a wordlist containing more than 51,500 Afrikaans words an expression available for download as a ZIP file.

  Woordelys - die 8174 mees gebruikte woorde in Afrikaans
A wordlist containing the 8,174 most heavily used words in Afrikaans.

  Afrikaanse Onderwysterme
A glossary of Afrikaans terminology used in education circles and their English equivalents.

  IT-terme - Skryfafrikaans
An exhaustive A-Z wordlist of IT terms from Skryfafrikaans.

  Afrikaanse rekenaar- en internetterme
A thorough Afrikaans-English list of computer terms from Die Knoop.

  Internet Woordelys
A useful wordlist of Afrikaans computer terms and their English equivalents.

  Woordelys van Motorindustrie
An Afrikaans-English vocabulary of terms used in the car industry.

  Tweetalige motortermelys
A second Afrikaans-English glossary of motor industry vocabulary.

  Paramediese Vakwoordeboek
A glossary of Afrikaans terminology used by paramedics and their English equivalents.

  ISI glossary of statistical terms
A glossary of terminology used by statisticians and their equivalents in other European languages.

  Ongeveer 101 Vals Nederlandse Vriende
A list of false friends in Dutch (and English!) that can be confusing to the Afrikaans speaker.

  Valse Vrienden Afrikaans & Nederlands
A second selection of false friends in Dutch and Afrikaans collated by Marcel Bas.

  Wonderlike idiome
An introduction to the many and varied idioms used in Afrikaans.

  Afrikaans Tongue Twisters
"Wat was wat voor wat wat was?" Try out this and other Afrikaans tonguetwisters on Michael Reck's website.

  WSpel - die gratis Afrikaanse speltoetser
A free Afrikaans spellchecker offered by WSpel.

  Afrikaanse Speltoetser
An Afrikaans spellchecker for your PC from Blue Tek Computers.

Verbände (Associations)

  NTLA - Nasionale Taalliggaam vir Afrikaans
The website for the NTLA, the National Language Body for Afrikaans.

  SBA - Stigting vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans
The homepage of the SBA, a non-profitmaking association for the promotion of the Afrikaans language.

  Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns
The South African Academy for Science and Arts appoints the language commission to examine the orthography, lexis and grammar of the Afrikaans language.

  Afrikaans Taal- en Kultuurvereniging (ATKV)
The homepage of the association for Afrikaans culture and language.

  Afrikaans Olympiad
The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) funded and coordinated the Afrikaans Olympiad for the last time during 2004. From 2005, the Afrikaans Taal- en Kultuurvereniging (ATKV) will take over the management of the Olympiad.

A competition for learners of Afrikaans which aims to stimulate their creativity.

  Vriende van Afrikaans
A website for a non-political that supports the usage of Afrikaans.

  Die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum
Visit the website of the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument which is situated in Paarl.

  Euro-Afrikaans - Afrikaans in Europa
A website whose aim is to encourage Afrikaans studies and to investigate the development of the language in Africa and Europe.

  Federasie Afrikaanse Kultuur (FAK)
The FAK is an organisation that seeks to promote Afrikaans culture and language on a national and a provincial level.

  Huis der Nederlanden (HdN)
The Huis der Nederlanden is a centre for Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaans culture in Pinelands/Cape Town.

  University of Stellenbosch - Department of Afrikaans and Dutch
Information about courses, staff and research at the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch at the University of Stellenbosch.

  PRAAG - die Pro-Afrikaanse Aksiegroep
The pro-Afrikaans action group PRAAG is an NGO that supports the cultural interests of all Afrikaans speakers.

  Vereniging van Regslui vir Afrikaans
The Society of Lawyers for Afrikaans supports the usage of Afrikaans in the legal world.

Kapi'Taal is an association for Afrikaans at the University of Port Elizabeth.

The homepage of the Pan South African Language Board is available in a number of languages.

Bibliografien und Linklisten (Bibliographies and link lists)

  Afrikaans - Bibliografie
A bibliography of linguistic studies into Afrikaans from the Department of Nederlandistik at the University of Vienna.

  Bronnegids by die Studie van die Afrikaanse Letterkunde en Taal
A bibliography of resource information for the study for Afrikaans literature and language.

  Die Knoop - Duisende Afrikaanse Bestemmings!
Die Knoop offers a huge list of links related to Afrikaans language and culture.

  Afrikaans oppie Net
A thorough listing of Afrikaans websites on the net.
A collection of links based around the Afrikaans dialect.

  Afrikaans - Language Directory
A comprehensive list of online language courses, dictionaries and media for Afrikaans students and anyone interested in the language.

Medien (Media)

The homepage of the South African daily newspaper.

  Die Burger
Die Burger is a newspaper in Afrikaans.

The homepage of the Rapport newspaper.

Republikein is Namibia's largest daily newspaper.

Sake is a South African financial publication.

The homepage of the Volksblad newspaper.

  Die Wêreld
Die Wêreld is a Sunday newspaper in Afrikaans.

Literatur (Literature)

  Die Bybel
An online version of the Bible in Afrikaans.

  e-Afrikaans: 'n verkennende oorsig na die stand van Afrikaans met betrekking tot digitale publikasies, publikasieforums en die Nuwe Media
Responding to the theme of the October 2002 ALV confrerence focusing on events in Afrikaans literature since 1994, this article provides an overview of the situation regarding e-publications and the possibilities offered by epublishing and e-publishing forums, in Afrikaans. Reference is also made to the absence of activity in New Media which has been growing steadily internationally during the past decade.

eDigbundel is a website that enables the free publication of poetry in Afrikaans.

A Namibian online journal about Afrikaans in Afrikaans. - Zuid-Afrikaans
A collection of 130 love poems written in the Afrikaans dialects.

A literary website in Afrikaans "for literary everybody".

  Onse angeltjie
This electronic literary magazine also has an archive of previous issues.

This is a website for non-professional (and professional) Afrikaans writers as well as readers of literature.

A website for children's literature in Afrikaans.
This website contains a selection of poems and limericks in Afrikaans.

  Standard Afrikaans - Die Bostinktinkie
Afrikaans began in the 17th century as a language variety then referred to as “Cape Dutch”. It developed essentially from Dutch, Zeelandic and other Low Franconian varieties with influences from Low Saxon, Malay, Khoi-San and Bantu languages, French, English and many others, creating a language that is uniquely suited for life in Southern Africa. This text was translated into standard Afrikaans by Elsie Zinsser who lives in Johannesburg in South Africa.

  Garib Afrikaans - Die Bostinktinkie  Includes sound files!
Garib Afrikaans (Gariep-Afrikaans) or Orange River Afrikaans, also known as Griqua Afrikaans (Griekwa-Afrikaans), is predominantly used in the Orange (Garib) River region (Oranjerivier-gebied) in the Northern Cape (Noord-Kaap). It has probably been influenced by Khoi languages. This text was translated into Gariep-Afrikaans by Elsie Zinsser who lives in Johannesburg in South Africa.

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