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  Nordniedersächsisch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Nordniedersächsisch dialect and its subdivisions from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Zentrum für Niederdeutsch in Ratzeburg
The centre for Low German was opened in Ratzeburg in 1994 and seeks to further the usage of Plattdeutsch as an important expression of regional culture in Schleswig-Holstein.

  The Low German Language - Nord
A brief description of some of the key characteristics of the North Low German dialects.

  Nordniederdeutsch - Uni Marburg
A collection of texts in Nordniederdeutsch collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  Nordniedersächsisch - De Tunkrüper
A text in a generalised interregional Nordneddersassisch form written by Wilhelm Wisser and transcribed by Reinhard F. Hahn.

  Min lütt Postmoor
A poem about Plattmoor / Bliedersdorf by Herbert Feindt. Click here for a Plattdeutsch story by the same writer.

  Hadeln - De Tuunkeunig  Includes sound files!
A text written in the North Saxon dialect spoken in Hadeln with an mp3 audio file. Author and narrator: Jonny Meibohm.

  Literaturtelefon  Includes sound files!
Oldenburg University hosts a large number of Plattdeutsch sound files from the region.

  Runas Geburt - Miene Süster kommt uppe Welt
A short story in Oldenburger Platt that also has a Standard German and an English version.

  Plattdüütsch in de School
A project to encourage the usage of Low German in education in and around Oldenburg. Contains a bibliography.

  Niederdeutsch bei NDR 1 Welle Nord
When can you hear Low German on the radio station NDR 1 Welle Nord in Schleswig-Holstein?

Verbände und Vereine

  Arbeidsgrupp Nedderdüütsch für Sleswig-Holsteen
The homepage of the working group for Low German in Schleswig-Holstein contains comprehensive linklists on a number of key linguistic and cultural topics.

  Niederdeutsch - Schleswig-Holsteinischer Heimatverbund
The Low German section of the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Heimatverbund's website offers information on committees and associations connected with Low German in Schleswig-Holstein as well as cultural events and Plattdeutsch education material. There is also a Low German story of the month.

  Mitteilungsblatt - Niederdeutsch in Schleswig-Holstein
The newsletter of the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Heimatverbund can be read online on this website.

  Der Plattdeutsche Rat
The Plattdeutsch council in Schleswig-Holstein consists of representatives of groupings interested in the promotion of Plattdeutsch in daily life, literature, education and culture.

  Borsla - Vereinigung für niederdeutsche Sprache und Literatur
Borsla, an association for the promotion of Low German language and literature, is based in Bösel near Cloppenburg and awards an annual prize for short stories, poems and plays.

  De Spieker - Heimatbund für niederdeutsche Kultur e.V.
Founded in 1947, the association De Spieker promotes Low German culture in and around Oldenburg.

  Elmshorner Heimatverein Tru
This local association for the promotion of local culture and language in Elmshorn was founded in 1902. Its homepage has versions in both Plattdeutsch and standard German.

  Heimat- und Fördergemeinschaft - Börde Heeslingen e.V.
This regional association based in Heeslingen undertakes many Plattdeutsch activities including wearing traditional costumes at Low German church services.

  Heimat- und Bürgerverein Glinde
This association based in Glinde in Stormarn in Schleswig-Holstein devotes itself to local history and the maintenance of the language in the area.

  Heimatverein Großhansdorf-Schmalenbeck - Plattdütsch Runn
This local association in Großhansdorf-Schmalenbeck in Schleswig-Holstein has a monthly meeting held in Low German.

  Verein Postkutsche Lüneburger Heide e.V.
The homepage of this stagecoach society has versions in both Plattdeutsch and standard German.

  Landschaftsverband Stade - Plattdeutsch
This regional association based in Stade organises a number of events to promote the usage of Low German in the region between the Elbe and Weser rivers. The association is particularly active in promoting the usage of Plattdeutsch in schools and kindergartens.


  Petra Blume
The playwright Petra Blume has lived in Husum in Schleswig-Holstein since the age of 4 and has produced plays in both the Low German of the region and standard German.

  Petra Bredehöft - Bücher für kleine Plattdeutschleser
Based in Wohlerst, Petra Bredehöft writes books aimed at young Plattdeutsch readers.

  Lotte Brügmann-Eberhardt
Lotte Brügmann-Eberhardt from Kiel writes prose in both standard German and the Low German of Schleswig-Holstein.

  Johann Hinrich Fehrs
The Itzehoe writer Johann Hinrich Fehrs (1838-1916) wrote Low German poetry and prose. One of his texts - "Maren, en Dörp-Roman ut de Tid von 1848-51" - is available online as part of the Projekt Gutenberg.

  Die Fehrs-Gilde
This association was founded in 1916 after the death of Johann Hinrich Fehrs both to kep the memory of the writer alive and to promote the usage of Low German.

  Karl-Heinz Groth
The homepage of the Low German author Karl-Heinz Groth contains information about his life and publications.

  Klaus Groth - Riemels  Includes sound files!
A selection of poems to read and listen to from the 19th Century poet Klaus Groth who was born in Heide in Schleswig-Holstein and who is widely regarded as the most important Low German poet.

  Klaus Groth - De Sünndagmorgen
Klaus Groth's dialect poem about Sunday morning is reproduced here along with a standard German version by Wolfgang Näser.

  Wilfried Harms
A website about the author and "plattdüütsch Schrieversmann" Wilfried Harms.

  August Hinrichs
This key representative of Low German literature lived in Oldenburg produced much-performed plays and comedies until his death in 1956.

  Johann Ingwer Johannsen
A collection of poems written in Low German by Johann Ingwer Johannsen. He was born in Langenhorn in Nordfriesland but spent much of his creative career in Hamburg.

  Clara Kramer-Freudenthal
The website dedicated to the works of the late Clara Kramer-Freudenthal contains some of her many Low Saxon short stories, poems and recipes with transliterations and English translations by Reinhard F. Hahn. Ms. Kramer-Freudenthal was perfectly bilingual in the Ollandsch dialect of Low Saxon and (High) German.

  Ollandsch - De Tuunkrüper  Includes sound files!
This text is written in the Ollandsch dialect and can be heard on an mp3 audio file. This dialect belongs to the Lower Elbe group. Olland (or "Dat Ole Land," German "Das Alte Land") is a primarily fruit- and vegetable-growing area situated in two German states: Hamburg and Lower Saxony. The area is said to have been founded by settlers from the Netherlands. The author and narrator is Clara Kramer-Freudenthal.

  Jürgen Kropp
Jürgen Kropp is an author and dramatist from Büdelsdorf in Schleswig-Holstein who writes plays in both Plattdeutsch and standard German.

  Birgit Lemmermann
The homepage of Unterstedt author Birgit Lemmermann is devoted to her creation, Emil, a bear that features in her books for children.

  Wilfried Harms
A website about the author and "plattdüütsch Schrieversmann" Wilfried Harms.

  Peter Maurer
The homepage of the writer and reciter Peter Maurer from Schönberg in Schleswig-Holstein is written in Low German novel and contains in examples from Plattdeutsch textsrich Ohm who was born in Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein. It can be downloaded from this website and extracts from it can also be heard as mp3 files.

  Hans-Heinrich Niemeier
Hans-Heinrich Niemeier from Ahrensburg aims to employ humour in his writing to further the usage of Plattdeutsch in local culture.

  Heinrich Ohm: De Mohls  Includes sound files!
The whole of the Low German historical story "De Mohls", which describes everyday life in Schleswig-Holstein between 1762 and 1968, can be downloaded from this webpage. It was written by Heinrich Ohm who was born in Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein. Extracts from the text can also be heard as mp3 files.

  Heinrich Ohm: Drei plattdeutsche Geschichten - vorgelesen  Includes sound files!
Three Low German texts by Heinrich Ohm can be listened to in mp3 format on this homepage.

  Helmut Riemer - Plattdeutsche Geschichten
A series of modern Plattdeutsch stories by Helmut Riemer.

  Wilhelm Wisser
Information about the work of Professor Wilhelm Wisser (1843-1935) from Eutin, who collected and transcribed Low German fairy tales from the region for posterity.

  Elke Wriedt
The homepage of Elke Wriedt from the Niederelbe region, who writes poetry and prose in Low German dialect.


  Niederdeutscher Bühnenbund Niedersachsen und Bremen
The Niederdeutscher Bühnenbund is an association comprising seventeen Lower German theatre companies in Lower Saxony and Bremen. All of these companies view the stage as a key means of promoting the usage of Low German in their region.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Ahrensburg - Stormaner Speeldeel
The Low German theatre in Ahrensburg was founded in 1935 under the name Stormaner Speeldeel and performs primarily comedies.

  Bliedersdorfer Theatergruppe
Situated between Buxtehude and Stade, the theatre group in Bliedersdorf has performed one or two Plattdeutsch plays since 1966.

  Borsflether Dörpstheater
Founded in 1993, this theatre company holds regular Low German theatre evenings in Borsfleth in Schleswig-Holstein, sometimes supported by a Low German sketch group.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Brake
Founded in 1932 at the instigation of the local writer Carl Braje, the Niederdeutsche Bühne Brake performs three Low German plays per year as well as a fairy-tale in standard German.

  Stadttheater Bremerhaven - Niederdeutsche Bühne "Waterkant"
Since its foundation in 1920, the Low German company "Waterkant" based at the Stadttheater in Bremerhaven has staged 4,200 performances of 270 productions and entertained over half a million theatregoers.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Cuxhaven - "Döser Speeldeel"
From October to April each year, the Low German theatre in Cuxhaven performs three different plays, primarily comedies.

  Freilichtbühne Daverden
Seating 500 spectators, this open air theatre in Verden is the venue for regularly performance of Plattdeutsch plays and comedies.

  Theater-Lüüd ut Debstedt
This theatre company from Debstedt near Bremerhaven consists of thirty non-professional actors aged between 16 and 78 and concentrates on performing new Low German plays in an attempt to keep the language alive.

  Speelkoppel Delfshusen
This theatre group in Delfshausen in Ammerland has performed Plattdeutsch theatre for over sixty years.

  De Ebendörper Immenschworm
Each Easter, this theatre group based in Ebendorf in the Harburg region performs a (mainly three act) play in Plattdeutsch in an attempt to preserve the Low German dialect of the area.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Flensburg
The Low German theatre in Flensburg stages at least seven Plattdeutsch productions per year.

  Plattdütsche Bühne Gettorf-Lindau
This theatre company performs three-act plays in Gettorf and in Revensdorf in the municipality of Lindau in Schlwesig-Holstein.

  Heikendörper Speeldeel
This amateur dramatics group affiliated to the Volkshochschule Heikendorf performs Low German comedies in spring and autumn as well as a fairy tale in standard German every other Christmas.

  Laienspielühne Hetlingen
A non-professional theatre in Hetlingen that performs ow German three-act plays as well as sketches and musical offerings.

  Hooger Speeldeel
The Hooger Speeldeel has been staging Low German plays and comedies since 1914.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Kiel
The Low German theatre in Kiel stages a variety of Plattdeutsch and standard German productions each year.

  De Laboer Lachmöwen
Based in Laboe, the amateur thespians De Laboer Lachmöwen present Low German for residents of Kiel and visitors alike.

  De Melsdörper
De Melsdörper seek to entertain the inhabitants of Melsdorf in Schlweswig-Holstein with Low German theatre.

  Naher Speelstuv
Situated in Nahe, which lies between Norderstedt and Bad Segeberg, the Naher Speelstuv performs a Plattdeutsch comedy for adults every year a Plattdeutsch story for children every other year.

  Neerstedter Bühne
The homepage of a theatre company based in the village of Neerstedt near the national park of Wildeshauser Geest. The company performs mainly Plattdeutsch plays, but also standard German plays and cabarets.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Neumünster
The Niederdeutsche Bühne Neumünster stages six or seven productions each year and attracts over 22,000 visitors per season.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Nordenham “De Plattdüütschen”
Founded in 1983, the Low German theatre company in Nordenham stages two productions per year (in spring and autumn) and also performs a fairy-tale over the Christmas period.

  August-Hinrichs-Büühne am Oldenburgischen Staatstheater
The homepage of the Low German theatre in Oldenburg that is named after the dialect writer August Hinrichs, who lived in Oldenburg until his death in 1956.

  Oldesloer Bühne
The Oldesloer Bühne, established in Bad Oldesloe in 1966, stages three productions each year in Low German and standard German.

  Osdörper Speeldeel
A theatre company located in Osdörp in Schleswig-Holstein that performs a three-act play in Low German every Easter.

  Niederdeutsches Theater Osterholz-Scharmbeck – Scharmbecker Speeldeel e.V.
The Low German theatre in Osterholz-Scharmbeck stages four productions per year as well as a Christmas fairy tale.

  Pinneberger Bühnen
Two of the four performances staged each year by this theatre company in Pinneberg are in Low German dialect. Their repertoire ranges from comedies to musicals.

  Plöner Speeldeel
Situated in Plön, the Plöner Speeldeel aims to support the continued existence of Low German and of amateur dramatics in the region.

  Rantzauer Tüddl-Büddls
Since 1992, the theatre group performs one-act and three-act plays as well as sketches in the Barmstedt area.

  Theaterverein Rellingen
Performing in and around Pinneberg, the Theaterverein Rellingen performs Low German comedies, whodunnits and musicals as well as a standard German fairy-tale at Christmas.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Rendsburg
Staging four productions between September and April each year, the Niederdeutsche Bühne Rendsburg has 65 active members and entertains 13-14,000 spectators per season.

  Schleswiger Speeldeel
This theatre company located in Schleswig has grown to 70 members since its foundation in 1961.

  Theater Seedorf
In March and April each spring, the Plattdeutsch theatre company in Seedorf performs a Low German comedy.

  Speeldeel ut de Masch e.V., Seestermüh
Performing in Seester and Seestermühe, the Speeldeel ut de Masch aims to promote Low German theatre in the region.

  Freilichtspiele Stöckse
The open-air theatre in Stöckse in Nienburg hosts regular Plattdeutsch comedies and children's theatre productions.

  Plattdüütsche Bühn' Tangstedt
Founded in 1977, the Plattdüütsche Bühn' in Tangstedt in Schleswig-Holstein performs exclusively Low German plays. theatre company in Nordenham stages two productions per year (in spring and autumn) and also performs a fairy-tale over the Christmas period.

  Plattdeutsche Laienspielgruppe "De Tönner Sötholtsnöter"
This amateur dramatics society is based in Tönning in Eiderstedt and has performed a Low German play almost every year since 1989e company in Nordenham stages two productions per year (in spring and autumn) and also performs a fairy-tale over the Christmas period.

  Waldenauer Speeldeel
Each spring and autumn, this theatre group based in Waldenau, a district of Pinneberg, performs Plattdeutsch comedies.


Based in Bremerhaven, the self-styled Muskanten vun de Waterkant have been performing exclusively Plattdeutsch songs for almost thirty years.

  Charmonia  Includes sound files!
The a cappella group Charmonia sing Plattdeutsch songs ranging from gospel to Schubert.

  Danzvolk  Includes sound files!
This group from Mölln in Schleswig-Holstein play both traditional and modern folk music, sung in both Plattdeutsch and standard German.

  De Drangdüwels  Includes sound files!
This Plattdeutsch folk-rock band from the heart of Holstein were founded in 1999.

  Fief op Platt  Includes sound files!
The musical family Behrmann comprise Fief op Platt, a Plattdeutsch folk group from Lohe-Rickelshof in Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein.

  Gnadenlos Platt  Includes sound files!
The homepage of a Platt-Rock band. Contains texts and MP3 sound files.

  Godewind  Includes sound files!
Godewind from Schleswig-Holstein have been producing Plattdeutsch music and records since 1979.

  Grünschnabel - Burghardt Wegner
The children's entertainer Burghardt Wegner also produces Plattdeutsch music for children, young people and adults.

  Fiede Kay
Fiede Kay is a singer from Schleswig-Holstein who not only sings songs but also brews good beer.

  Knut Kiesewetter
North Friesian and Plattdeutsch songs from the singer and trombonist Knut Kiesewetter, whose predilection is for blues and swing.

  Leederkroom  Includes sound files!
Situated in Buxtehude and the Hamburg area, the dialect group Leederkroom have recorded CDs and appeared on regional television.

Named after a group of pirates, the Liekedeler from Heidgraben/Uetersen play and record traditional music from the region.

  Rolf Lindhorst
Part of the repertoire of the Wilster entertainer Rolf Lindhorst includes performing folk and blues music in Plattdeutsch.

Lorbass from the very north of Germany play new Plattdeutsch songs that are sometimes witty and humorous and sometimes more reflective.

  Rainer Martens
The homepage of Rainer Martens, a singer-songwriter from Garding in Schleswig-Holstein.

  Gauklergruppe Planlos  Includes sound files!
Planlos consist of two travelling musical entertainers accompanied by two juggling percussionists. They combine Low German elements with music from other countries such as Brasil and South Africa.

  Peter und Herbert
This duo from the island of Sylt perform Irish and Low German folk music.

The homepage of the Plattdeutsch music group Plattland, a singer-songwriter from Garding in Schleswig-Holstein.

  Folkgruppe Rohrstock  Includes sound files!
The folk group Rohrstock from Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein sing both Plattdeutsch and standard German songs. Their website contains sound files.

  Schmelztiegel  Includes sound files!
Schmelztiegel were founded in the North German town of Kiel in 1974. They are a wholly acoustic band perfoming on traditional instruments such as mandolin, button accordion, and acoustic guitars, fiddle, double bass, hurdy-gurdy, Club Jordon Cocktail set and various percussion instruments. Some of the songs sung by the group, though contemporary, are sung in "Plattdeutsch", the local regional dialect. The songs tell of everyday events in a funny and often ironic way.

Formed in 1979, Speellüüd perform traditional songs from North German folklore to Irish music and their own compositions.

Spielmannswucht from Rixdorf in Schlwesig-Holstein can either perform concerts or as minstrels accompanying formal meals.

  Wilfried Staake
A performer for many years, Wilfried Staake has been writing Plattdeutsch songs since 1994 and has been a guest on radio and televsion programmes.

Producing Plattdeutsch music that is halfway between rock and folk, Sumpfrocksänger have appeared on televsion and recorded a number of CDs.

Gerhard Breier and Claudia Piehl from Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein perform Plattdeutsch versions of bossa nova, samba and jazz classics.

  Timmerhorst  Includes sound files!
The homepage of Timmerhorst, a five-piece Low German dialect group from Haffkrug in Schleswig-Holstein.

  Timsen un Lui  Includes sound files!
The brothers Klaus Hinrichsen and Timm Hinrichsen are a Plattdeutsch musical duo from Schleswig whose repertoire comprises a mixture of evergreens and modern songs.

  Windmoel  Includes sound files!
The folklore group Windmoel from Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein sings Plattdeutsch songs ranging from evergreens to maritime music.

Founded in 1995, Windspeel are three Plattdeutsch musicians from Angeln on the Baltic coast in the north of Schleswig-Holstein.

Andere Seiten

  Büsum 1950 - Ole Postkart'n
A collection of postcards from the North Sea coastal resort of Büsum are accompanied by explanatory texts written in the local Plattdeutsch.

  Wi schnackt Platt
A series of articles in North Low Saxon by Hinrich Gerken and Gerhard Junge.

  Holsteener Platt, min Mudderspråk
The homepage of Uwe Tychsen is written in the Holstein dialect of the Lübeck region.

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