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  Mundarten und Mundartgrenzen in der Rhön
An article about the dialect spoken in the Rhön area by Professor Gottfried Rehm. The Rhön dialects are influenced by Rheinfränkisch (Hessisch), Ostfränkisch and Thüringisch.

  Der Dialekt von Rhön, Fulda und Vogelsberg  Includes sound files!
Information from Christoph Käppeler about the dialects found along the language boundary of the Rhön.

  "Bie, bann, bos, bo, boröm?" Die Mundart der Rhön  Includes sound files!
A second site from Christoph Käppeler containing material about the Rhön dialects.

  Rhöner Platt - Wikipedia
An introduction to Rhöner Platt from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Tonarchiv osthessischer Mundarten (ToM)  Includes sound files!
A sound archive based in Fulda aimed at chronicling the dialects spoken in the east of Hesse by using the 40 sentences of Georg Wenker. These sound files can be heard online in MP3 format.

  Schwatze mir platt? Der osthessische Dialekt als Forschungsgegenstand  Includes sound files!
This article by Julia-Maria Weber on the analysis of East Hessian dialects can be downloaded from the ToM website in a ZIP file which also contains dialect sounds samples.

  Das sprachliche Gedächtnis einer Region
How the work of the Tonarchiv osthessischer Mundarten in preserving documents of East Hessian dialects began with Rhöner Platt.

  Der raue Dialekt der Rhöner  Includes sound files!
As part of their series on the dialects spoken in Bavaria, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on the dialect spoken in the Rhön region. Their report contains audio files of the local dialect.

  Rhöner Platt - Schimpf und Schande  Includes sound files!
A list of swear words and phrases in Rhöner Platt dialect. They can also be listened to online in a variety of audio file formats.

  Rhöner Mundart - Forum
A forum written in and about Rhöner Platt.
A homepage written entirely in Rhöner Platt.

  Familie Storch us Kerchhoasel
The website of the Storch family is written completely in Rhouml;ner Platt.


  Burkardrother Platt - "O Schmeäzz lass nach und komm nichd wiider!"  Includes sound files!
Phrases for illness and the Burkardroth variant of Rhöner Platt. They can also be listened to online in a variety of audio file formats.

  Burkardrother Platt - An der "Albes Häg"  Includes sound files!
This passage on the Albes Häg has a Rhöner Platt version and a standard version. It can also be listened to online in a variety of audio file formats.

  Burkardrother Platt - Rund um den Marktplatz von Burkardroth (ca. 1950)  Includes sound files!
This passage on the market square in Burkardroth has a Rhöner Platt version and a standard version. It can also be listened to online in a variety of audio file formats.

  Fuldaer Platt - Wörterbuch
A bilingual Fuldaer-German dictionary which forms part of a Fulda dialect database.

  Fuldaer Platt - Grammatik
An introduction to the grammar of the dialect spoken in Fulda.

  Fuldaer Platt - Sprüche und Lieder
This collection of phrases and songs in Fulda dialect also contains standard German translations.

Literatur (Literature)

  ToM - Gedichte und Geschichten  Includes sound files!
The Tonarchiv osthessischer Mundarten has gathered together a collection of stories and poems from the region which can be heard in MP3 format.

  Gustav Damann
Poems written by the Fulda writer Gottfried Rehm under his pseudonym Gustav Damann.

  Chr. Ludwig Wucke - Mundartdichter aus Bad Salzungen
This page about Chr. Ludwig Wucke also contains two of his dialect poems.

Musik (Music)

  Rhönerlieder This homepage for everything to do with songs and music from the Rhön region contains an ever-expanding number of song lyrics.

  Die Grasmücken The Grasmücken combine Rhöner Platt with violin, banjo, mandoline and guitar sounds to create their own brand of folk, country and blues.

  Rhöner Bluat  Includes sound files!
A band that combines Rhön dialect, humour and the Bavarian/Franconian tradition of enjoying yourself.

  Die Rhöner Säuwäntzt  Includes sound files!
Blues rock from the Rhön. Contains sound files.

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Weiter!See also: Hessisch

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