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  Stichting IJsselakademie
The Stichting IJsselakademie was established in 1977 in Kampen and provides a centre for studying language and culture of the IJssel-Vecht Delta, northwest Overijssel, north-east Polder and Urks.

  Woordenboek van de Gelderse Dialecten
Information about the dictionary of the Geldersch dialects that is produced by the Nijmeegse Centrale voor Dialect- en Naamkunde (NCDN) in Nijmegen.

  Dialectkrink Urk  Includes sound files!
This comprehensive webpage on the Urks dialect has information on the nature and status of dialect, with sound files indicating how the dialect should be pronounced. It also has a number of dialect texts to be read and studied.


  Van Deinse Instituut
The Van Deinse Institute is an organisation promoting the study and documentation of culture, language, archaeology, history, art, nature and landscape in Twente.

  de Twentse taal - Van Deinse Instituut
A series of article on the Twents dialects from the Van Deinse Instituut.

  Vuurziede Tweants / Neersassies plat
This very thorough overview of the Twents dialect from Goaitsen van der Vliet has a number of texts and links.

  Dialexicon Twents - Twents woordenboek
A Twents-Dutch dictionary with over 27,000 entries compiled by Goaitsen van der Vliet.

  Asterix den Galliër - Twents
Extracts from an Asterix the Gaul story translated into Twents. There is also a useful wordlist of Twents vocabulary used in the story.

  Dialexicon Twents - Twents woordenboek
A Twents-Dutch dictionary with over 27,000 entries compiled by Goaitsen van der Vliet.

  Et duymke - Tweants
Twente Low Saxon is spoken in the Twente region in the eastern part of the Netherlands. This short story has been translated into Twente Low Saxon by Henry Pijffers.

  Bijbel in Twents
Information about a project to translate the Bible into Twents dialect.


  Veluws - Wikipedia
Veluws is a Low Saxon dialect from the Dutch province of Gelderland.

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