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  Stichting Stellingwarver Schrieversronte
The Frisian language is spoken in the greater part of the province, but in the south-east people have a different native tongue; similar to the regional languages of Drenthe, Groningen, Overijssel and Gelderland, which as a whole, are recognised as Low Saxon (‘Nedersaksisch’), under part two of the European charter for regional and minor languages. Since 1972, the Foundation Stellingwarver Schrieversronte has focused its activities on the inhabitants of the boroughs East and West-Stellingwarf, where Stellingwarfs has become a minor language. Their website also has information in English.

  Stellingwarfs - Mercator Project
An overview in English of the history and status of Stellingwerven Low Saxon from the Mercator Project for minority languages.

  Stellingwerfs Eigen
A project in July 2004 set up by Piet Bult van Ni’jberkoop and Frank de Vries van Blesdieke with the aim of establishing a Stellingwerfs bible.

  De Stellingwarver Biebel
An online bible in the Stellingwerfs dialect developed by the association Stellingwerfs Eigen (see above).

  Taal in stad en land - Stellingwerfs
A brief introduction to the language spoken in the south-east Friesland with a wordlist and relevant links.

  Stellingwarfs Woordeboek
Information about the four-part dictionary of the dialect of Stellenwerf, whose originator is Dr. Henk Bloemhoff.

  Stellingwarver Woordeliesten
A bilingual Stellingwarfs-Dutch dictionary with over 25,000 entries.

  Online Woordeboek Stellingwarfs-Nederlaans
An online Stellingwarfs-Dutch dictionary with over 5,000 entries.

  Honderd Mooie Stellingwarver Woorden
A list of a hundred Stellingwerfs lexical items from the Stichting Stellingwarver Schrieversronte.

  Geschiedenis van de Stellingwerven en de Kop van Overijssel
A website devoted to the history of Stellingwerven.

  Heemkundeonderwijs in Oost- en West-Stellingwerf
Information about local culture and language in East and West-Stellingwarf.

  Literetuur - Stichting Stellingwarver Schrieversronte
Information about literature that has been written in the Stellingwarfs dialect from the Stichting Stellingwarver Schrieversronte.

  Johan Veenstra
The homepage of the Stellingwarfs author Johan Veenstra.

  Et doempien - Stellingwerven Low Saxon  Includes sound files!
Stellingwerven Low Saxon is one of the varieties of the Low Saxon language, spoken in the south western part of the Dutch province of Friesland. It is one of the dialect groups with Frisian substrates (like Low Saxon of Groningen and Eastern Friesland). Translated and narrated by Johan Veenstra, this short story can also be listened to as an mp3 file.

Weiter!See also: Niedersächsisch (Niederlande)

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