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  Schwabissimo - Peter-Michael Mangold
Peter-Michael Mangold's excellent site on Schwäbisch also contains a Swabian dictionary and a language course.

  Elkes Schwabenseiten - Schwäbisch für Deutsche  Includes sound files!
Elke Rank's guide to Schwäbisch for non-Swabians includes a Swabian dictionary, a dictionary with sounds, a dictionary for children and a large number of links.

  Schwäbisch - Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas  Includes sound files!
As part of its dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has provided a series of articles on the dialects spoken in the Swabian dialect area.

  Schwäbisch  Includes sound files!
An introduction to Schwäbisch with a number of sound files.

  Schwäbische Dialekte
An overview of the dialects spoken in the Swabian dialect area from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Swabian into English
A brief English-language introduction to the Swabian dialect from Thomas Kemmer.

  Südwestdeutscher Sprachatlas
A dialect atlas for the south-west of Germany compiled by the University of Freiburg.

  Sprachatlas von Bayerisch-Schwaben
A 13-volume dictionary chronicling the dialects of Bayerisch-Schwaben.

A newsletter about all things Schwäbisch. Contains articles in both Schwäbisch and Standard German. Previous copies of the newsletter are available on the site in PDF format.

A website that aims to connect all webpages dealing with Swabian culture and language.

A meeting place hosted by Josef Ramsperger where people can read and talk Schwäbisch.

An informative site about Schwaben written in Schwäbisch.

  Des glaubsch net!
A webpage written in Swabian dialect for Swabians and newcomers.

  The Revolutionary Argumentative Pattern in Puristic Discourse: The Swabian dialect in the debate about the standardization of German in the eighteenth century.
This article by Joachim Scharloth examines Swabian opposition to the standardization of the German language as this gathered pace in the 18th Century.

  Die Schwaben und ihre Welt
An introduction to Swabian life and culture with a myriad of useful links.

Wörterbücher und Vokabeln
(Dictionaries and Vocabulary)

  Schwäbisch/Deutsch - Peter Mangold
Peter Mangold's bilingual Swabian-German dictionary.

  Dictionairle - das interaktive Schwäbisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch
An extensive bilingual Swabian-German dictionary hosted by

  Schwäbisches Lexikon
An online Swabian dictionary compiled by Ulrich Böckle.

  Das Schwaben Bräu Dictionärle
A dictionary of Swabian from the Schwaben Bräu brewery. For Swabians and non-Swabians alike.

  Schwäbisches Wörterbuch - Mundart-Lexikon  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Swabian dialect with sound files to help you pronounce them from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

An online German-Swabian translator from Karl-Friedrich Böhringer.

  Der Schwabulator - Der zweifelsfrei wichtigste Übersetzsungsservice des WWW
Type a URL into the box and watch the webpage get translated into Swabian.

  Der UNiMUT Schwobifying Proxy
Type in a German text - or a URL - into this translator from Heidelberg University and watch it be translated into (not strictly accurate!) Swabian.

  Vokabel-Download: Schwäbisch - Alltag
Download a vocabulary list of everyday Swabian vocabulary in ZIP file format!

  Vokabel-Download: Schwäbisch - Lebensweisheiten
Download a vocabulary list of Swabian words of wisdom in ZIP file format!

  Vokabel-Download: Schwäbisch - Schimpfwörter
Download a vocabulary list of Swabian swear words in ZIP file format!

  Schmutzige Wörter - Ein Wörterbuch Deutsch-Schwäbisch
A German-Swabian dictionary of dirty words.

  Schwäbisch gschimpft
Learn how to curse in Swabian!

Schwabentests (Test your Swabian)

Try to identify sixty items of Swabian vocabulary in Oliver Deufel's dialect quiz.

  Schwobaseite - Quiz
Complete Josef Ramsperger's dialect quiz on Schwaben and its language!

Vereine und Institutionen
(Associations and Institutions)

  Förderverein Schwäbischer Dialekt
Founded in 2001, the association Förderverein Schwäbischer Dialekt e.V. seeks to support the usage of the Swabian dialect and facilitate research into it.

  Haus der Mundart / Mundartgesellschaft Württemberg
Established in 1978 in Reutlingen, the Mundartgesellschaft Württemberg promotes local dialect and regional culture in Baden-Württemberg and beyond.


  Dialekte in Bayern - Schwaben  Includes sound files!
The educational broadcaster BR-Alpha introduces the dialects spoken in the Schwaben region of Bavaria. Contains sound files.

  Kostproben aus Schwaben - BR-Alpha
A selection of vocabulary from the Schwaben region of Bavaria from the educational broadcaster BR-Alpha.

An introduction to the Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Übergangsdialekt from Kurt Laitenberger.

  Im Königswinkel sagt keiner "Kini"  Includes sound files!
As part of their series on the dialects spoken in Bavaria, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on the East Swabian dialect spoken in the region in and around Füssen and Neuschwanstein. The report contains audio files of the local dialects.

  Urbach - Der Dialekt unseres Heimatortes
Jochen Müller's Wissenschaftliche Hausarbeit zur Ersten Staatsprüfung concerns itself with the Mittelschwäbisch dialect of Urbach (Rems-Murr-Kreis).

Literatur und Texte
(Literature and Texts)

  schwäbische e.V.
The homepage of a collection of authors, musicians, singers and academics whose common aim is the preservation of Schwäbisch.

  Schwäbisch - Uni Marburg
A collection of Schwäbisch texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  So sem'mer Leut'! / Schwôbaleut'!
Black Forest poetry written by Otto Gittinger in the dialect of the Oberes Murgtal.

  Schwäbisch gschwätzt
Bernhard Kaufmann's collection of poems and "andere Dummheiten" in Schwäbisch dialect.

  Sebastian Sailer - Projekt Gutenberg
A number of texts by the 18th Century Swabian writer Sebastian Sailer have been placed online by the Projekt Gutenberg.

  Sebastian Sailer - Wikipedia
An introductuion to the 18th Century Swabian writer Sebastian Sailer from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Thaddäus Troll
Information about the Swabian writer Thaddäus Troll, the pseudonym of Dr. Hans Bayer (1914-1980).

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Weiter!See also: Allgäu

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