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  The German language in education in Alsace, France
A 51-page dossier on the status of German in education in Alsace published by Mercator Education.

  Cours d'Alsacien
An online course in Alsatian dialect including a guide to pronunication, vocabulary and grammar. Primarily aimed at French speakers.

  Wörterbuch Elsässisch - Deutsch
An online course in Alsatian dialect including a guide to pronunication, vocabulary and grammar. Primarily aimed at French speakers.

  Geschichte der Regionalgeschichte des Elsaß
A historical analysis of Elsässisch and its development.

  Elsässische Sprache - Wikipedia
An introduction to the dialects spoken in the Alsace region from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  German in Alsace-Lorraine (Deutsch-Elsass)
An introduction to Elsässerditsch, the dialect variant of German that is spoken is Alsace.

  Le dialecte Alsacien
A French-language introduction to the Alsace dialect.

  German in France
General information on the German language community in France and the use of the language in various spheres of French society such as education, the law, the media and public authorities.

  The Linguistic Situation in Alsace
A guide to the linguistic situation in Alsace. The site also has some pages in English.

  Bilinguisme Alsace
Information in French about the bilingual situation in Alsace.

A site devoted to the Alsatian linguistic patrimony.

A guide to Alsace-Lorraine as a region that also contains some sections on the language.

  Elsaß - Webschnüffler
An article from the FAZ on how Professor Raymond Matzen and his team are attempting to translate 50,000 terms into Alsace dialect for Microsoft Office - and in order to help prevent the dialect from dying out.

  Elsàssischi Ortsnàmme
How to pronounce place names in the Alsace dialects.

  Wörterbuch der elsässischen Mundarten
This two-volume dictionary of the Alsace dialects was first published in 1899.

  Learning English through Alsatian German
A dictionary and reference guide for Alsatian students of English and for Americans or other English speaking people interested in learning Alsatian German.

Institutionen (Institutions)

  Office pour la Langue et la Culture d'Alsace (OLCA)
The Alsatian department concerning itself with linguistic and cultural matters.

  René Schickele Gesellschaft
Founded in 1968, this society aims to promote bilingual culture in Alsace.

  ABCM Zweisprachigkeit
This organisation supports the teaching of Standard German in schools in Alsace with pedagogical activities conducted in dialect.

  Comité fédéral des associations pour la langue et la culture régionales d'Alsace et de Moselle
The homepage of the committee of associations devoted to the langue and culture of the Alsace and Moselle regions.

  Gau un griis
Gau un griis is a society founded in Bouzonville in 1986 with the aim of gaining full acceptance of Franconian (Moselle Franconian, Rhine Franconian and Luxembourgish) as a language within Francepromoting Lothringer Platt in Lorraine. Their website contains

  Verain fer's Cültürälla Ärbgüat vum Elsáss
A site written in dialect devoted to Alsatian culture.

  AJFE (Alsace-Junge fers Elsassische)
Young people speak out in favour of the Alsatian dialect.

Medien (Media)

  Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace
Bilingual news reports from an Alsatian newspaper.

Another newspaper in Alsace also provides news headlines in German.

Literatur und Musik
(Literature and music)

  Mundartdichtung aus Elsaß und Lothringen - De Guckkaschde
An introduction to the language and also to literature written in the dialect.

  Die Bosener Gruppe  Includes sound files!
The Bosener Gruppe is a group of writers from Alsace and Lorraine who produce texts in Moselle Franconian and Rhine Franconian dialects. Their website contains poems that can be both read and listened to.

A workshop for German-language literature and photography from Alsace.

  André Weckmann
An introduction to the Alsace poet André Weckmann whose works deal with the tragedy of the Alsace dialect and identity.

  Üss'm Liederbrunne - D'Kollection mit de elsassische Liedermacher
This website hosted by the association D'r Lieberbrunne contains detailed information about CDs recorded by nearly all of Alsace's singer-songerwriters and also discographies of the works of some musicians from Baden. Its aim is not only to present the works of current Alsatian songwriters, but also to create opportunities for up-and-coming performers.

  Conte en dialecte alémano-francique (Vallée de la Zorn, Moselle)
This tale from the Zorn valley shows the influence of Alsatian, and these borrowings have been indicated in blue.

Weiter!See also: Alemannisch

Weiter!See also: Lothringen (Lorraine)

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