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  Sprache in Hessen
This project from the University of Marburg explains the various subdivisions of Hessisch and gives information about publications on Hessisch.

  Hessisch - Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas  Includes sound files!
As part of its dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has provided a series of articles on the dialects spoken in the Hessian dialect area.

  Hessische Dialekte - Hessischer Rundfunk
The regional public broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk provides an overview of the dialects spoken in its broadcast region.

  Bembelsänger, Dibbegugger, Ossenköppe. Dialekt und regionale Identität in Hessen.
The transcript of a programme on dialect and regional identity in Hessen broadcast by Hessischer Rundfunk in September 2004 can be downloaded from this website.

  Ei horsche se mal! Von der unvergleichlichen Sprachmelodie des Hessischen
An article from Deutschlandradio Kultur on the sounds and prestige of Hessisch.

  Leber - Die Hessenwerkstatt
Jürgen Leber's guide to the Hesse region and its dialect contains an extensive online dictionary as well as information about Asterix in Hessisch.

  Der Rheinische Fächer - Hessisch  Includes sound files!
This excellent selection of maps, texts and sound files allows you to listen to the sounds made in the Hessisch dialect family and places them within the context of the Rhenish fan.

  Hessischer Dialekt - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Hessian dialect area from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Verlag M. Naumann
The publishing house Verlag M. Naumann, based in Nidderau in the Main-Kinzig district, specialises in the publication of dialect literature.

The homepage of the comedy duo Badesalz, whose jokes are performed in Hessian dialect.

Wörterbucher (Dictionaries)

  Hessisch lernen - Wörterbuch aus Hessen  Includes sound files!
The broadcaster Deutsche Welle provides some key expressions in Hessisch for you to learn and hear.

  Hessisch-English dictionary
This is the ultimate Hessisch-English Dictionary for all English-speaking people intend to make a business trip to Frankfurt and get lost somewhere between the airport and Sachsenhausen.

  Hessisch für Anfänger
An introduction to Hessisch - not only for beginners!

  Hessisch für Anfänger (2)
Christian Leistner's guide to the vocabulary used in Hessisch.

  Hessisch für Anfänger (3)
Yet more Hessisch words and phrases compiled by Kai Lauer.

  Vokabel-Download: Hessisch - Alltag
Download a vocabulary list of everyday Hessisch vocabulary from Langenscheidt's vocabulary trainer site.

  Hessisch im Berufsleben
Hessian phrases that you might - or might not! - use at work to get across your point of view.

  Hessisch - Michael Treber
A list of some of the words spoken in Hessian dialect compiled by Michael Treber.

  Französische Wörter im Hessisch
A list of French words that have entered the lexis of Hessian.

Übersetzungmaschinen (Online Translators)

Type in a URL, and watch Babbelfisch turn the webpage into Hessisch! - Ein Deutsch-Hessisch Übersetzer
Steffen Jakob's online service that translates your German into Hessisch.

Sprachtests (Language Tests)

A Powerpoint dialect test for everyone who lives in Hesse and for people who would like to.

  Sprachtest: Hessisch
Try and translate a list of words from Hessisch into Standard German.


  Ärste Kasseläner Hompädsch
A homepage about the Kassel dialect in the north of Hesse.

  Lexikon: Kasselänisch
An expanding online dictionary of words and phrases used in Kassel.

  Reinhören - Dinner for One à la Kasselänerisch  Includes sound files!
Jens Nähler has transcribed the famous Christmas TV sketch Dinner for One into Kassel dialect and invites you to record your own dialect version.

  Karl Garff - Die Kasseler Schnute
Information about the Kassel cabaret artist Karl Garff, who performs with a strong North Hessian accent.

  Laenscheld schwaetzt platt
Helmut Daube's detailed website provides an excellent overview of the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation of the dialect spoken in and around Schenklengsfeld in the north of Hesse. The website also includes an updated version of the Wenker sentences.


  Tonarchiv osthessischer Mundarten (ToM)  Includes sound files!
A sound archive based in Fulda aimed at chronicling the dialects spoken in the east of Hesse by using the 40 sentences of Georg Wenker. These sounds files can be heard online in MP3 format.

  Schwatze mir platt? Der osthessische Dialekt als Forschungsgegenstand  Includes sound files!
This article by Julia-Maria Weber on the analysis of East Hessian dialects can be downloaded from the ToM website in a ZIP file which also contains dialect sounds samples.

  Das sprachliche Gedächtnis einer Region
How the work of the Tonarchiv osthessischer Mundarten in preserving documents of East Hessian dialects began with Rhöner Platt.

  Fuldaer Platt - Wörterbuch
A bilingual Fuldaer-German dictionary which forms part of a Fulda dialect database.

  Fuldaer Platt - Grammatik
An introduction to the grammar of the dialect spoken in Fulda.

  Fuldaer Platt - Sprüche und Lieder
This collection of phrases and songs in Fulda dialect also contains standard German translations.


  Verein zur Erhaltung der mittelhessischen Mundart und Kultur e.V. (VEMuK)
Based in Solms, VEMuK was established to promote the usage of Mittelhessisch dialects in language, literature, theatre and song.

  Mittelhessische Dialekte - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Mittelhessisch dialect region from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Zentralhessisch - Uni Marburg
A collection of Zentralhessisch texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

The homepage of the now disbanded group Fäägmeel from Krofdorf.

  Marlit Hoffmann - Aktuelle Mundartbücher
Information about the texts on Central Hessian dialects written by Marlit Hoffmann.

  Eann Gedicht vom Hinn eann Els (Holzhausen)
A poem written in Central Hessian dialect from Holzhausen (Hinterwald).

  KORK  Includes sound files!
The homepage of KORK, a dialect band from Ruttershausen just north of Gießen, contains downloadable mp3 files of their music.

  Langenbach - Platt Lexikon
An online lexicon of phrases from Langenbach, which is near Limburg in the Taunus region of Hesse.

  ois Platt
Words and phrases from the Hättenberger Land (Wetzlar / Gießen).

  Wäller Platt
An introduction to the dialect of the eastern Westerwald on the border between Moselfränkisch and Hessisch.

  Kurt Werner Sänger - Highmatt
The homepage of the central Hessian author Kurt Werner Sänger.


  Südhessisches Wörterbuch
The homepage of the South Hessian dictionary at the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen.

  Hessisch für Nichthessen
This list of South Hessian vocabulary compiled by Heinrich Tischner of Bensheim also includes a guide to pronunciation and vowel and consonant sounds.

  Südhessisch for Beginners
A brief dictionary of Südhessisch phrases for English-speakers.

  Südhessisch - Uni Marburg
A collection of Südhessisch texts collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  Bibliser Wortspezialitäten
A vocabulary list of words spoken in the Biblis area compiled by Hans Dieter Kunz.

  Hessische Spielgemeinschaft Darmstadt
Since its formation in 1925, the Hessische Spielgemeinschaft has devoted itself to the performance of Darmstadt dialect theatre.

  Dörnigheimer Dialekt  Includes sound files!
An excellent website created by Andreas Steul that explains the dialect spoken in the town of Dörnigheim near Frankfurt. Contains numerous sound files.

  Kleines Wörterbuch der Haaner Mundart
A dictionary of words and phrases from Dreieichenhain, 15km south of Frankfurt am Main.

  Frankforderisch: A Quick Guide to the Language of Frankfurt
Carsten Keil's excellent and amusing introduction to the Frankfurt dialect (and Hessisch in general) provides an outline discussion of key language patterns, such as vocabulary, phonology, morphology and syntax. In English and in PDF format.

  Frankfurter Mundart - eine kurze Einführung
This introduction to the dialect spoken in Frankfurt contains a number of links to dialect-related sites.

  Frankfurter Mundart-Sprachführer
An extensive index of the vocabulary that you can hear in Frankfurt from the website

  FraDiReP - The Frankfurt Dialect Research Programme
The Frankfurt Dialect Research Programme (FraDiReP), run by Carsten Keil, is a privately funded research project on the language, or dialect, spoken, once and today, in the area around Frankfurt (Main), Germany. The Frankfurt dialect, or Frankorderisch, is a flavour of the mid German Hessian dialect Hessisch. Research is ongoing and updates will be posted to the FraDiReP webpage as they become available. FraDiReP publishes articles in both English and German.

  Freunde Frankfurts / Verein zur Pflege der Frankfurter Tradition e.V.
The Freunde Frankfurts aim to preserve local culture and tradition in Frankfurt, and place a strong influence on promoting the usage of Frankfurt dialect. Their website contains a number of texts written by dialect authors.

  Mundart Gebabbel  Includes sound files!
Various homages to the Ebbelwoi drink delivered in Frankfurt dialect. Contains sound files.

  Apfelweinlied: Die Fraa Rauscher aus de Klappergass
The text of a Frankfurt dialect drinking song about a certain Frau Rauscher. It was written in 1929 by Kurt Eugen Strouhs.

  Bodo Bach
The website of Bodo Bach, a comic figure invented by Robert Treutel from Frankfurt am Main.

  Rezi Babbel
The homepage of a Frankfurt theatre that specialises in dialect recitations.

  Friedrich Stoltze
Information about the dialect author Friedrich Stoltze, who was born in Frankfurt in 1816. The site contains the text of one of his dialect poems in praise of Frankfurt, wie kann nor e Mensch net von Frankfort sei.

  Volkstheater Frankfurt
The Volkstheater Frankfurt stages a wide range of productions, including dialect works by Malß and Stoltze or the Darmstadt writer E.E. Niebergall.

  Rainer Weisbecker
The homepage of the Frankfurt dialect poet and singer-songwriter Rainer Weisbecker contains information about his latest publications and performances.

  Gertrud Gilbert
With a particular interest in the women associated with Goethe and Weimar classicism, Gertrud Gilbert has recorded a number of radio programmes for Hessischer Rundfunk in both dialect and standard German.

  Hanau: Bewerbung als Hausmeister
An application for a job as a caretaker written from the perspective of a Hessian dialect speaker from Hanau, which is 25km east of Frankfurt am Main.

  Heppenheimer Dialekt-Wörterbuch  Includes sound files!
Extracts from the CD Hepprumer Mundart- Südhessisch fär Oufenger have been placed online in MP3 format, allowing you to click on individual words of the South Hessian dialect spoken in Heppenheim and listen to them being spoken by a native speaker.

  Selbolder Sprachschule - Langenselbold
The Selbolder Sprachschule are a group dedicated to preserving and expanding the usage of Hessian dialect as it is spoken in Langenselbold to the east of Frankfurt am Main. Their website contains a number of authentic dialect texts.

  Günter Henrich
Günter Henrich is a cartoonist from Seligenstadt in the district of Offenbach. His drawings often contain speech bubbles written in Hessian dialect.

  Auf's Maul geschaut: Mainzer Dialekt
An excellent twelve-part series of articles on the dialect spoken in Mainz written by Dr. Manfred von Roesgen and published in the Allgemeine Zeitung.

  Mainzer Mundart
A thorough and informative site created by the author Heide-Marie Vonderheit about the dialect spoken in Mainz.

An introduction to the dialect spoken in Mainz from Michael Treber.

A list of phrases about Rheinhessisch wine in the local dialect.

  Die Rodauschiffer
Die Rodauschiffer come from Orwisch (Rödermark-Urberach), and perform dialect music and songs from the fifties and sixties. Their website contains a number of their Hessian dialect lyrics.

  Rodgau Monotones  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the rock band Rodgau Monotones, who were formed in Rodgau in 1977. The band's songs are interspersed with expressions taken from South Hessian dialect.

  Ronneburger Mundartseiten
This overview of the dialect spoken in Ronneburg also contains collections of dialect texts by Helmut Schäfer and Reiner Erdt.

  Hotel Zur Krone - uff hessisch
An introduction to the Hotel zur Krone in Ronneburg in Hessisch dialect.

  Saure Gummern
The homepage of the dialect band Saure Gummern, who play their own brand of Ried blues.

  Martin Schneider
Martin Schneider is a comedian, cabaret artist and actor from Bad Homburg who performs in a Hessian dialect.

"Blues un Gebabbel" is promised by this dialect band, whose website informs you about their latest performances and recordings.

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