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  Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas - Pfälzisch  Includes sound files!
As part of its online dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has produced a series of articles on the dialects spoken in the Pfalz. Some of them, such as its introduction to Die pälzisch Schbrooch, can be downloaded as MP3 files.

  Pfälzer Mundart - Uffgschnappt un dohie gebabbelt
An information page about the Pfälzer dialect containing a dictionary, poems and extracts from Romeo and Juliet in Pfälzisch.

  Die Pfälzische Grammatik
An instructive overview of the peculiarites of Pfälzisch grammar.

  Pfälzisch für Anfänger
A beginners' guide to Pfälzisch from

  Der Rheinische Fächer - Pfälzisch  Includes sound files!
This excellent selection of maps, texts and sound files allows you to listen to the sounds made in the Pfälzisch dialect family and places them within the context of the Rhenish fan.

  Pfälzische Dialekte - Wikipedia
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia presents an introduction to the dialects spoken in the Pfalz, explaining grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.

  Der französische Einfluss auf das Pfälzische
How has the French language influenced Pfälzisch?

  Ortsnamen der Pfalz  Includes sound files!
How are place names spoken by their inhabitants? Contains sound files.

  Über die Pfälzer und ihre Sprache
A brief introduction by Karlheinz Fürst into the language spoken in the Pfalz.

  Pfälzer Mundart für Pfälzer in aller Welt
A guide to the dialect spoken in the Pfalz for locals and for those who have left the area.

  Mundart - Georg Seiler
The homepage of Georg Seiler offers an insight into aspects of the Pfälzer dialect.

  Sticheleien und Pfälzer Humor
Wit and humour in the Pfälzisch dialect.

  Pfälzische Mundart
A guide to the books that have been published on Pfälzisch by Rudolf Post.

  Der Pfälzer Mundart Webring
The webring of homepages devoted to Pfälzisch.

Wörterbucher (Dictionaries)

  Pfälzisches Wörterbuch
The online version of the six-volume Pfälzisches Wörterbuch allows you to look up any number of dialect terms and expressions.

  Das Pfälzische Wörterbuch im World Wide Web  Includes sound files!
A "speaking dictionary" that allows you to listen to individual words and phrases as they are spoken in individual regions.

  Uffgeschnappt un dohie gebabbelt: Pfälzischer Wortschatz  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Pfälzisch dialect region with sound files to help you pronounce them from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

  Pfalzwörterbuch für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
A dictionary of words and phrases from the Pfalz.

Medien (Media)

A regular online newsletter written in Pfälzisch but with some Standard German pages for the "outsiders".


  Altriper Wörterbuch
A dictionary containing the vocabulary spoken in Altrip.

  Der Dialekt von Altrip und seine Stellung innerhalb des Pfälzischen
This article by Rudolf Post explains Altrip's position within the Rheinfränkisch dialect area.

  Bännjer Wörterbuch
A dictionary of the type of Pfälzisch vocabulary spoken in Bann.

  Die Mundart von Gabsheim
Rudolf Post offers an overview of the dialect spoken in Gabsheim, a small village near Wörrstadt, which is between Alzey and Mainz.

  Hunsrücker Platt
Familiar to television and film audiences worldwide due to Edgar Reitz's Heimat series, Hunsrücker Platt is divided between Rheinfränkisch and Moselfränkisch dialects.

The dialect spoken in the Odenwald, a mountain chain in southern Hesse, northern Bavaria and northern Baden-Württemberg, is a Pfälzisch dialect which is also influenced by Südhessisch.

  Der Odenwälder Dialekt  Includes sound files!
Two sound files of phrases spoken in the Odenwald dialect.

  Materialien zur Mundart von Pirmasens
Christina Fries provides background information about the dialect spoken in Pirmasens in Rheinland-Pfalz.

  Rülzheim: Mundartgedicht
A dialect poem about eating pizza from Rülzheim in the Germersheim district of Rheinland-Pfalz.

Literatur (Literature)

  Verlag PfalzMundArt
A publishing house that distributes texts about (or written in) Pfälzisch and Pennsylvania German.

  Pfälzer Mundartdichter
An introduction to authors writing in Pfälzisch dialect.

  Pfälzer Mundartdichter - Wikipedia
An alphabetical list of Pfälzisch dialect authors from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Johannes Dexheimer
The poet Johannes Dexheimer has published a number of books in Pfälzisch-Rheinhessisch dialect.

  Babbelschnut - Waltraut Meißner
"Pfälzer Mundart vom Feinsten" is offered by Waltraut Meißner, a poet from Bad Dürkheim.

  Paul Münch
Information about the Pfälzisch dialect poet Paul Münch, who was born in Ruchheim in 1879.

  Arno Reinfrank
Details of the life and work of the Pfälzisch poet Arno Reinfrank, who died in London in 2001.

  Norbert Schneider
The homepage of Norbert Schneider who writes stories and poems in Pfälzer dialect.

  E Bissel Pälzer Gebabbel
A number of texts written in Pfälzisch dialect by Walter Rupp.

Mundartwettbewerbe (Dialect Competitions)

  Mundartdichterwettstreit - Bockenheimer Mundarttage 2005
The town of Bockenheim hosts a dialect festival and a writing competition for dialect authors.

  Mundartwettbewerb Dannstadter Höhe
Information about the dialect competition held annually in Dannstadter Höhe which includes separate categories for prose and poetry.

  Sickinger Mundartdichter-Wettstreit
Information about the dialect competition held in Wallhalben in the midst of the Sickinger Höhe.

Theater (Theatre)

  Prinzregenten Theater Ludwigshafen
The Prinzregenten Theater in Ludwigshafen has seen the curtain rise and fall over 6,000 times on its dialect performances.

Musik (Music)

Songs in Pfälzisch dialect and in standard German transcribed by Karl O. Peschke.

  Bands in der Pfalz
Portraits and contact information for all manner of musicians performing in the Pfalz.

  Kä Thäma!  Includes sound files!
Texts and sounds from a Pfälzisch rock band. Contains downloadable MP3 sound files.

  Latwerch-Bänd  Includes sound files!
The Latwerch-Bänd from Kaiserslautern have been making Pfalz dialect music for over fifteen years. Their website contains MP3 files of some of their songs.

  Der Odenwälder Shanty Chor  Includes sound files!
Der Odenwälder Shanty Chor perform songs in Ourewellerisch (Odenwälderisch), the dialect of their native Odenwald. Their website allows you to listen to MP3 files of their music and provides a lexicon of Odenwälderisch.

Weiter!See also: Rheinfränkisch

Weiter!See also: Pennsylvania German

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