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  Frisian-English Online Dictionary
This online dictionary can be used to translate texts from Frisian into English.

  Frisian-Dutch Online Dictionary
This online dictionary can be used to translate texts from Frisian into Dutch.

  Frisian Children's Dictionary
A dictionary for children in which basic vocabulary can be translated from Frisian into a number of other languages.

  Vokabeltrainer - Friesisch
A list of 3,167 lexical items commonly used in West Friesian and their German equivalents.

  Minderheiten in Europa - Die Friesen in den Niederlanden
An analysis of the status of the Frisians in the Netherlands that concentrates heavily upon the status of their language.

  Frisian language map
A map indicating the different West Frisian dialects spoken in the Netherlands.
A digital introduction to Friesland and the language spoken there.

  Kulturkaart fan Fryslân
A map of West Friesland as a cultural region.

  West Frisian spelling
An introduction to the orthography of West Frisian.

  Das Friesische Vokalsystem
This website explains the vowel system used in West Frisian.

  Omrop Fryslân   Includes sound files!
Omrop Fryslân broadcasts in the Frisian language, as it is spoken in the Netherlands. Omrop Fryslân broadcasts 12 hours of radio and one hour of television every day. The station employs over a hundred people and is located in Ljouwert, the Frisian capital.

  De Kattefretter
Geertruida van Assen's homepage has a host of information for Frisian-speakers.

Vereine und Verbände (Associations)

  Fryske Akademy
The Fryske Akademy is the scientific research and educational centre for Frysl&acicrc;n and its people, its language and its culture in the broadest sense of the terms.

The homepage of the Friesian education institution and commission that is repsonsible for West Friesian.

  Koninklijk Fries Genootschap voor Geschiedenis en Cultuur
The Frisian Society for History and Culture was founded in 1827. Its aim is to enhance the interest in the history and culture of Friesland and to support research in that field. Among other activities it publishes two periodicals: De Vrije Fries, a yearbook, and Fryslân, a quarterly.

  Tydskrift Fryslân
The quarterly magazine Fryslân is published by the Frisian Society for History and Culture. Some articles have been placed online on its website.

  Frysk Ynternasjonaal Kontakt
Frysk Ynternasjonaal Kontakt is a youth association which aims to make Frisian youngsters aware of their own language and culture. International contacts are a prominent means to reach this goal. By meeting other young people who are from small language communities as well, you can discover the surplus value of your own language and culture. Apart from the international activities, the members can also take part in many organized events in Fryslân itself.

  Ried fan de Fryske Beweging
Homepage of an organisation devoted to Frisian culture.

  Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - Over Friese Taal en Cultuur
Study Frisian language and culture at the University of Groningen.

Literatur (Literatur)

  Friese Pers Boekerij
The publishers Friese Pers Boekerij produce books primarily for readers in Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen.

  Utjouwerij Frysk en Frij
The Frysk en Frij publishing house publishes classical novels and poetry and also newer works.

  Utjouwerij Venus
The homepage of the book publishers Venus.

  Farsk - Literêr Ynternet Tydskrift
Farsk is an online Frisian literary magazine.

  Hjir - Frysk literêr tydskrift
The homepage of Hjir, a Frisian literary periodical.

  Joop Boomsma
The homepage of the Frisian writer Joop Boomsma.

  Pier Boorsma
The Frisian poet Pier Boorsma was born in Snits in 1944 and has also written on literature for the Friesch Dagblad.

  Tsead Bruinja
Born in Rinsumageest in 1974, the Duch poet Tsead Bruinja lives and works in Amsterdam. He writes poetry, reviews of poetry and has organized several literary events such as the open-air poetry festival "Dichters in de Prinsentuin" ("Poets in the Prince's garden"). He writes in Dutch and Frisian and has published his work in a number of literary magazines. For a period of two years he was a member of the editorial board of the Frisian magazine Hjir.

  Gurbe de Boer
A selection of poetry and prose from the writer Gurbe de Boer.

  Anne Feddema
The homepage of the Frisian poet and painter Anne Feddema.

  Sytse Jansma / Sito Wijngaarden
The shared website introducing the works of the writers Sytse Jansma and Sito Wijngaarden.

  Albertina Soepboer
Born in Holwerd, the Frisian writer Albertina Soepboer has penned both poetry and prose.

  Abe de Vries
The homepage of the poet Abe de Vries contains a biography and a number of his poems.

  Cornelis van der Wal  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the poet Cornelis van der Wal is mainly written in Frisian and contains a selection of his poems with some sound files and English translations. - Fries
A collection of love poems written in the Frisian dialect.

  Westerlauwer Frisian - It winterkeninkje  Includes sound files!
This short story, narrated by Harmen Houtman and Henno Brandsma and translated by Randy Elzinga and Pyt Kramer, shows the standard Frisian of the Netherlands province of Friesland (Fryslân). Contains mp3 sound files.

Musik (Music)

  Streektaalmuziek in Friesland
Information about West Frisian dialect music and the people who write and perform it.

  Meindert Talma  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the musician and writer Meindert Talma.

  It Fryske Volksliet  Includes sound files!
The (West) Frisian national anthem. Contains sound files.

  Folkslieten  Includes sound files!
The (West) Frisian national anthem and other Frisian texts.

  Stille nacht, hillige nacht
"Silent night" translated into Frisian.


  Urban Frisian - Lowlands-L
Urban Frisian refers to the group of hybrid languages that developed in the larger cities of Friesland. Although the languages of cities such as Leeuwarden (Ljouwert), Harlingen (Harns), Sneek (Snits) and Bolsward (Boalsert) are identifiably different, each is a mix of Frisian lexicon, pronunciation and grammar with that of Dutch.

  Henk van der Veer
The homepage of the Urban Frisian poet Henk van der Veer.

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