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  Geschichte der niederländischen Sprache
This extremely thorough history of the Dutch language from past to present is also available in an English version.

  Taal in Nederland - Language in the Netherlands
Mathieu van Woerkom's impressive website on the languages used in the Netherlands has English, Danish, Dutch, Frisian and Limburgish versions.

  Dutch language maps
An excellent selection of maps indicating the different languages and dialects spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium and the north of Germany.

  De Nederlandse Taalunie
The Dutch Language Union: three countries united by one language. The Dutch language is spoken in the Netherlands, Belgian Flanders and Surinam. These three areas have been working together on linguistic issues, language policy, language teaching and literature for many years. In 1980, the cooperation between the Netherlands and Flanders was confirmed by founding the Taalunie. Surinam has been an associate member of the Taalunie since 2004. Three countries, each with its own history, but with a shared interest: a language that can be used effectively by as many of their inhabitants as possible, both within and outside their language areas.

  Meertens Instituut
The Meertens Institute, established in 1926, has been a research institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, KNAW) since 1952. It studies the diversity in language and culture in the Netherlands, with a focus on the structural, dialectological and sociolinguistic study of language variation within Dutch in the Netherlands, and an emphasis on grammatical and onomastic variation.

  De Nederlandse taalkunde in honderd artikelen
A digital archive of one hundred articles on the Dutch language.

  Niederländische Sprache - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Dutch language from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. This introduction is also available in an English version.

  Ist Holländisch ein Dialekt?
An article from 1963 that examines German attitudes towards the Dutch language.

  Onze Taal
Onze Taal is an association for anyone interested in the Dutch language. It publishes a magazine of the same name that deals with language-related matters.

Taalpost is a free e-mail newsletter that appears three times a week and that offers information about developments relating to the Dutch language.

  Marc van Oostendorp
The homepage of the linguist Marc van Oostendorp of the Meertens Institute offers a vast amount of information on the Dutch language and its dialects in both Dutch and English.

Grammatik / Grammar

  Dutch Online Grammar Course
Rather than giving a complicated linguistical account, this course aims to give you a clear but complete explanation of the structure of the Dutch language.

  Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst (ANS)
The electronic version of the general Dutch Grammar is now online.

  Verbix - Conjugate Dutch Verbs
An online guide to how to conjugate Dutch verbs.

Sprachkurse / Language Courses

  Learn Dutch
The Learn Dutch website is a resource for Distance Learners who like to excercise their mind with a difficult-to-learn language. This online Dutch language course is used in 111 countries.

  Learning the Dutch language - Wikipedia  Includes sound files!
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia offers a beginners' course in the Dutch language for English speakers. Early lessons emphasize conversational subjects and gradually introduce Dutch grammatical concepts and rules. Sound files accompany appropriate parts of each lesson.

  Dutch for Beginners
Learn Dutch grammar and vocabulary with this website that also enables you to read simple texts.

  Dutch for Travelers
Useful information about the Dutch language, including a pronunciation guide, useful phrases, and a comprehensive grammar guide.

  Dutch / Flemish / Netherlandic - Language Directory
A comprehensive list of online language courses, dictionaries and media for Dutch students and anyone interested in the language.

  Dutch Course - Languages Made Clear
A five-part Dutch course for absolute beginners, followed by Part II that is aimed at post-beginners.

  Dutch - Germanic Language of 18 million
Jennifer Wagner provides a thorough overview of the vocabulary and structures of Dutch.

  Introduction to the Dutch language
A Dutch course in twelve lessons by Ruud Rietvink.
Learn Dutch with this easy to follow online course that includes grammar and pronunciation guides and a number of exercises.

  NT2 Examen NL - Online Course  Includes sound files!
Learn Dutch online, NT2 examen: from here you can find some useful materials for learning Dutch language and staatsexamen NT2, Dutch online courses, Dutch grammar, Dutch story, Nederlandse muziek.

  Welkom - Niederländischkurs für Anfänger  Includes sound files!
An online Dutch course for German-speakers.

  Acht voor Taal
An interactive online Dutch course.

  Online Nederlands leren - Learn Dutch Online
Another interactive online Dutch course.

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

An interactive online Dutch dictionary.

  Van Dale
The homepage of the Dutch dictionary.

  Online Nederlands Woordenboek
A searchable online Dutch dictionary.

  Dutch/English Dictionary - Webster's Online Dictionary
An extensive online Dutch-English dictionary provided by Webster's Online Dictionary.

  Dutch/English Dictionary - Majstro Aplikajoj
This online Dutch-English dictionary has both simple and advanced versions.

  Dutch/English Dictionary - LookWayUp
A bilingual Dutch-English dictionary that can correct your spelling if necessary.

  All free Dutch dictionaries
A guide to the bilingual Dutch dictionaries that can be accessed free of charge on the web.

Andere Seiten (Other pages)

  SAMPA for Dutch
SAMPA (Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet) is a machine-readable phonetic alphabet. Here is the SAMPA phonetic alphabet for the Dutch vowels and consonants.

  An Englishman's Difficulties with the Dutch
Steven Pemberton explains the difficulties experienced by English-speakers with the Dutch language.

  Dutch Sample Texts - Lowlands-L
Three sample Dutch texts representing the language in 1130 A.D., 1400 and in modern times.

  Standard Dutch - Het winterkoninkje  Includes sound files!
This popular story has been translated into Standard Dutch by Henk Wolf and narrated on a mp3 file by Barbara Nooijen-Roerdinkholder.


Polder Dutch is a variant of Dutch speech that differs from standard Dutch because the diphtongs /ei/, /ui/ and /ou/au/ are pronounced with a wider mouth opening. Polder Dutch is not a Dutch dialect, nor has it emerged from one. Its speakers intend to speak standard Dutch, but their diphthongs do not conform to the norm, even though the speakers are not aware of this. Taking into account the fact that the current speakers are middle-aged (educated) women, Polder Dutch must have started in the 1970's. It has been a result of women's emancipation.

  Poldernederlands - HetTorentje
An interview with Frank Jansen in the Utrecht university magazine HetTorentje about Polder Dutch.

  Blaaif baai maai
An interview with the dialectologist Jan Stroop in the magazine De Groene Amsterdammer about the phenomenon of Poldernederlands.

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