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  Einführung ins Nordfriesische (Mooringer Mundart)
This introduction to North Friesian has 47 lessons and includes a grammatical overview. It was written by Dr. Henk Wolf with support from Dr. Eric Hoekstra.

  "Gud dai" - Friesisch-Kurs für Anfänger
Andrea Hölscher's thorough online North Friesian course offers grammar, vocabulary, stories, recipes and an explanation of the relationship between Friesisch and Platt.

  The North Frisian Language in education in Germany
A 28-page dossier on the status of North Frisian in education in Germany published by Mercator Education.

  Nordfriisk Instituut
The Nordfriisk Instituut is the central scientific institution in North Frisia for the preservation and promotion of and research on the Frisian language, culture and history. It is the central meeting point for all those who are interested in North Frisian topics and to whom Frisian interests are of greater importance.

  Zeitschrift Nordfriesland
The magazine Nordfriesland is published by the Nordfriisk Instituut and contains articles in both North Friesian and standard German.

  Friisk Portaal
The Friisk Portaal aims to become the first port of call for all matters pertaining to North Friesian on the web.

  Friesisch bei NDR 1 Welle Nord
An introduction to the North Friesian dialects spoken in Schleswig-Holstein and how they fit into the Friesian family of dialects from the radio station NDR 1 Welle Nord. There is also information on the programmes broadcast by the station in North Friesian dialect.

  Friesisch lernen mit Heimatdichtern  Includes sound files!
Learn about the grammar and vocabulary of the North Friesian dialects by studying and listening to the works of Albrecht Johannsen of Niebüll and Lorenz Conrad Peters of Fering on the island of Föhl. Contains a number of sound files.

  Friesisch für alle - Archiv  Includes sound files!
'Friesisch für alle', the programme broadcast by NDR 1 Welle Nord in North Friesian dialect, has been archived and can be listened to and read by accessing this webpage.

  Das Föhrer Friesisch - Fering
Information about the dialect of North Frisian that is spoken on the Isle of Föhr (Feer).

  Nordfriesisch - Fering
Frisian can be divided into a number of dialect groups, including a number of continental and insular North Frisian varieties on the coast of Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein. This translation by Antje Arfsten is in the North Frisian variety of Germany’s Isle of Föhr (Feer).

  Die friesischen Sprachen (Nordfriesisch und Saterfriesisch)
An explanation of the status of North Frisian and Saterfriesisch as minority languages within Germany.

  Frisian and Low German
An overview in English of each of the Frisian variants of Low German.

  Friesisch - Sprachkurse
Information about which language courses in North Friesian are currently running in the area.

  Friiske Böke
An extensive bibliography of books written in North Frisian.

  Friisk Foriining
Founded by the name of "Friesisch-Schleswiger Verein" in the year 1923, the Friisk Foriining (Frisian Society) has always considered Frisian language and culture as independent and therefore on equal basis with the other languages and cultural groups within the German-Danish border area. The society's main objective is to maintain and to develop the Frisian language and the Frisian identity.

  Minorities in Europe - The North Frisians
This introduction to the status of the North Frisians in Schlsewig-Holstein concentrates heavily on the status of the language spoken in the region.

  Ferring Stiftung
A foundation whose purpose is to support and uphold the Frisian language and culture, the support of Frisian and maritime history.

  Universität Flensburg - Friesisches Seminar
Information about Friesian studies at Flensburg University in Schlsewig-Holstein.

  Knut Kiesewetter
North Friesian and Plattdeutsch songs from the singer and trombonist Knut Kiesewetter, whose predilection is for blues and swing.

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