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  Ostniederdeutsch - Wikipedia
A brief introduction to the eastern Low German dialects from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Wikpedia - Oostnedderdüütsch
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has its own version written in Low Saxon for its dialect readers.

  A Few Words About Low Saxon (Low German)
An English-language introduction to the language spoken in the northern parts of Germany and in the eastern parts of the Netherlands by Reinhard F. Hahn.

  Bausteine des Niedersächsischen - Building Blocks of Low Saxon
An introduction to the grammar of Low German in both English and German written by Reinhard F. Hahn.

  Niedersächsisch (Niederdeutsch, Plattdeutsch)
This thorough introduction to the Low Saxon dialects from Lowlands-L is also available in an English version.

  Niedersächsische Sprache - Wikipedia
An introduction to the subdivisions of the Low Saxon dialects grammar of Low German from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

Lowlands-L is dedicated to discussion, exchange and dissemination of information about those Germanic languages that developed in the "Lowlands": the low-lying areas adjacent to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. These are primarily Dutch, Zeelandic (Zeeuws, West Flemish), Frisian, Limburgish and Low Saxon (Low German).

  The Low German dialects
An introduction to Niederdeutsch from Potsdam University.

  The Low German Language
An overview in English of each of the different Low German dialects.

  Map of the Low German dialects
A useful map showing the areas in which the individual Low German dialects are spoken.

  Radio Bremen: Online Plattdeutsch Course  Includes sound files!
Radio Bremen's online Platt course has no less than twenty chapters and offers numerous sound files to help you practise your language.

  Plattdeutsch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the basic elements of Plattdeutsch from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

Gebhard Kraft's excellent website devoted to the Plattdeutsch dialect contains a dictionary and a grammar.

  Deutsch-Plattdeutsch  Includes sound files!
Wolfgang Biegemann's online German-Plattdeutsch dictionary encourages new entries from its readers. His website also has a number of Plattdeutsch texts, jokes and tongue-twisters as well as a sound files of the numbers 1-20 being recited in Plattdeutsch.

  Wörterbuch Deutsch-Plattdeutsch
A bilingual dictionary for translating into Plattdeutsch and out again.

  Plattdeutsches Wörterbuch
A dictionary of words and phrases compiled by the viewers of the TV talkshow Talk op Platt.

  Vokabel-Download: Plattdeutsch - Alltag
Download a vocabulary list of everyday Plattdeutsch vocabulary in ZIP file format!

  Glossar des Plattdeutschen (1854)
Karl Müllenhoff's Plattdeutsch glossary from 1854 has been placed online in simplified form by the Projekt Gutenberg.

  Kleiner Plattdeutscher Vokabeltrainer
Test yourself on your knowledge of Plattdeutsch vocabulary with this short online exercise.

  Bi mi to Huus op Platt  Includes sound files!
Carsten Schmidtke's homepage gives a comprehensive introduction to Plattdeutsch and allows you listen to and learn key words and phrases.

  Platt Partu
Information on computers, politics, religion, art, nature and science in Plattdeutsch. Includes a dictionary of Plattdeutsch computer vocabulary

  Dat Plattdüütsche Computer-Lexikon
A dictionary of Plattdeutsch computer vocabulary from Platt Partu.

  NDR: Talk op Platt
The homepage of the NDR Plattdeutsch TV talkshow Talk op Platt.

  Verein für niederdeutsche Sprachforschung
The association for research into the Low German language is based in Bielefeld and analyses all aspects of the Low German dialects.

  Die zehn Gebote (mal anders)
The Ten Commandments in Plattdeutsch.

Plattnet enables you to get in touch with a wide range of Plattdeutsch websites.

  Platt Online
Helge Pahl has compiled a collection of links of everything to do with Plattdeutsch.

  Plattdeutsch Webring
A webring of homepages devoted to Plattdeutsch.

  Quickborn - Vereinigung für niederdeutsche Sprache und Literatur
The aim of the Quickborn foundation based in Hamburg is to support the usage of Low German language and literature in all its many forms.

  Bundesrat für Niederdeutsch
A committee whose task is to further the usage of Low German dialects.

  Dat Plattschapp
The Plattschapp is an online store for everything to do with Platdeutsch culture - from books and films to CDs and toys.

  Plattdütsch Webring
Another webring devoted to Plattdeutsch websites.

  Plat(t) online
A network of Low Saxon (Low German) websites.

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