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  Radio Bremen: Online Plattdeutsch Course  Includes sound files!
Radio Bremen's online Platt course has no less than twenty chapters and offers numerous sound files to help you practise your language.

  Radio Bremen: Plattdeutsches  Includes sound files!
News, weather and cultural items for the Plattdeutsch community from Radio Bremen. Listen to the news each day up Platt! (Real Player required.)

  Radio Bremen: Plattdeutsche Nachrichten  Includes sound files!
News for the Plattdeutsch community from Radio Bremen: Bremen Eins. Read the text and listen to the broadcast! (Real Player required.)

  Plattdüütsch-Njus: Die plattdeutschen Nachrichten für die Nation
An article from Deutschlandradio Kultur on the news programmes broadcast in dialect by Radio Bremen.

Missingsch is the mixture of Low German and Standard German spoken in and around Hamburg and Bremen.

  Bremer Missingsch - Der Zaunkönig
A text in a Bremen version of Missingsch translated by Utz H. Woltmann.

  Institut für niederdeutsche Sprache e.V. (INS)
The Institute for Low German in Bremen offers an introduction to the language and culture of the area.

The press agency of the Institut für niederdeutsche Sprache e.V. issues regular bulletins as to the current state of the dialect in the north of Germany.

  Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Plattdüütsch in de Kark" Niedersachsen/Bremen
This association aims to promote the usage of Plattdeutsch in the church in Niedersachsen and Bremen.

  Magdalene Ehlers
The site about the Bremen writer Magdalene Ehlers contains downloadable extracts from her Plattdeutsch books.

  Birgit Lemmermann
The homepage of Unterstedt author Birgit Lemmermann is devoted to her creation, Emil, a bear that features in her books for children.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Bremen-Lesum
Since its foundation in 1934, the Low German theatre company in Bremen-Lesum has managed well over a thousand performances of dialect plays.

Weiter!See also: Niedersächsisch

Weiter!See also: Nordniedersächsisch

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