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  Staring Instituut
The Staring Instituut in Doetinchem is the centre for research into the dialect of Achterhoeks as well as local culture and folklore.

  Achterhoeks - Wikipedia NL
Information about the Low Saxon dialect of Achterhoeks in Gelderland from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Achterhoeks dialect en religie
Information about how Achterhoeks dialects have made inroads into religious affairs in the region.

More detailed information about psalms, prayers and other religious texts in the Achterhoeks dialects.

  D'n Droadnaegel - Vetelsels in ut Achterhoeks  Includes sound files!
An introduction to the Achterhoeks dialect and culture with a number of texts and sound files.

  Achterhoek Low Saxon - Et Nettelkönninksken  Includes sound files!
Achterhook (Achterhoek) Low Saxon is spoken in the Dutch province of Gelderland’s Achterhoek area (west of Appeldoorn, Arnhem and Nijmegen, and south of Deventer). Translated by Johanna Geertruida Roerdinkholder-Hesselink and Ingmar Roerdinkholder (who also narrated it), this short story can also be listened to as an mp3 file.

  Liemers (Pannerden) - 't Winterkoninkske
This story has been translated into the Liemers dialect by Geert Roelofs of Pannerden in Gelderland.

  Boh Foi Toch
The website of Boh Foi Toch, a group who have made music with Low Saxon texts since their formation in 1989.

  Jovink en de Voederbietels
The homepage of an Achterhoeks rock band who have been in existence since 1992.

  Kas Bendjen
Kas Bendjen were formed in 1993 and make music in all styles with Achterhoeks dialect texts.

  Jan Ottink en de Hemel
The homepage of Jan Ottink and his band offers information and downloads for his fans.

Weiter!See also: Niedersächsisch (Niederlande)

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