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  Bilingualism in North-East France with specific reference to Rhenish Franconian spoken by Moselle Cross-border (or frontier) workers
According to European Union figures, it is estimated that almost 40 million citizens of the Union speak not only the official language of their country but also a regional or minority language that has been passed on from generation to generation. This is the case for the Rhenish Franconian speakers in the Moselle département of the Lorraine between Forbach and Bitche in France. Their native tongue and associated cultural heritage are subject to the pressures associated with minority language speakers for their dialect is not currently recognised as a separate ‘langue régionale’ by the French government. This paper on their situation was given by Stephanie Hughes of the University of Antwerp in 2003.

Platt, or Fränkisch, is the regional language of the North Eastern part of Lorraine (France).

  Wörterbuch der deutsch-lothringischen Mundarten
This one-volume dictionary of the Lorraine dialects was first published in 1909.

  Le Platt en Moselle aujourd'hui
Thierry Koltes explains the nature and status of the Platt spoken in the Lorraine region.

  Wikipedia - Lothringisch (Fränkisch)
A guide to the Franconian dialects spoken in Lorraine from Wikipedia.

  Wikipedia - Déi fräi Enzyklopedie
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia now contains a number of articles written in Lothringer Platt.

  German in France
General information on the German language community in France and the use of the language in various spheres of French society such as education, the law, the media and public authorities.

A guide to Alsace-Lorraine as a region that also contains some sections on the language.

  La Lorraine Francique
A site devoted to the culture and language of la Lorraine francique.

This site explains the dividing line between Lothringer Platt and the French patois spoken in Lorraine.

  Recettes et expressions
Recipes and expressions written both in 'Platt' and in French.

  Platt Hettangeois
Some Platt words and phrases spoken in and around Hettange.

Institutionen (Institutions) - A lánd, a Spráách
This is a website whose creators are concerned with protecting and expanding the usage of the German language and culture in Lorraine. It contains a forum where discussions are held in Platt.

  Gau un griis
Gau un griis is a society founded in Bouzonville in 1986 with the aim of gaining full acceptance of Franconian (Moselle Franconian, Rhine Franconian and Luxembourgish) as a language within Francepromoting Lothringer Platt in Lorraine. Their website contains

  ABCM Zweisprachigkeit
This organisation supports the teaching of Standard German in schools in Lorraine with pedagogical activities conducted in dialect.

  Comité fédéral des associations pour la langue et la culture régionales d'Alsace et de Moselle
The homepage of the committee of associations devoted to the langue and culture of the Alsace and Moselle regions.

Literatur und Kultur
(Literature and culture)

  Marcel Adam
The Lorraine dialect troubadour Marcel Adam either plays solo (guitar and ukulele) or with the trio La fine équipe.

  Die Bosener Gruppe  Includes sound files!
The Bosener Gruppe are a group of writers from Alsace, Lorraine and the Saarland who produce texts in Moselle Franconian and Rhine Franconian dialects. Their website contains poems that can be both read and listened to.

A workshop for German-language literature and photography from Lorraine.

  ELSA - Alfred Gulden
The ELSA project aims to provide an electronic archive of the work of the author and film-maker Alfred Gulden, who wrote in both dialect and standard German.

  Edmond Gundermann
The writer Edmond Gundermann from the Bitche area of Lorraine has a particular interest in the orthography and history of the dialect of the Bitscherland (Pays de Bitch)e.

  Utrivia - Ursula Kerber
The homepage of the poet Ursula Kerber displays a number of her poems written in Rodener Platt.

  Karin Klee
The homepage of the dialect poet Karin Klee contains many of her poems.

  Lothringisch zum Anhören  Includes sound files!
Listen to a variety of dialect texts from Lorraine via the Gau un griis website.

Manfred Pohlmann and Jo Nousse produce multilingual music (French, German dialect) and create Lidder iwer d'Grenzen.

  Lucien Schmitthäusler
An extensive bibliography of primary and secondary material relating to the Lothringer Platt writer Lucien Schmitthäusler

Weiter!See also: Elsass (Alsace)

Weiter!See also: Rheinfränkisch

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