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  Ostfriesisches Platt - Holger Weigelt
A thorough introduction to East Friesian platt that includes sections on grammar and phonology, an orthography system and a number of dialect texts.

  Ostfriesisches Platt - Lowlands-L
This thorough introduction to the Low Saxon dialects from Holger Weigelt is also available in an English version.

  Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas - Plattdeutsch in Ostfriesland  Includes sound files!
As part of its online dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has produced a series of articles on the dialects spoken in Ostfriesland. Some of them, such as its introduction to Schnacken in Ostfriesland, can be downloaded as MP3 files.

  Die Tradition des Niederländischen in Ostfriesland
Marron C. Fort explains the complex linguistic history of Ostfriesland and shows why it was often referred to as a 'Dreisprachenland'.

  Ostfriesisches Platt - Wikipedia
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia provides an overview of the history and nature of East Friesian dialect.

  Plattdütsk bi d'Arbeid - Deutschlandradio Kultur
A report from the radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur showing how the usage of Plattdeutsch in Ostfriesland is being promoted by organisations such as Ostfriesische Landschaft (see below).

  Diesel - dat oostfreeske Bladdje
The homepage of the online periodical Diesel which is devoted to the dialect of East Friesland.

  The Ostfriesen Pages
The companion web site for the Ostfriesen email discussion list.

  A Gathering of Platt Folk
A page devoted to the Platt dialect spoken in East Friesland.

  Frisian and Low German
An overview in English of each of the Frisian variants of Low German.

Institutionen (Institutions)

  Ostfriesische Landschaft
The association Ostfriesische Landschaft aims to promote regional culture, history and language.

  Oostfreeske Taal
The homepage of the association Oostfreeske Taal, which is devoted to East Friesian language and culture.

  Plattdütsk bi d'Arbeid - Plattdeutsch im Arbeitsleben
A bilingual site aimed at young people showing how dialect can be used in the workplace in Ostfriesland.

Wörterbucher (Dictionaries)

  Ostfriesland - A bis Z
A collection of East Friesian words and phrases and their meanings.

  Von Kluntjes bis Trekpott: Mundart-Glossar  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Ostfriesisch dialect region with sound files to help you pronounce them from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

  Die Ostfriesische Botschaft - Böskupp van Oostfreesland
The self-styled East Frisian embassy offers a dictionary as well as information about the region and its inhabitants.

Literatur (Literature)

  Erhard Brüchert
Born in 1941 in Pomerania, but brought up in Norden, the author Erhard Brüchert has written a number of Ostfrieisch works since 1978, primarily for theatre.

  Oostfreesk - De Tuunkruper  Includes sound files!
Eastern Friesland Low Saxon is one of the varieties of the Low Saxon language, spoken in the German region Eastern Friesland (Ostfriesland). It is one of the dialect groups with Frisian substrates (like Low Saxon of Stellingwerf and Groningen). This short story, narrated and translated by Holger Weigelt, can be listened to using an mp3 sound file.

Theater (Theatre)

  Arbeitsgemeinschaft ostfriesischer Volkstheater e.V. - ArGe Oostfreeske Volkstheaters e.V.
This association brings together a range of people involved in the production and performance of East Friesian theatre.

  Niederdeutscher Bühnenbund Niedersachsen und Bremen
The Niederdeutscher Bühnenbund is an association comprising seventeen Lower German theatre companies in Lower Saxony and Bremen. All of these companies view the stage as a key means of promoting the usage of Low German in their region.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Aurich
The homepage of the Low German theatre based in Aurich provides information about their current performances and history Niederdeutscher Bühnenbund is an association comprising seventeen Lower German theatre companies in Lower Saxony and Bremen. All of these companies view the stage as a key means of promoting the usage of Low German in their region.

  Friesenbühne Emden
The Frisian company based in Emden performs a range of plays from comedies to more seious works. Their website informs you about present and previous productions.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Jever
Founded in 1921, the Low German theatre company in Varel aims to use the theatre to help maintain the Low German language, culture and traditions.

  Nedderdüütsch Theater Neeborg - Niederdeutsches Theater Neuenburg
This theatre in the idyllic spa town of Neuenburg has been performing Low German theatre since 1932.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Varel
The theatre company in Varel was founded in 1928 and stages a variety of Low German productions.

  Niederdeutsche Bühne Wiesmoor
The homepage of the Low German theatre company located right in the heart of Ostfriesland.

  Theater am Meer - Niederdeutsche Bühne Wilhelmshaven
The Low German theatre company in Wilhelmshaven is a semi-professional troupe that has been staging Plattdeutsch productions for over seventy years.


  De Plattplanet
Heinz Wibben's homepage is devoted to the dialect folk music of East Friesland.

  Herbert Bartmann: Ostfriesisch-plattdeutsche Songs  Includes sound files!
Herbert Bartmann performs East Friesian songs on guitar, bagpipes and tin whistle.

  Jan Cornelius
The musician and teacher Jan Cornelius has been writing and performing Plattdeutsch songs for over 25 years.

Laway have been performing music and songs from East Friesland since 1979.

  Die Loquarder Handörgler
Formed by Waltraut Alberts, this 50-strong group based in the idyllic East Friesian village of Loquard perform local folk songs on the concertina.

Weiter!See also: Niedersächsisch

Weiter!See also: Nordniedersächsisch

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