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  's Simbrisch Platt
Cimbrisch is a Bairisch dialect spoken in parts of southern Italy. This site gives an introdcution to the language and the people who speak it.

  's Simbrisch Platt - Tor zum Land der Zimbern
An overview site on the Cimbrian language and its speakers.

  Grundkurs in klassischem Zimbrisch
An online course in how to speak and write Cimbrian authored by Remigius Geiser.

  Zimbrisch für Touristen - Zimbrisch Gaprècht vor Vrömade
A basic introduction to Cimbrian for tourists written by Remigius Geiser.

  As bi biar -
The Associazione culturale cimbri del cansiglio gives a history of the Cimbrian speech community in Italian.

  Zimbern - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Cimbrian speech community from Wikipedia.

  Cimbrian - Ethnologue
A brief overview of the extent of Cimbrian from the Ethnologue website.

  Il Cimbro - La Lingua di Luserna
This overview of the Cimbrian spoken in Luserna contains two textual examples and a guide to the conventions of writing the language.

  Die Zimbern von Lusérn. Eine deutsche Sprachinsel in Oberitalien
An overview of the Cimbrian as it is spoken in Luserna.

  Sprachinselverein - Luserna
An overview of the Cimbrian spoken in Luserna from a site devoted to language islands.

  Cimbrian - Omniglot
A brief overview of Cimbrian including the alphabet and a short text.

  Sprachen und Sprachinseln im südalpinen Raum - ein Überblick
An examination of the linguistic islands in the southern Alpine region, including Cimbrian.

  Vocabolario Cimbro-Italiano
This bilingual Italian-Cimbrian online dictionary offers useful words and phrases in both languages.

  Cimbrian Dictionary (1855)
Schmeller and Bergmann's 1855 Cimbrian dictionary online in PDF format.

  Dar Kloane Simbrische Catechismo 1813
A small Cimbrian catechism from the year 1813.

  Dar klˇane Catechismo vor z' béloseland vorträghet in z' gaprecht von Síben Kaméün un a viar halghe gasang
A further Cimbrian catechism from the year 1842.

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