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  Niederfränkische Sprache - Wikipedia
A guide to the grammar and sub-divisions of the Niederfränkisch dialects from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Niederfränkisch - Uni Marburg  Includes sound files!
A collection of Niederfränkisch texts and sound files collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  Niederfränkisch - Literaturhinweise
A guide to secondary material on Niederfränkisch dialects.

  Niederrheinische Sprache - Wikipedia
An explanation from Wikipedia as to what is understood by Niederrheinisch, i.e. the regional Low Franconian language varieties spoken along the Lower Rhine in the west of Germany and the adjacent regions in the Netherlands.

  Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas - Niederrheinisch  Includes sound files!
As part of its online dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has produced a series of articles on the range of Niederrheinisch dialects. Some of them, such as the article Niederrheinisch: Mundart, can be downloaded as MP3 files.

  Niederrheinisch: Mundartliches Glossar  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Niederrheinisch dialect region with sound files to help you pronounce them from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

  Wo beginnt Niederländisch?
An article that seeks to locate the relationship of the dialects spoken in Niederrhein to the Dutch language and dialects.

  Redde-n-ìhr-Plàtt? À là découverte des dialectes franciques
Pascal Curin's website offers a thorough examination of the Franconian dialect family as a whole.

  Map by Goossens, highlighting the North-South isoglosses in the dialect landscape of the Netherlands and the North of Belgium
A map showing the isoglosses found either side of the political border between Germany and the Netherlands and which indicates in particular the fact that the Benrather and Uerdinger Lines do not "come to a halt" on the border.

  Eine Niederrheinische Dialekt-Wallfahrt  Includes sound files!
A pilgrimage through the Niederrhein dialect region by the journalist André Moeller was orginally broadcast by Deutschlandradio in 2005. It can be listened to as an MP3 file.

  Platt seriös - wohin geht es mit dem Dialekt?
Is Niederrhein dialect threatened with extinction?


  Kleverländisch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the dialect group of Kleverländisch spoken in Nordrhein-Westfalen and some eastern regions of the Netherlands.

  Duisburger Mundart
A brief introduction to the dialect spoken in Duisburg.

  Plattsatt - Mundart am Niederrhein und anderswo
A website for everything to do with the Kleefs Platt spoken in and around Kleve.

  Cleefs - Mundart des unteren Niederrhein
You can acquaint yourself with the dialects of the lower Niederrhein (Kleve) using this site.

  tösse sess an söwe  Includes sound files!
This is a music programme broadcast in Kleve Platt on Antenne Niederrhein. If you have an MP3 player, you can listen to the most recent programme online!

  Deutsch verdrängt Platt
An article from 1957 in which Friedrich Gorissen analyses the rise of standard German in the Kleve region.

  Schneider Böck auf Kleverländisch
Wilhelm Busch's tale of the trick played on Schneider Böck by Max und Moritz is here related in Kleverländisch dialect.

  Textes en bas-rhénan
Texts from Kleve and Aix-la-Chapelle collated by Pascal Curin.

  Hanns Dieter Hüsch
Information about the life and work of Hanns Dieter Hüsch, a Niederrheinisch cabaret artist who was born in 1925 in Moers.

  Oberhausen-Holtener Platt
An introduction to the dialect spoken in Oberhausen.


An introduction to the Südniederfränkisch dialect family from the website Mundart.Net(z).

  Limburgisch-Bergisch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the southern Niederfränkisch dialects of Limburgisch-Bergisch from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Das Düsseldorfer Rheinisch
A 41-page analysis by Heinrich Spohr of the dialect spoken in Düsseldorf which, though originally Niederfränkisch, also shows the influence of Ripuarisch.

  Mundart.Net(z) - 'ne rheinische Hompäätsch
A website devoted to the languages spoken in the Rheinland area, with particular emphasis on the Düsseldorf area.

  Mundartfreunde Düsseldorf 1969 e.V.
Prompted by Theo Lücker, this association was formed in 1969 by approximately sixty people as a means of promoting the usage of the dialect spoken in Düsseldorf. It now has over 1,100 members.

  Hans-Müller-Schlösser-Akademie: ons Scholl för Düsseldorwer Platt
The Hans-Müller-Schlösser-Akademie was founded as a means of enabling citizens of Düsseldorf to learn about their local dialect.

  Düsseldorfer Platt (1)
An introduction to the dialect spoken in Düsseldorf from the website Düsseldorfer Altstadt.

  Düsseldorfer Platt (2)
An insight into Düsseldorfer Platt plus an anecdote from the website

  Himmel und Ähd
Himmel und Ähd is an association established to further local arts and cultur in around Düsseldorf. It has staged a number of cabarets and theatre performances.

  Alde Düsseldorfer - Bürgergesellschaft von 1920 e.V.
The society Alde Düsseldorfer aims to promote Düsseldorf culture in all its forms, including its language.

  Grupello Verlag - Düsseldorf / Niederrhein
The Grupello Verlag publishing house has published a number of texts on D&usseldorf, many of which, such as texts by Heinrich Spohr, Heinz Jürgens and Theo Lücker.

  Kennste noch dat alde Leed - Heine op Plat
This article from the Düsseldorfer Anzeiger explains how Monika Voss translated the works of Heinrich Heine into Düsseldorfer Platt.

  Dat leewe Düsseldorfer Platt
A dialect poem in praise of Düsseldorfer Platt.

  Dä Radschläger  Includes sound files!
Dä Radschläger are a five-man dialect group from Düsseldorf, many of whose songs can be heard on their website.

  Die drei Köbesse  Includes sound files!
Formed in 1992, Die drei Köbesse have since performed in Düsseldorf at Karneval time, and even in the "befeindetes Ausland" of Cologne. Three of their songs can be heard online as MP3 files.

  Wörterbuch der Gemmenicher Mundart
This is the homepage for the recently published dictionary of the Low Franconian dialect spoken in the area of Gemmenich, a Belgian village situated at the crossing of the German, Belgian, and Dutch borders.

  Krieewelsch - Krefelder Mundart
This excellent site on the dialect spoken in Krefeld contains information about the orthography of the dialect as well as about the Wörterbuch Krieewelsch - Deutsch, Deutsch - Krieewelsch published by the SeidenweberBücherei Krefeld.

  Krieewelsch Wörterbuch online
The online version of the German-Krieewelsch dictionary allows you to search alphabetically in both languages.

  Heimatverein Nieukerk
This society based in Nieukerk aims to help preserve the "Vogteier Mundart" spoken in this region in the Kleve area. As well as performing plays, the society has also put a number of sample texts in the dialect on its website.

  Solijer Berjisch
Bordering on Low Franconian proper, Moselle Franconian and Ripuarian Rhenish, also close to the southwesternmost Westphalian Low Saxon dialect area, is a transitional language area with largely Low Franconian and some Ripuarian features. Belonging to Germany, this area is known as Bergisches Land, with Solingen being its main city. The dialects of this area are rather closely related to the Limburgish language, used in the provinces of Limburg, in Belgium and the Netherlands. This translation by Franz Firla is in the dialect of Solingen.

  Mundart in NRW: Solingen
In 2002, the Westdeutscher Rundfunk travelled to various places in Nordrhein-Westfalen to sample the dialects spoken there. Here they analyse Solinger Platt, and in particular the Hangkgeschmedden, a circle of poets and authors who write in soligen dialect.

  Mundart in NRW: Grundschüler lernen Solinger Platt
As part of their 2002 report, Westdeutscher Rundfunk visits Brunhild Triesch, who teaches school classes in Solinger Platt.

  Jupp Pasch - Mundartliche Lyrik
This poem by the dialect writer Jupp Pasch from St. Hubert/Kempen is followed by the standard German version of the same text.

  Mundart in NRW: Wülfrath
A sample of the dialect spoken in Wülfrath, which is situated between Düsseldorf and Wuppertal.


  Mölmsch Platt  Includes sound files!
Franz Firla's excellent website is devoted to the dialect spoken in Mülheim an der Ruhr. It contains a dictionary with over 3,000 entries, as well as collections of Mölmsch phrases and expressions. There are also stories, poems and songs written in the dialect.

  Mölmsch - Dä Nitelekünich
The dialect of the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr is spoken in the German Ruhr area, near the cities of Essen and Düsseldorf. The dialect of this city is very closely related to the Limburgish language, used (alongside Dutch) in the provinces of Limburg, in Belgium and the Netherlands. This text was translated by Franz Firla.

  Saarn Mölmsch - Dä Tuunköönich  Includes sound files!
This version of the same story was translated into the Saarn variety of Mölmsch and also narrated by Willi Beekes. It can be heard on an mp3 file.

  Mundart in NRW: Oberbergischer Kreis
In 2002, the Westdeutscher Rundfunk travelled to various places in Nordrhein-Westfalen to sample the dialects spoken there. Here they analyse the Oberbergischer Kreis in and around Gummersbach.

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