Deutsche Dialekte - Linkverzeichnis
(German Dialects Link Catalogue - Paul Joyce)

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This website aims to compile the ever-growing number of websites that have sprung up to chronicle the nature, status and development of the dialects of the German language. Please use the navigation panels on the left and right-hand sides of this page to locate linklists for the individual dialects. These have been compiled according to the subdivisions of German dialectology (where possible).

Linklists are also offered for a few related languages and dialects such as Lëtzebuergesch, Yiddish and the dialects of modern Dutch. There is also a collection of links for Sorbian, as this can heard within the boundaries of modern Germany.

Send an e-mail! If you know of dialect links that should be added, corrected or removed, please e-mail Paul Joyce, the compiler of this website.

A dialect map of the German-speaking countries

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