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8.5 Frau Wolf Includes sound files!

Click here to listen to the conversation!In this telephone conversation, Frau Wolf wishes to speak to Professor Roth but she is not in. How does Marko Tredup ask her whether she would like to leave a message? What other information does he ask her for?

Listen to their conversation by clicking here or on the sound icon at the top of this paragraph.

Marko Tredup    Telephone    Frau Wolf

Marko Tredup Professor Roth's office, Tredup speaking.
Frau Wolf Could I speak to Professor Roth please?
Marko Tredup Professor Roth is not in the building at the moment. Who's speaking?
Frau Wolf Ms. Wolf, from the Grünschnabel company in Leipzig.
Marko Tredup Would you like to leave a message?
Frau Wolf Yes please. It's about an appointment for next week. Could she ring me back as soon as possible?
Marko Tredup That's fine, Ms. Wolf. What's your telephone number?
Frau Wolf We've got a new number now, it's 251307.
Marko Tredup 251307 - and what is the dialling code for Leipzig?
Frau Wolf Leipzig's dialling code is 0341.
Marko Tredup 0341. And do you have a fax number?
Frau Wolf The fax number is 251321.

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