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In this chapter you will learn:

  • how to give the date in German
  • how to arrange to meet someone
  • how to navigate your way around a German department store
  • how to say whether you like something or not
  • how to say what you enjoy doing
  • how to say what you prefer
  • about what time you can expect to find German shops open

Grammatically, this chapter on problems associated with giving times and dates. We will also study the so called "two-way" prepositions which can either take the accusative or the dative case depending on whether they indicate position or movement. We will also look at the comparative of adjectives and adverbs and how to use them. The present-time conditional of the verbs "haben" and "sein" is explained - this can help you ask polite questions and express hypothetical situations.

Before starting this chapter, you may wish to examine a number of German webpages dealing with the calendar. Most of them are in German, but if you've got this far, you should be able to understand at least some of their contents!

Web links  Web Links  Web links

Kalenderblatt Who has a birthday today? What happened today in history? What is the quotation of the day?
2000 Jahre Chronik The most important events today in history from the 2000 Jahre Chronik website.
Feiertage in Deutschland A list of all the holidays and special occasions in Germany.
Birthday Calendar A useful site which allows you to put all your friends and relatives birthdays into a calendar and then e-mails you to remind you to send them a birthday card!
Der ewige Kalender An eternal calendar calculates the date from 1 A.D. onwards according to the Gregorian or Julian calendar.

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