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8.2 Calling the doctor (2) Includes sound files!

Click here to listen to the conversation!In the following conversation, Marko Tredup, whom we met in Chapter 1, also attempts to make an appointment with his doctor. Once again, things don't go to plan and times need to be altered.

Listen to their conversation by clicking here or on the sound icon at the top of this paragraph.

Marko Tredup   Telephone   Herr Friedrich

Marko Tredup Good afternoon. My name is Tredup. When does Doctor Becker have his surgery?
Herr Friedrich Between Tuesday and Thursday, from 12 o'clock until 2 o'clock.
Marko Tredup Could I come to the doctor's surgery today?
Herr Friedrich One moment, Herr Tredup... Could you come at 12:40?
Marko Tredup Unfortunately not.
Herr Friedrich I can give you an appointment at 13:10. If that isn't suitable, I'm afraid that you will have to wait until tomorrow.
Marko Tredup Erm ... I'll have to have a look. Yes, 13:10 is fine by me. Many thanks, goodbye.
Herr Friedrich Goodbye.

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