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8.1 Calling the doctor (1) Includes sound files!

Click here to listen to the conversation!In the following conversation, Anna Müller tries to make an appointment with the doctor by phone. Pay particular attention to how they express the words for times. You can listen to her conversation by clicking here or on the sound icon at the top of this paragraph.

Anna Müller Telephone Frau Krug

Anna Müller Good morning, Frau Müller speaking. Does Doctor Weber have a vacant appointment?
Frau Krug Yes, of course, Ms. Müller. We have an appointment at 10:20 or ten minutes later at half-past ten. Is that OK?
Anna Müller What time is it now?
Frau Krug It is 10:05.
Anna Müller No, I can't manage that. Do you have a later appointment that's not taken?
Frau Krug The next one is at eleven o'clock. Is that OK by you?
Anna Müller At eleven o'clock? Yes, I can manage that. Thank you very much, goodbye.
Frau Krug Goodbye.


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